In the modern age, life without smartphones is difficult to picture, especially with its advanced features making life much easier. Different features, such as its GPS capabilities, make it easy to find our way and keep tabs on our loved ones from near and far.

However, it gets quite frustrating when your iPhone displays an error of “No Location Found” and just won’t budge. This can leave one baffled and wondering, “What does it mean when my iPhone says no location found?” 

Worry not, for in this article, we will discuss why this error comes up and what you can do to fix it quickly and continue checking someone’s location.

Why Does My iPhone Say No Location Found?

The occurrence of this error in no way means that the other person stopped sharing their location with you. This only means there might be a problem with location services on either your device or theirs.

Some other common reasons are that there might be a bad internet connection, low battery, or some other technical reasons. If this message shows up, it is also safe to assume they might have accidentally turned off their location services or your Airplane Mode is enabled.

People have also reported that this error occurred simply because the other person powered their phone off or their Low Power Mode was turned on, which is prone to affect the background location activities.


There are plenty of reasons why many iPhone users think, “Why does Find My iPhone says no location found”. In this article, we will guide you on how to solve every issue related to this problem.

How To Solve The “Location Not Found” Error?

We have compiled all the ways that have worked quite well for iPhone users and have helped them solve the “Location Not Found” error. These are as follows:

1. Restart Your iPhone Or Find My app

The old restarting trick usually always comes to the rescue, no matter the dilemma. Something’s not working? All you have to do is restart it, and it starts working fine! The same goes with this issue; what users can do is restart their Find My app on their devices.

However, if this does not work, then they should try restarting their iPhones since that is all that’s needed to fix the issue most of the time. If you are certain that the issue is on your friend’s side, ask them to restart their app as well as the device.

2. Enable Location Services

If the above solution does not work, you should check whether your or your friend’s Location Services feature is enabled or disabled. Location Services allows apps to help your device’s GPS and shows the “Location Not Found” error if disabled.


You can check this by heading over to Settings, clicking on Privacy, and selecting Location Services. From there, you only have to make sure that the toggle switch is turned on.

3. Check If Your Friend’s iPhone Is Online

At times, your friend might have switched their phone off or might have disconnected it from the Wi-Fi or cellular network. In such cases, you will be unable to see their location, so call them or leave them a text to check if their phone is powered off or not.

4. Weak GPS Signal Strength

Among some of the most common reasons for the “Location Not Found” error popping is weak GPS signal strength. When it comes to accurately pointing your location, your iPhone greatly depends on GPS signals from satellites.

If you are indoors, surrounded by huge buildings, or in an area with weak GPS coverage, the signal may be poor or non-existent. If you do find yourself in such situations, you should shift to a place with a clear view of the sky to improve the GPS signal strength.

5. Disable Airplane Mode

In Find My, you will see a “Location Not Found” error under your friend’s name if the Airplane Mode is enabled. It is because when your iPhone is in this mode, all wireless connections, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, are disconnected. This can leave you thinking, “Why does Find My iPhone says no location found?”


It can be easily turned on without users realizing they have accidentally enabled it. It can be disabled by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. The Airplane icon will be highlighted there; just tap on it to disable it.


The “Location Not Found” error is more a nuisance than a real problem, which frustrates many iPhone users. However, this isn’t a very serious problem that you would have to take your iPhone to a service center to get it checked out.

When you know why does find my iPhone says no location found, you can easily fix it yourself from the comfort of your home by checking a couple of things, like if the Airplane Mode is enabled, ensuring a strong GPS Signal Strength, etc. In case these problems continue, ask the other person also to check all of these things from their end too.

By the way, if you wanna change your location without going outside, iFoneTool AnyGo is the best choice for you to solve your problem.

How to ensure a strong GPS Signal Strength?

To make sure you have a strong GPS Signal Strenght, simply go to an open area with fewer tall buildings and a clearer view of the sky.

What if trying all of these tricks does not resolve the error?

If you have tried everything mentioned on this list and more, then you can take your iPhone to a nearby service center to get it checked. There might be some fault in its internal or external nature.

Do upgrades help fix this problem?

The people who often update their iPhones have also reported this problem, so no upgrades don’t help fix this problem.

Does this error show up on newer models of iPhones as well?

The “Location Not Found” error has nothing to do with the model of your phone but the specific settings that you may or may not have enabled. This error can occur in all models of iPhone, regardless of how new or old they are.