Snapchat is a messaging app popular among the younger generation thanks to its many features, like fun filters and short videos. It is a user-friendly app that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. But if you are using the app for the first time, it might get difficult for you with its ever-changing vocabulary. These acronyms inevitably make their way into other social media platforms. Thus, you should learn about these to get the most out of your social media, including Snapchat.

Snapchat has its own set of lingo that may seem intimidating at first glance. So, to simplify it for you, we have compiled some of the most commonly abbreviated phrases used while texting. This article aims to make the transition of joining Snapchat easy and to help you sound more natural while texting.  

What does FS mean on Snapchat?

The most common meaning of FS is “for sure.” It means absolutely and can be used to agree with someone or to emphasize something. Some synonyms of FS include surely, definitely, indeed, undoubtedly, or without any question.


“She is FS getting a promotion.”

“I will join you for lunch FS.”

“The Sharks will FS win the game.”

FS could also mean the following depending on the context it’s used in:

  • F*ck’s sake: To express frustration or annoyance at something.
  • For sale: To refer someone to an item or property they are selling.

What does ISTG mean on Snapchat?

ISTG means “I swear to God. You can use it at the start or end of a sentence to emphasize a point. Moreover, you can use it to convey the seriousness of a situation or to promise that you are not lying or joking around.

ISTG is used when you share some surprising news with someone, and they don’t believe you. This term is used in everyday conversations to make the truth land. It may also be used as an exaggeration, agitation, or a threat. ISTG is not necessarily linked to religion and doesn’t carry religious meaning, just like the popular phrase “OMG.”


“ISTG, this is the best pizza I’ve ever had.”

“If you tell anyone, I’ll be so mad, ISTG.”

“ISTG, that concert was life-changing.”

“They’re going to regret it, ISTG.”


What does S mean on Snapchat?

This one letter may be confusing to many, as randomly getting an S from a friend is just weird unless you know its meaning. On Snapchat, S stands for “streaks.” Getting an S simply means the other person wants to continue streaks with you. So, make sure to send a snap within 24 hours, or you will lose your snapstreak.

As an alternate to S, you may also receive a fire emoji (🔥), which also means snapstreaks. The other person may want to continue a streak with you for various reasons. These include continuing their friendship with you, keeping in touch with you, or increasing their snapscore. If you plan to reciprocate, you can reply by sending a snap of anything around you, a selfie, or some goofy stickers.

Other meanings of S could also be when someone’s message is sarcastic. Using /s, people indicate their tone is sarcastic and not to be taken seriously. This is to avoid any misunderstandings in texting.

What does NFS mean on Snapchat?


NFS means “No funny sh*t.” A speaker may use it to indicate that they are not joking and should be taken seriously. For example, in a casual conversation with a friend, they may use NFS to emphasize their statement’s importance and want you to pay attention to what they’re saying.


“NFS, I have to talk to you about something important.”

“NFS, that movie last night was incredible!”

“NFS, I can’t handle this stress anymore.”

“Don’t laugh, NFS. This is a serious situation.”

  • NFS also means “Not For Sale.” When a product is not available yet, online sellers typically include a note in the listing stating that the item is not for sale at the moment.
  • Furthermore, it can also mean “Not For Sure” to indicate you are not completely certain about something. Synonyms of this NFS include maybe, possibly, or perhaps.

What does WTM mean on Snapchat?

WTM means “What’s the Move?” In simple words, it’s a cool way of asking, “What’s the plan?” to ask others what’s up. It is typically used when planning an event or a party. You can use it to ask your friend, “WTM tonight?” when you already have plans with them and just want to confirm.


“WTM for the weekend? Any exciting plans?”

“WTM after work? Let’s grab a drink.”

“WTM this Saturday night? Let’s make some plans!”

“No class tomorrow, WTM?”

Some other meanings of WTM include:

  • “What’s the matter?”: In other words, what’s bothering you? You can use this to check up on someone to see if they are all right.
  • “Whatever that means”: This is a snarky way of replying to someone out of frustration when they don’t understand something that has been explained to them and don’t even care.

What does KMS mean on Snapchat?


KMS is one of the most commonly used acronyms on Snapchat, along with other social media apps. It usually stands for “Kill Myself” and is a dramatic way to express extreme embarrassment, frustration, or boredom. Kill Myself is a common phrase that is thrown around casually in everyday conversation among friends as a joke or an overreaction to something.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that it can also carry more serious implications associated with self-harm or thoughts of self-harm. Therefore, when there’s any uncertainty about the mental and emotional state of the person using this phrase, it’s best to treat it seriously and provide suitable assistance and support.


“I had such a terrible day at work today, I just want to kms.”

“Failed my final exams again. I’m so stupid, I might as well kms.”

“I lost my job, my relationship ended, and I’m drowning in debt. It’s like life is telling me to KMS.”

“The Wi-Fi went down during the season finale of my favorite show. KMS, right?”

KMS could also mean the following:

  • Key management systems: Used in computing and software.
  • It is the short form for kilometers
  • Knowledge management systems: In business terms.

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What does MCM mean on Snapchat?

 MCM stands for “Man Crush Monday” on Snapchat. Users share posts about their male crushes on Mondays as part of a social media trend.

What does LMR mean on Snapchat?

LMR stands for “Like My Recent” on Snapchat. People use it to ask friends to like their most recent posts on platforms like TikTok or Instagram to increase engagement.

What does DWS mean on Snapchat?

DWS can have multiple meanings on Snapchat, including “Dealing with shit,” “Driving While Snapping,” or “Dripping With Sarcasm.”

What does IMR mean on Snapchat?

IMR stands for “I Mean, Really” on Snapchat. You may use it to express disbelief or surprise in response to a situation or conversation.

What does MH mean on Snapchat?

MH stands for “My Heart” on Snapchat. It’s used as a term of endearment or agreement.

What does GTS mean on Snapchat?

GTS stands for “Go To Sleep” on Snapchat. It’s used to encourage someone to get some rest or sleep.

What does GYAT mean on Snapchat?

GYAT stands for “Get Your Act Together” on Snapchat. You may use it to encourage someone to get organized or prioritize their tasks.

What does WDYM mean on Snapchat?

WDYM stands for “What do you mean?” on Snapchat. People use it to seek clarification when something is unclear.

What does FSU mean on Snapchat?

 FSU stands for “Friends Stand United” on Snapchat, often used to promote friendship and support among friends.

What does OTW mean on Snapchat?

OTW stands for “On The Way” on Snapchat. You may use it to indicate someone is en route to meet or go to a specific location.

What does IMSG mean on Snapchat?

IMSG stands for “In My Snapchat Group,” typically referring to content or messages shared within a group chat on the platform. It can also mean “Instant Messaging Games.”