In the world of Pokemon Go, mastering the intricacies of battle strategy is crucial for achieving success. One important concept that players often come across is STAB, which stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. A lot of beginners don’t know what is STAB in Pokemon. It plays a significant role in battles, affecting the damage output of your Pokemon’s moves. We will delve into the details of what STAB is, how it works, and its impact on your Pokemon Go battles.

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What Is STAB in Pokemon

Same Type Attack Bonus is a gameplay mechanic in Pokemon Go that grants a damage bonus to a Pokemon when it uses an attack move that matches its type. STAB recognizes the synergy between a Pokemon and its moves, rewarding trainers for utilizing moves that align with their Pokemon’s type.

When a Pokemon with a move of its type performs that move in a battle, the damage inflicted is amplified by the STAB bonus. This bonus typically amounts to approximately 20% of the move’s base power. As a result, STAB allows Pokemon to deal increased damage when utilizing moves that are compatible with their type.

STAB is an important consideration for trainers aiming to optimize their battle strategies. It encourages the selection of moves that align with a Pokemon’s type, promoting strategic synergy and maximizing damage potential. By understanding and leveraging STAB effectively, trainers can gain a significant advantage in Pokemon Go battles.

The Significance of STAB in Pokemon Go


STAB holds great significance in Pokemon Go battles, influencing both offensive and defensive strategies. Understanding its impact is crucial for trainers looking to optimize their team’s performance. Here are some key reasons why STAB is significant in Pokemon Go:

Increased Damage Output

The primary advantage of STAB is the significant boost it provides to a Pokemon’s damage output. When a move matches a Pokemon’s type, the STAB bonus amplifies the move’s power, allowing it to deal more damage to opponents. This can be the difference between defeating an opponent or falling short. Trainers who capitalize on STAB can dominate battles with their potent attacks.

Type Synergy and Team Building

STAB encourages trainers to consider type synergy when constructing their Pokemon teams. By aligning a Pokemon’s moves with its type, trainers can create a well-rounded team capable of exploiting opponents’ weaknesses and countering their strengths. This strategic approach allows trainers to maximize the effectiveness of their team’s moves and STAB bonuses, increasing their chances of victory.

Move Selection and STAB

STAB significantly impacts the move selection process. Trainers must carefully choose moves that align with their Pokemon’s type to fully capitalize on STAB. This consideration becomes especially important when deciding which moves to teach a Pokemon through TMs or when choosing a move set for battles. By selecting moves that receive the STAB bonus, trainers can ensure that their Pokemon’s attacks are as powerful as possible.

How does STAB work?


Now, that you know what stab is in Pokemon Go. It’s time to understand it’s working. STAB operates on a simple principle: a Pokemon using a move that matches its type receives a bonus to the move’s damage output. This mechanic recognizes the familiarity and proficiency a Pokemon has with moves that align with its inherent type.

When a Pokemon executes a move that matches its type, the STAB bonus is applied, resulting in increased damage inflicted upon the opponent. This bonus reflects the Pokemon’s affinity for utilizing moves that resonate with its nature, making the attack more potent.

STAB Bonus Calculation

The STAB bonus is typically set at a 20% increase in damage for moves that align with a Pokemon’s type. This means that a move without STAB would deal with 100% of its base power, while a move with STAB would deal with 120% of its base power. It’s important to note that the STAB bonus is additive rather than multiplicative. In other words, it increases the base power of the move by the specified percentage.

For example, if a move has a base power of 80, a Pokemon with STAB would increase its power to 96 (80 + 20% = 96).

The STAB bonus is applied after other damage modifiers, such as type effectiveness. This ensures that STAB enhances the final damage output of a move, taking into account all relevant factors. Trainers should consider the STAB bonus when strategizing their team composition, move selection, and battle tactics. By utilizing Pokemon with moves that align with their types, trainers can leverage the STAB mechanic to maximize their damage potential and gain an advantage in battles.

Strategies for Maximizing STAB

To fully capitalize on the Same Type of Attack Bonus in Pokemon Go, trainers can employ various strategies. Here are three effective approaches to maximize STAB:

Understanding Pokemon Types

A fundamental aspect of optimizing STAB is developing a strong understanding of Pokemon types. Each Pokemon belongs to one or two types, such as Water, Fire, Electric, or Grass. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses associated with different types allows trainers to select Pokemon with moves that align with their types, thereby maximizing the STAB bonus.

For example, a Water-type Pokemon like Blastoise will benefit from using Water-type moves such as Hydro Pump or Surf, which receive the STAB bonus. By understanding the types of Pokemon and their corresponding moves, trainers can strategically assemble a team that utilizes STAB effectively.

