Unlocking hidden abilities in the world of Pokemon is a significant endeavor, and in the latest installment, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the path to acquiring these coveted abilities is both mysterious and rewarding. Just as tradition dictates, these games maintain the tradition of shrouding the process of obtaining Pokemon with hidden abilities in secrecy, requiring players to embark on a quest of discovery.

Hidden abilities were first introduced in Pokemon Black & White, adding a layer of complexity to the capabilities of various Pokemon species. What makes these abilities particularly intriguing is their potential to significantly enhance a Pokemon’s prowess beyond its standard capabilities. This trend continues in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, where starter Pokemon Skeledirge and Quaquaval, in particular, showcase the remarkable power hidden abilities can unleash.

The good news for aspiring trainers is that attaining Pokemon with hidden abilities has become more accessible than ever before. Various avenues exist for players to pursue these unique abilities, including the ability to bestow them upon their existing Pokemon, making the journey to unlocking hidden potential an exciting one. 

Let’s check out how to get hidden ability Pokemon!

What Are These Hidden Abilities?


Before we dive into how to get hidden ability Pokemon, it is important to know a bit about these abilities. These are often more powerful, passive abilities that certain Pokemon can possess in addition to their regular abilities. These hidden abilities are often harder to obtain and can provide a significant advantage in battles or specific in-game situations. Here’s more information about what hidden abilities are and how they work:

1. Enhanced Traits

Hidden abilities typically enhance a Pokemon’s natural traits or provide unique advantages in battle. They can range from improving a Pokemon’s stats to granting immunities or other beneficial effects.

2. Rare and Exclusive

Not all Pokemon have hidden abilities and those that do often have them as rare traits. Some Pokemon species have multiple hidden abilities, which can further diversify their competitive potential.

3. Hidden Ability Capsules

Some games introduce items like Hidden Ability Capsules, which allow players to change a Pokemon’s regular ability to its hidden ability. This provides more flexibility in optimizing a Pokemon’s potential.

4. Competitive Play

Hidden abilities are especially valuable in competitive Pokemon battles, where trainers strategically use them to gain an edge in battles and tournaments.

5. Species-Specific Effects

Hidden abilities can have unique effects tied to a Pokemon’s species. For example, some Pokemon become immune to specific status conditions or gain new resistance with their hidden abilities.

6. Game Variations

The availability of hidden abilities may vary between different Pokemon games, so it’s essential to check the specific game’s mechanics and events to know how to obtain them.

Unlock Hidden Abilities: A Guide to Tera Raid Battles


Discovering and obtaining Pokemon with hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a thrilling endeavor that can give you a competitive edge in battles. Hidden abilities often provide unique advantages, making them highly sought after by trainers. Let’s find out how to get hidden ability Pokemon using Tera Raid Battles:

1. Tera Raid Battles: The Gateway to Hidden Abilities

Tera Raid battles are an integral part of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, offering trainers the opportunity to capture powerful Pokemon with hidden abilities. These battles come in various star levels, with six-star Tera Raids being the primary focus for hidden ability seekers.

2. Hidden Abilities in Six-Star Tera Raid Battles

Six-star Tera Raid battles are your best bet for finding Pokemon with hidden abilities. These battles provide trainers with the highest probability of encountering Pokemon boasting their hidden talents.

3. Lower-Level Tera Raid Battles

While the chances are lower, lower-level Tera Raid battles can still yield Pokemon with hidden abilities. Notably, Ditto has a 100% chance of possessing its hidden ability when encountered in raids.

4. Seven-Star Tera Raid Battles

In the world of seven-star Tera Raid battles, trainers have the opportunity to encounter Pokemon with hidden abilities. For example, the Mightiest Mark Cinderace battle provides a 100% chance of obtaining a Pokemon with a hidden ability.

5. Strategic Planning and Persistence

To maximize your chances of obtaining Pokemon with hidden abilities, it’s essential to prepare and plan your Tera Raid battles carefully. This includes selecting the right battles and having a strong team. Keep in mind that even in six-star and seven-star Tera Raids, the chance of encountering Pokemon with hidden abilities is not guaranteed. Persistence is key, and repeated battles may be necessary to achieve your goal.

6. Hidden Ability Capsules

In some games, including Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers can use Hidden Ability Capsules to change a Pokemon’s regular ability to its hidden ability. This method offers a level of control and flexibility in optimizing your Pokemon’s abilities.

Unlocking hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By participating in Tera Raid battles, especially in six-star encounters, trainers can increase their chances of discovering Pokemon with these extraordinary talents. Whether you’re a competitive battler or a collector, hidden abilities add depth and strategy to your Pokemon journey.

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Breeding Pokemon with Hidden Abilities


Now that you know how to get hidden ability Pokemon, it is even possible to transfer that ability using breeding. Breeding is a valuable method for passing on hidden abilities to the next generation of Pokemon, but it comes with some specific rules and considerations.

1. The Hidden Ability Inheritance Process

When two Pokemon of the same species, one with a hidden ability and the other without, are bred, there is a chance that their offspring will inherit the coveted hidden ability. This method allows trainers to focus on specific Pokemon species and maximize their chances of obtaining hidden ability offspring.

