In Pokemon Go, the enigmatic and powerful Pokemon Hoopa has captured the attention of trainers worldwide. With its unique abilities and distinct forms, Hoopa offers a thrilling and strategic gameplay experience. In this article, we delve into the depths of Hoopa’s stats, forms, movesets, and transformation process. We also explore the best strategies for catching, evolving, and maximizing Hoopa’s potential in battles. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the secrets and unleash the power of Hoopa in Pokemon Go.  

Stats and Weakness of Hoopa


Hoopa, the mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go, possesses unique stats that contribute to its overall battle potential. Understanding these stats is crucial for trainers looking to optimize their strategies. Let’s delve into Hoopa’s stats and weaknesses:

Base Stats

  • HP (Hit Points): Hoopa’s HP determines its overall endurance and ability to withstand damage.
  • Attack: Hoopa’s Attack stat influences the power of its physical moves, making it a formidable offensive force.
  • Defense: Hoopa’s Defense stat determines its ability to withstand physical attacks and reduce incoming damage.
  • Special Attack: Hoopa’s Special Attack stat impacts the power of its special moves, such as Psychic-type attacks.
  • Special Defense: Hoopa’s Special Defense stat affects its ability to endure special moves, including attacks of elemental types.
  • Speed: Hoopa’s Speed stat determines its agility and determines which Pokemon moves first in battle.


While Hoopa boasts impressive stats, it also has weaknesses that trainers can exploit to gain an advantage in battles. Hoopa is a Psychic/Ghost-type Pokemon, making it susceptible to certain types of attacks. Here are the weaknesses of Hoopa:

  • Dark-type Attacks: Dark-type moves are super effective against Psychic-type Pokemonlike Hoopa. Trainers should be cautious when facing Pokemon with strong Dark-type moves.
  • Ghost-type Attacks: Being a Ghost-type itself, Hoopa is vulnerable to Ghost-type moves. Opponents who possess powerful Ghost-type Pokemon can exploit this weakness.  
  • Bug-type Attacks: Bug-type moves can deal super effective damage to Hoopa. Trainers should be wary of Pokemon with Bug-type moves in their opponent’s team.

Best Movesets of Hoopa in Pokemon GO


By carefully selecting the best movesets for Hoopa, trainers can unleash its full potential and dominate their opponents. Let’s explore some of the best movesets for Hoopa:

Confined Form Moveset

  • Charge Beam (Fast Move): Charge Beam is a Electric-type fast move that generates energy quickly, allowing Hoopa to unleash its charged moves more frequently.
  • Psychic (Charged Move): Psychic is a powerful Psychic-type move that deals high damage. It benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) due to Hoopa’s Psychic typing, making it a reliable move.
  • Focus Blast (Charged Move): Focus Blast is a Fighting-type move that provides coverage against Dark, Normal, and Rock-type Pokemonthat may threaten Hoopa. It deals significant damage and can catch opponents off guard.

Unbound Form Moveset

  • Zen Headbutt (Fast Move): Zen Headbutt is a Psychic-type fast move that benefits from STAB and deals solid damage. It also has a chance to make the opponent flinch, potentially disrupting their strategy.
  • Shadow Ball (Charged Move): Shadow Ball is a Ghost-type move that deals heavy damage and provides coverage against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon. It can be devastating when used against vulnerable targets.
  • Thunder Punch (Charged Move): Thunder Punch is an Electric-type move that offers coverage against Water and Flying-type Pokemon. It adds versatility to Hoopa’s moveset and can surprise opponents.

Alternative Moves

  • Psybeam (Charged Move): Psybeam is a Psychic-type move that can be used as an alternative to Psychic. While it has slightly lower damage, it charges faster and can catch opponents off guard.
  • Thunderbolt (Charged Move): Thunderbolt is an Electric-type move that can be used as an alternative to Thunder Punch. It deals solid damage and provides coverage against Water and Flying-type Pokemon.

Hoopa’s Forms in Pokemon GO


Hoopa, the mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go, possesses two distinct forms: Confined Form and Unbound Form. These forms not only differ in appearance but also exhibit variations in stats and moves. Let’s explore the differences between Hoopa’s Confined and Unbound forms:

Confined Form

  • Appearance: In its Confined Form, Hoopa appears as a small, impish Pokemon with a playful demeanor. It has a yellow body with purple markings, a golden ring around its torso, and a pair of large, pointed ears.
  • Stats: Hoopa’s Confined Form emphasizes its Special Attack stat, making it a potent offensive force. Its other stats, such as Defense and Speed, are relatively modest.
  • Moves: In its Confined Form, Hoopa has access to Psychic-type moves, such as Psychic, Psybeam, and Zen Headbutt. It can also learn Electric-type moves like Thunderbolt and Thunder Punch, providing additional coverage.

Unbound Form

  • Appearance: Hoopa’s Unbound Form undergoes a dramatic transformation. It becomes a colossal and imposing Pokemon, resembling a Djinn or genie. It has a purple and gold color scheme, a pair of massive arms, and a menacing expression.
  • Stats: Hoopa’s Unbound Form boasts increased overall stats, particularly in Attack and Defense. This makes it a formidable physical attacker and provides it with enhanced durability in battles.
  • Moves: In its Unbound Form, Hoopa gains access to Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball, Dark-type moves such as Dark Pulse, and powerful Fighting-type moves such as Focus Blast. These moves expand Hoopa’s coverage options and enable it to handle a wider range of opponents.

How to Transform Hoopa in Pokemon GO


In Pokemon Go, Hoopa has two different forms: Confined and Unbound. These forms can be transformed by using an item called the Prison Bottle. Here’s how you can transform Hoopa in Pokemon Go:

1、Obtain the Prison Bottle: The Prison Bottle is a special item required to transform Hoopa from its Confined form to its Unbound form. Typically, the Prison Bottle is obtained through special in-game events or quests. Keep an eye on official announcements, news updates, and in-game notifications for information on how to obtain the Prison Bottle.

