Pokemon Go introduces a fascinating feature for trainers to customize their furry companions—Furfrou forms. With a range of unique appearances and customization options, Furfrou offers a delightful twist to the game. In this article, we will delve into the world of Furfrou forms in Pokemon Go, exploring their distinct features, rarity, and how to unlock and switch between them. Additionally, we will discuss strategies to farm Furfrou candy, recognize shiny Furfrou forms, and uncover the fastest way to collect different forms of this stylish Pokemon.            

Furfrou’s Unique Forms in Pokemon GO


In Pokemon Go, Furfrou has different forms that vary in appearance, but they do not have any differences in stats or move sets. The forms are purely cosmetic and do not affect the Pokemon’s performance in battles. Here is a comparison of the different Furfrou forms in terms of their appearance:

1、Natural Form: This is the default form of Furfrou when caught or hatched. It has a fluffy, white coat with a neat trim around its face and paws.

2、Heart Form: This form features a heart-shaped trim on the body, adding a cute and charming touch to Furfrou’s appearance.

3、Star Form: Furfrou’s Star Form has a star-shaped trim on its body, making it look more celestial and unique.

4、Diamond Form: The Diamond Form of Furfrou has a diamond-shaped trim on its body, giving it a more elegant and regal appearance.

5、Debutante Form: This form features a curly, elaborate trim on its body, giving Furfrou a sophisticated and fashionable look.

6、Matron Form: The Matron Form of Furfrou has a wavy, flowing trim on its body, giving it a more mature and dignified appearance.

7、Dandy Form: This form has a pompadour-like trim on its head, giving Furfrou a stylish and flamboyant appearance.

8、La Reine Form: The La Reine Form of Furfrou has a crown-like trim on its head, emphasizing its royal and majestic presence.

The Rarity of Furfrou’s Forms


In Pokemon Go, the rarity of each Furfrou form can vary, with some forms being more common and others being rarer to encounter or unlock.

  • Natural Form: Common
  • Dandy Trim: Uncommon
  • Debutante Trim: Uncommon
  • Diamond Trim: Uncommon
  • Heart Trim: Uncommon
  • Kabuki Trim: Rare
  • La Reine Trim: Rare
  • Matron Trim: Rare

It’s worth noting that the rarity of certain Furfrou forms may also be influenced by limited-time events or exclusive opportunities. Pokemon Go often introduces events that feature increased encounters or bonuses associated with specific forms, so trainers should stay updated on in-game announcements to take advantage of these chances to obtain rarer forms.

How to Unlock the Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO


Unlocking the various Furfrou forms in Pokemon Go involves meeting specific requirements or completing certain tasks. Each form has its own set of criteria, adding a sense of challenge and accomplishment to the game. Here is a guide on how to unlock the different Furfrou forms, including the requirements and rewards associated with each form:

Natural Form

The Natural Form is the default appearance of Furfrou. Trainers can encounter and catch Furfrou in the wild, making it readily available from the start of the game. There are no specific requirements or tasks needed to unlock the Natural Form. Trainers can simply encounter Furfrou in the wild, catch it, and add it to their collection.

Uncommon Forms

Dandy Trim

To unlock the Dandy Trim form, trainers need to achieve a certain number of Excellent throws while capturing Pokemon. The exact number required may vary, so trainers should keep an eye on in-game announcements or events that may provide opportunities to earn progress toward this requirement. Once the requirement is met, trainers will unlock the Dandy Trim form for their Furfrou.

Debutante Trim

To unlock the Debutante Trim form, trainers need to participate in and win a certain number of Gym battles or Raid battles. The required number of victories may vary, so trainers should actively engage in battles to make progress toward unlocking the Debutante Trim form. Once the requirement is met, trainers will unlock the Debutante Trim form for their Furfrou.

Diamond Trim

Trainers can unlock the Diamond Trim form by earning kilometers by walking with Furfrou as a buddy. Trainers need to set Furfrou as their buddy Pokemon and walk a certain distance to progress toward unlocking the Diamond Trim form. Keep track of the distance walked in the buddy screen, and once the required distance is covered, the Diamond Trim form will be unlocked.

Heart Trim

To unlock the Heart Trim form, trainers need to earn a certain number of hearts with Furfrou as their buddy. Hearts are earned by interacting with the buddy Pokemon, such as feeding it, playing together, and battling together. By regularly engaging with Furfrou and earning hearts, trainers will eventually unlock the Heart Trim form.

Rare Forms

Kabuki Trim

The Kabuki Trim form is unlocked by obtaining a specific number of Furfrou candy. Trainers can farm Furfrou candy by catching Furfrou in the wild, transferring duplicates, or walking with Furfrou as a buddy. Once the required amount of Furfrou candy is collected, trainers will unlock the Kabuki Trim form for their Furfrou.