Ditto and Hidden Abilities

Ditto, the versatile Transform Pokemon, plays a crucial role in breeding. When a Pokemon with a hidden ability breeds with Ditto, the resulting offspring also has a chance to inherit the hidden ability. This makes Ditto a valuable tool for diversifying your hidden ability Pokemon collection.

2. Cross-Species Breeding Limitations

Pokemon cannot pass on their hidden abilities to offspring of a different species. In other words, if a male Pokemon with a hidden ability mates with a female Pokemon of a different species or one with a regular ability, the offspring will not inherit the hidden ability.

For instance, if a male Charizard with its hidden ability breeds with a female Baxcalibur with a regular ability, the resulting eggs will not contain Frigibax with its hidden ability.

3. Breeding Strategy and Planning

To optimize your breeding efforts, it’s crucial to choose the right Pokemon pairings. Ensuring that both parents have the hidden ability you desire or that Ditto is involved in the process can increase your chances of obtaining hidden ability offspring.

Egg Moves and IVs

While breeding, consider other factors such as passing down desired Egg Moves and Individual Values (IVs) to create Pokemon with competitive potential.

Persistence and Patience

Breeding for hidden abilities may require multiple attempts, as the inheritance is not guaranteed. Trainers should be patient and persistent in their efforts to achieve the desired results.

Breeding Pokemon with hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a strategic and rewarding endeavor. By understanding the principles of inheritance and selecting appropriate pairings, trainers can expand their collection of Pokemon with hidden abilities and create powerful teams for various in-game activities and competitive battles.

Unlock Hidden Abilities with Ability Patches


In the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, trainers possess a potent tool known as the Ability Patch, which allows them to bestow hidden abilities upon their Pokemon or revert Pokemon with hidden abilities to their regular ones. However, the decision to use an Ability Patch is not one to be taken lightly, and careful consideration is essential. Let’s see how to get hidden ability Pokemon using ability patches:

1. The Power of the Ability Patch

The ability patch is a powerful one, let’s see how:

  • Origin and Rarity: The Ability Patch made its debut in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC. This unique item is a game-changer, enabling Pokemon with regular abilities to access their hidden potential and vice versa. However, they are exceptionally rare and valuable.
  • Obtaining Ability Patches: Trainers aiming to acquire an Ability Patch must be prepared for a challenge. The chances of obtaining one are a mere 4.55%, and they are primarily found as drops from six-star Tera Raid battles.

2. Prudent Use of Ability Patches

Let’s see how you can use these ability patches:

  • Selecting the Right Candidates: Given their scarcity, it’s crucial to choose wisely when considering which Pokemon to use an Ability Patch on. Shiny Pokemon, legendaries, and starters are prime candidates due to their uniqueness and potential for competitive battles.
  • Shiny Pokemon: Shiny Pokemon, known for their rarity and aesthetic appeal, can greatly benefit from hidden abilities, enhancing their value in battles and as collectibles.
  • Legendary Pokemon: Pokemon of legendary status, with their exceptional stats and importance in battles, can become even more formidable with hidden abilities.
  • Starters: Starter Pokemon hold sentimental value for many trainers, and unlocking their hidden abilities can make them unique powerhouses. However, consider the availability of hidden ability starters in trades before committing an Ability Patch.

3. Collaboration and Trading

To acquire Pokemon with hidden abilities without using your valuable Ability Patches, consider collaborating with other trainers. Building friendships and engaging in trades can be a more sustainable approach to obtaining hidden ability Pokemon.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the use of Ability Patches is a significant decision. While they have the potential to elevate your Pokemon’s abilities and competitiveness, their rarity calls for a cautious approach. Carefully assess the candidates for this enhancement, and explore trading options to create a well-rounded team with hidden ability Pokemon.


In the vibrant world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the quest to unlock hidden abilities adds depth and excitement to the journey of every aspiring trainer. From the adrenaline-pumping Tera Raid battles that offer glimpses of hidden ability Pokemon to the careful and strategic world of breeding, trainers have a myriad of paths to explore.

Remember that patience, persistence, and strategic planning are your allies on this thrilling journey. Building connections within the Pokemon community through trading can also open doors to hidden abilities without exhausting your valuable resources.

Whether you’re a collector, a battler, or a true Pokemon enthusiast, the pursuit of hidden abilities promises endless adventures and countless surprises in this captivating Pokemon world!

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How Do I Get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

To obtain hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you can primarily participate in six-star Tera Raid battles. Pokemon encountered in these battles have a chance of possessing their hidden abilities.

Can I Breed Pokemon with Hidden Abilities?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon with hidden abilities. When a Pokemon with a hidden ability breeds with another of the same species or with a Ditto, their offspring has a chance of inheriting the hidden ability.

What Are Ability Patches, and How Do I Use Them?

Ability Patches are rare items that allow you to change a Pokemon’s regular ability to its hidden ability and vice versa. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they can be used strategically to enhance Pokemon, especially shiny Pokemon, legendries, or starters.

Are Hidden Abilities Important for Competitive Battles?

Yes, hidden abilities can significantly impact the competitiveness of your Pokemon in battles. They often provide unique advantages, making them valuable in competitive play.

Can I Trade for Pokemon with Hidden Abilities?

Trading is a viable method to obtain Pokemon with hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Building a network of friends or connecting with other trainers online can help you trade for Pokemon with hidden abilities without using valuable items like Ability Patches.