2、Activate the Transformation: Once you have the Prison Bottle in your inventory, select Hoopa from your Pokemon collection. Tap on Hoopa and then look for the “Transform” or “Activate” option. The game will prompt you to confirm your decision to transform Hoopa.

3、Confirm the Transformation: After selecting the “Transform” option, a confirmation prompt will appear. Read the prompt carefully and confirm your choice to transform Hoopa from its Confined form to its Unbound form.

4、Enjoy the Transformed Hoopa: Once the transformation is complete, Hoopa will change from its Confined form to its Unbound form. The Unbound form of Hoopa has a different appearance, stats, and moveset compared to its Confined form.

It’s important to note that the transformation is irreversible. Once Hoopa is transformed into its Unbound form, it cannot be changed back to its Confined form without the use of another Prison Bottle (if available in the game).

How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon GO


Here are some potential methods for obtaining Hoopa in Pokemon Go:

Special Research Tasks

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, often introduces special research tasks or questlines that allow trainers to encounter and capture rare Pokemon. Keep an eye out for any future special research tasks related to Hoopa.

Limited-Time Events

Niantic frequently hosts limited-time events, such as raid events, where trainers can encounter and battle powerful Pokemon. It’s possible that Hoopa may become available as a raid boss during a specific event.

Exclusive Raids

Pokemon Go features exclusive raid battles, where trainers who receive an invitation can participate in a raid against a powerful Pokemon. Hoopa might be featured as an exclusive raid boss in the future, requiring an invitation to participate.


If you have friends or fellow trainers who have Hoopa in their collection, trading with them might be a way to obtain Hoopa. However, keep in mind that trading availability and restrictions can vary based on Pokemon Go’s rules and limitations.

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How to Evolve Hoopa in Pokemon GO


In Pokemon Go, Hoopa does not have an evolutionary line. It is a standalone Pokemon and does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon. Hoopa is a mythical Pokemon with two different forms: Confined and Unbound. These forms have distinct appearances, stats, and movesets, but they do not represent an evolutionary progression. Each form has its own unique characteristics and abilities.

How to Maximize Hoopa’s Potential in Pokemon GO


To maximize Hoopa’s potential in Pokemon Go, trainers can follow several strategies and considerations as follow.

Power Up and Evolve

Hoopa’s combat power is influenced by its level and evolution. By investing Stardust and Candy into powering up and evolving Hoopa, you can increase its stats and unlock its full potential. Keep in mind that Hoopa may have different forms (Confined and Unbound), and evolving or transforming it accordingly can provide different stat distributions and move options.

Understand Hoopa’s Moveset

Hoopa has access to various moves, including Psychic, Electric, Ghost, Dark, and Fighting types. Assess Hoopa’s base stats, available moves, and move types to create a well-rounded moveset that covers a wide range of opponents. Consider moves that have high damage output, provide coverage against common threats, and take advantage of Hoopa’s typing and strengths.

Utilize Charged Attacks Effectively

Hoopa’s Charged Attacks can play a crucial role in battles. Pay attention to the energy cost and damage output of each Charged Attack. Moves like Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, and Focus Blast can be powerful options to consider based on the situation and the types of Pokemon you anticipate encountering.

Take Advantage of Weather and Friendship Bonuses

Pokemon Go features weather effects and friendship bonuses that can enhance Pokemon’s performance. Pay attention to the in-game weather and try to battle with Hoopa in favorable weather conditions that boost its moves. Additionally, increase your friendship level with other trainers to gain attack bonuses during battles.

Participate in Raids and Events

Keep an eye out for raid battles and events that feature Hoopa or provide opportunities to acquire specific moves or items that can enhance Hoopa’s performance. Participating in these activities can yield rare resources and potentially unlock exclusive moves or power-up opportunities.


Hoopa is a mythical Pokemon that offers a thrilling and strategic gameplay experience in Pokemon Go. By understanding its stats, forms, movesets, and transformation process, trainers can fully unleash Hoopa’s potential. Armed with the knowledge of catching strategies, evolution possibilities, and battle optimization, trainers can embark on an exciting journey with this enigmatic Pokemon. So, venture forth, catch Hoopa, and witness the immense power it brings to your Pokemon Go adventures.

How do I obtain Hoopa in Pokémon Go?

Hoopa’s availability in Pokémon Go may vary. Keep an eye on special research tasks, limited-time events, exclusive raids, or trading opportunities to acquire Hoopa.

What are the different forms of Hoopa in Pokémon Go?

Hoopa has two forms: Confined Form and Unbound Form. Confined Form is the default form, while Unbound Form can be achieved by using the Prison Bottle item.

What are the best moves for Hoopa in Pokémon Go?

Hoopa’s moveset depends on its form. In Confined Form, Psychic and Focus Blast are recommended. In Unbound Form, Shadow Ball and Focus Blast are strong options, but moves like Dark Pulse and Thunder Punch can also be considered.

Does Hoopa have any weaknesses?

Hoopa’s weaknesses depend on its form. Confined Form is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost types, while Unbound Form is weak to Bug, Dark, Fairy, and Ghost types. Be cautious when facing Pokémon of these types.

Can I use Hoopa in Gym Battles and Raids?

Yes, Hoopa can be used in Gym Battles and Raids. Its powerful attacks and high combat power make it a viable option for taking down gym defenders and participating in raid battles. However, it’s important to consider the type matchups and the specific moveset of the defending Pokémon or raid boss to maximize Hoopa’s effectiveness in these battles.