La Reine Trim

To unlock the La Reine Trim form, trainers need to visit a certain number of PokéStops. By spinning PokéStops, trainers can progress towards unlocking the La Reine Trim form. The exact number of visits required may vary, so trainers should actively explore their surroundings and interact with PokéStops to meet the requirement.

Matron Trim

The Matron Trim form is unlocked by hatching a certain number of Eggs. Trainers need to collect Eggs from PokéStops or Gifts and incubate them by placing them in an incubator. By walking the required distance to hatch the Eggs, trainers will eventually unlock the Matron Trim form.

How to Farm Furfrou Candy


To farm Furfrou candy in Pokemon Go, you can use several methods to increase your candy count for Furfrou. Here are some effective ways to farm Furfrou candy:

Catch Furfrou in the Wild

Encountering and catching Furfrou in the wild will reward you with Furfrou candy. Keep an eye out for Furfrou spawns in your nearby area and make sure to catch as many as you can. Using items like Pinap Berries during the capture can double the candy you receive.

Transfer Duplicate Furfrou

If you happen to catch multiple Furfrou, you can transfer the duplicates to Professor Willow in exchange for Furfrou candy. You can get one Furfrou candy per transfer.

Walk with Furfrou as Your Buddy

Set Furfrou as your buddy Pokemon and walk a certain distance to earn Furfrou candy. To do this, go to your profile screen, tap on your character, and select “Buddy.” Choose Furfrou as your buddy and start walking. As you cover the required distance, you will receive candy periodically. You can speed up the process by using items like the Adventure Sync feature, which tracks your distance even when the game is closed.

Participate in Events

Keep an eye out for special events in Pokemon Go that feature increased Furfrou spawns or offer bonus candy rewards. During these events, you’ll have more opportunities to catch Furfrou and earn additional candy.

Use Rare Candy

Rare Candy is a special type of candy that can be used on any Pokemon. If you have Rare Candy in your inventory, you can use it on Furfrou to instantly receive Furfrou candy. Rare Candy is often obtained as rewards from raids, research tasks, or other in-game events.

How to Recognize Shiny Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO


In Pokémon Go, recognizing shiny Furfrou forms is essential if you’re looking to collect these rare and unique variations of the Pokémon. Shiny Pokémon have distinct colorations that differentiate them from their regular counterparts. To recognize shiny Furfrou forms, you can follow these guidelines:

1、Pay attention to the coloration: Shiny Furfrou forms have a different color scheme compared to their regular forms. In the case of Furfrou, the main noticeable difference is in the fur color. Shiny Furfrou has light blueish-gray fur instead of a regular white or cream color.

2、Observe the sparkle animation: When encountering a shiny Pokémon, including shiny Furfrou, there is a special sparkly animation that appears around the Pokémon when it appears on the encounter screen. This animation signifies that you have encountered a shiny Pokémon, making it easier to identify.

3、Check the Pokémon’s summary screen: Once you have encountered a shiny Furfrou, you can verify its shiny status by checking its summary screen. Shiny Pokémon have a small icon, usually in the top-right corner of their summary screen, to indicate their shiny status. The icon is a small, shining star-like symbol.

4、Look for the shiny indicator in the Pokédex: If you want to see if you have already caught a shiny Furfrou or want to check its shiny form in the Pokédex, look for the shiny indicator. In the Pokédex entry, shiny Pokémon have a small icon or a different color background to signify their shiny form.

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Furfrou forms in Pokemon Go offer trainers an exciting opportunity to customize their Pokemon with a touch of style. By unlocking and switching between these unique forms, trainers can showcase their creativity and personalize their furry companions. With careful attention to requirements, strategic candy farming, and a keen eye for shiny variants, trainers can elevate their Furfrou collection. So, get ready to embark on a fashionable journey, catching, evolving, and showcasing the different forms of Furfrou in Pokemon Go!

How many different forms of Furfrou are there in Pokémon Go?

There are a total of eight different forms of Furfrou in Pokémon Go, each with its own unique appearance and requirements to unlock.

Can I change the Furfrou form after I’ve caught it?

No, the form of Furfrou is determined when you encounter or hatch it. Once caught, you cannot change its form. However, you can catch or hatch more Furfrou to obtain different forms.

Are all Furfrou forms equally rare?

No, the rarity of Furfrou forms varies. Some forms like the Natural Form and Dandy Trim are more common, while forms like Kabuki Trim and Matron Trim are rarer and require specific achievements or conditions to unlock.

Can I trade Furfrou forms with other players?

Yes, you can trade Furfrou forms with other players in Pokémon Go. However, keep in mind that trading requires a certain level of friendship and may come with Stardust costs, especially for special or shiny forms.

Are there any time-limited events to obtain specific Furfrou forms?

Yes, Pokémon Go frequently introduces events that feature increased encounters or bonuses associated with certain Furfrou forms. Keep an eye on announcements and participate in events to increase your chances of obtaining specific forms.