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Android 13 & iOS 16 Compatible

PC 1-Click Change iOS/Android GPS Location Without Jailbreak!

Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad in clicks (No Jailbreak)

Fake Pokemon Go GPS on Android and iOS devicesHot

Simulate GPS movement along any custom path with joystick

Collect and import popular GPX route files for next use

Mock GPS location on unlimited devices simultaneouslyHot

Works well with location-based social apps and AR games

Fully support the latest iOS 16/Android 13

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Available For:

Fake Movement

Teleport GPS

Joystick Control

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Simulate GPS Movement On iOS/Android Without Walking

iFoneTool AnyGo is the most secure phone spoofer for iOS and Android devices, providing 3 modes to help you fake phone location safely. You can change your location without moving around your home

Pick a location on the map and jump directly to it without moving.

Set the start point and end point on the map, and iFoneTool AnyGo will help you move at the specified speed.

Select multiple points on the map to plan a route, moving a specific route at different simulated speeds.

Fake iOS/Android Anywhere GPS location on all location based Apps/Games

iFoneTool AnyGo enables you to change your iPhone/Android's GPS location to any destination without jailbreaking!

Works well with location-based social apps and AR games
Prevent Apps from tracking your location
Hide your location without anyone knowing
Access videos, films, music and other Geo-restricted content
Social Apps
LBS Games
Wizards Unite
Ingress Prime
Mobile Legends
Jurassic World Alive

Mock GPS Location with Joystick

Enjoy perfect gaming experience with iFoneTool AnyGo joystick! You can play AR games more smoothly, no need to worry about traditional emulator's game crashes.

Automatical movement

360 degrees freely adjust your direction and move automatically

Keyboard control

Use the W, A, S, and D keys on the keyboard or the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to control GPS movement.

No Expertise Required

Transmit GPS location and simulate device movement in 3 easy steps


Step 1. Launch the program

Download AnyGo to your computer

Step 2. Connect your device

Connect your iPhone or Android to the computer

Step 3. Change GPS location

Choose your desired mode to change GPS location

What Makeslt the Best Location Changer

Helps you change your location on iOS/Android in a flexible and secure way. You can set the movement speed and direction for the route, and pause at any time. What's more, you can search for a specific coordinate as your destination, which is great for any AR game.

Support 10 iOS/Android Devices
Support 10 iOS/Android Devices
Control 10 devices at the same time.
Historical Records
Historical Records
Save the historical spots and make it more convenient to re-select it.
Adjustable Moving Speed
Adjustable Moving Speed
Adjust the speed of simulated movement from 3.6km/h to 120km/h.
Import/Export GPX
Import/Export GPX
Freely import and export the routes you want.
Collect Spots and Routes
Collect Spots and Routes
Bookmark your favorite places and routes for easy one-tap access.
Realistic/Fluctuation Mode
Realistic / Fluctuation Mode
Choose real mode/fluctuation mode, close to the real movement.
USB Connection
USB / Wifi Connection
Both iOS and Android devices support USB and WiFi connections.
Cooling Timer Function
Cooling Timer Function
Remind you not to do relevant operations before the countdown ends.
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