Evolving Pokemon Strategically

It can drastically enhance STAB potential. When a Pokemon evolves, its move pool may change, presenting an opportunity to acquire moves that align with its evolved type. Trainers should consider the STAB potential of both the pre-evolution and evolved forms when deciding which Pokemon to evolve.

For instance, evolving a Squirtle into a Wartortle and eventually a Blastoise ensures access to a broader range of Water-type moves. By evolving strategically, trainers can increase their chances of having Pokemon with powerful STAB-boosted moves in their lineup.

Utilizing Type Coverage

Building a well-rounded team with diverse move types is vital for successful battles. By incorporating Pokemon with a variety of move types, trainers can effectively cover a wide range of opponent weaknesses. This allows for more comprehensive utilization of STAB, as Pokemon with different types can unleash their full potential in exploiting vulnerabilities.

For example, a team consisting of a Water-type, Electric-type, and Grass-type Pokemon can provide excellent type coverage, allowing for STAB-boosted moves against opponents weak to these types. Trainers should carefully select their team members to ensure effective type coverage and maximize the impact of STAB.

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Training and Team Building for STAB Optimization


To optimize the effectiveness of STAB in Pokemon battles, trainers need to focus on training their Pokemon and building a well-rounded team. These key strategies will help you in training and team building to maximize STAB:

Selecting Pokemon with Strong STAB Move Options

One of the first steps in STAB optimization is to choose Pokemon that have access to a wide range of strong STAB moves. Trainers should prioritize Pokemon species known for their powerful STAB moves. This can be determined by researching and comparing the base power and effectiveness of moves across different Pokemon.

Trainers should also consider Pokemon that can learn multiple STAB moves, providing versatility in battle. Having a diverse move pool with various types of STAB moves allows trainers to cover a wider range of opponents and exploit their weaknesses effectively.

Balancing Pokemon Types for STAB Coverage

Building a balanced team with a diverse range of Pokemon types is crucial for STAB optimization. Trainers should aim to have Pokemon of different types on their team, ensuring coverage for a variety of scenarios.

By including Pokemon of different types, trainers can exploit the STAB bonus against opponents with corresponding weaknesses. For example, having a Water-type Pokemon with Water-type STAB moves can be effective against Fire-type opponents. Similarly, a Flying-type Pokemon with Flying-type STAB moves can be advantageous against Grass-type opponents.

Synergizing Pokemon Move sets for STAB

Creating synergy among the move sets of Pokemon on the team is essential for STAB optimization. Trainers should aim to have moves that complement each other and cover a wide range of type matchups.

For example, a team with a Water-type Pokemon can benefit from having moves that cover the weaknesses of Water types, such as Ice-type or Electric-type moves. This ensures that the team can handle a variety of opposing Pokemon effectively and maximize the damage output through STAB.

For example, a team with a Water-type Pokemon can benefit from having moves that cover the weaknesses of Water types, such as Ice-type or Electric-type moves. This ensures that the team can handle a variety of opposing Pokemon effectively and maximize the damage output through STAB.


Understanding what is stab in Pokemon Go and its effective use is crucial for trainers seeking success in battles. By harnessing the power of STAB, trainers can significantly enhance their Pokemon’s damage output and increase their chances of victory. It is important to optimize your stab usage.

Trainers should continuously refine their understanding of Pokemon types and moves, as well as adapt their strategies to evolving metas and new Pokemon releases. You can use tools like iFoneTool AnyGo to spoof your location and explore different regions for battles. By honing their skills in STAB optimization, trainers can elevate their gameplay and achieve success in the dynamic world of Pokemon Go.

So, embrace the power of STAB and embark on a thrilling journey filled with strategic battles and memorable victories.

How will you incorporate STAB optimization into your Pokemon Go battles to gain an edge over opponents? Share your thoughts in the comments!

What is STAB in Pokemon?

STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. It refers to the bonus damage that a Pokemon receives when using a move that matches its own type.

How does STAB work in Pokemon Go battles?

When a Pokemon uses a move that matches its type, it receives a 20% damage bonus known as STAB. This bonus increases the power of the move, making it more effective in battles.

Can a Pokemon have multiple STAB moves?

Yes, some Pokemon can learn multiple moves that match their type, allowing them to have more than one STAB move. This versatility can be advantageous in battles, as trainers have more options to exploit type advantages.

How important is STAB in Pokemon Go battles?

STAB is a crucial factor in battles as it significantly boosts the damage output of a Pokemon’s moves. Utilizing STAB effectively can give trainers a competitive edge by dealing more damage and potentially turning the tide of a battle.

Do all Pokemon benefit from STAB equally?

The impact of STAB varies depending on the Pokemon’s base stats, move pool, and the matchups in battle. Pokemon with high base stats and access to powerful STAB moves generally benefit more from STAB than those with lower stats or limited move options.