If you’ve wondered about how to hack Pokemon Go, then you are at the right place. Today, you are going to get all your answers. Pokemon GO has taken the gaming community by storm, captivating millions of players worldwide. While the game encourages exploration and strategic gameplay, some players may find themselves looking for an extra edge to enhance their Pokemon-catching experience. That’s where the concept of Pokemon GO hacks comes into play.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of Pokemon GO hacks, uncovering hidden secrets, strategies, and tools that can elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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Pokemon GO Hacks: Exploring Effectiveness, Legitimacy, and Usefulness

Since its release in 2016, Pokemon GO has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Alongside the game’s immense popularity, a thriving community of Pokemon GO hackers has emerged, offering a variety of hacks that promise to enhance the gameplay experience. These hacks range in effectiveness, legitimacy, and usefulness, providing players with enticing opportunities such as automatic Pokemon catching, shiny Pokemon detection, and remote movement capabilities from the comfort of their own homes.

It’s crucial to note that these hacks are not condoned by Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO. In fact, employing such hacks can lead to severe consequences, including account bans and the permanent loss of progress. Niantic actively discourages the use of these hacks and strives to maintain the integrity of the game.

While the use of hacks in gaming is generally frowned upon, they persist in Pokemon GO, attracting a significant number of players seeking advantages. It is essential, though, to exercise caution and be aware of the risks involved. Certain hacks are relatively safer than others, but no hack is entirely risk-free or endorsed by the game’s developers.

Spoofing, the Pioneering Pokemon GO Hack


Spoofing stands out as the most prevalent and sought-after hack within the Pokemon GO community. This hack enables players to virtually travel to any location of their choosing without physically being present. Normally, trainers are bound by geographical limitations, as certain Pokemon species only spawn in specific regions around the world. However, with spoofing, these boundaries become inconsequential.

1. Breaking Boundaries and Capturing the Unattainable

Imagine a Pokemon GO player in North Carolina yearning to catch a Torkoal, a Pokemon exclusive to South Asia. Without spoofing, their chances of encountering this elusive creature would be slim to none. Spoofing eliminates this challenge by granting players the ability to teleport to any desired location instantly. This opens up a world of opportunities, allowing trainers to capture region-exclusive Pokemon without leaving their homes.

2. The Advantages of Spoofing

Spoofing offers distinct advantages that enhance the Pokemon GO experience. Firstly, trainers can track down and catch any Pokemon they desire, regardless of its regional exclusivity. For instance, the recent introduction of Hawlucha, exclusive to Mexico, would typically require a trip to that country. However, with spoofing, trainers can effortlessly teleport to Mexico and add this rare Pokemon to their collection.

Spoofers enjoy the convenience of long-distance trading. In Pokemon GO, trading can only occur when players are in close proximity. However, if trainers become Lucky Friends with someone far away, it would typically necessitate extensive travel to reap the benefits. Spoofing eliminates this obstacle, as trainers can effortlessly trade with friends from any location.

3. Navigating the World from the Comfort of Home

Spoofing grants trainers unparalleled freedom to explore the Pokemon GO world from the comfort of their own homes. However, it is essential to acknowledge that Niantic strictly prohibits spoofing and considers it a violation of the game’s terms of service. Engaging in spoofing activities carries the risk of severe consequences, including account suspensions or permanent bans.

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Auto Catching – Making the Catching Process Easier


Automated devices for catching Pokemon provide a convenient alternative for trainers seeking a more streamlined gameplay experience. Niantic acknowledges the desire to alleviate the grind involved in manually throwing Poke Balls, leading to the development of companion devices that offer automatic catching capabilities.

1. Pokemon Go Plus Auto Catch

A Verified Wrist-Worn Device the Pokemon Go Plus Auto Catch device, worn on the wrist, offers trainers a legitimate way to interact with the game while reducing the need to constantly check their phones. Equipped with a single button, this device enables trainers to effortlessly spin PokeStops and catch Pokemon. A built-in light on the device provides real-time feedback on ongoing actions, allowing trainers to stay vigilant of their surroundings while capturing creatures with ease.

2. Go-tcha

Simplifying Pokemon Catching and PokeStop Spinning Similar to the Pokemon Go Plus Auto Catch, the Go-tcha device is designed to be worn on the wrist and offers automatic Pokemon catching and PokeStop spinning functionality. Sporting an LED screen, this early pioneering device in the realm of automated gameplay provides wearers with clear visual cues about their in-game activities. It has gained popularity among trainers seeking a more hands-free approach to capturing Pokemon and collecting items from PokeStops.

3. Poke Ball Plus

The Dual-Purpose Catching Device By connecting the Poke Ball Plus to your phone via Bluetooth, trainers can unlock the device’s potential as an automatic catching mechanism. With a simple press of the B button, users can spin PokeStops and catch Pokemon without manual interaction. Additionally, if a Pokemon is already stored inside the Poke Ball Plus, it automatically retrieves items from PokeStops as they are encountered, providing a seamless and efficient catching experience.

These automated catching devices offer trainers a legitimate way to simplify the Pokemon-catching process, enhancing gameplay convenience and efficiency.

Shiny Scanner – Catch Shiny Pokemons Easily


Discovering shiny Pokemon is a thrilling pursuit in Pokemon GO, captivating players with the allure of finding rare and visually stunning alternate-colored creatures. While the mainline Pokemon games often present a challenge to encounter shinies, Pokemon GO offers a relatively more accessible experience. Nonetheless, the process of searching for shinies can be time-consuming and hinder the pace of gameplay. Thankfully, the shiny scanner hack comes to the rescue.

1. Simplifying Shiny Pokemon Hunting

Traditionally, players would need to manually click on every Pokemon they encounter and exit if it isn’t shiny—a tedious and time-consuming task. The shiny scanner revolutionizes this process. With the shiny scanner hack installed, shiny Pokemon will appear as such directly on the map, eliminating the need to click on each individual Pokemon and exit if it isn’t a shiny variant. This saves valuable time and streamlines the search for these coveted creatures.

2. Enhancing Shiny Encounter Visibility

In Pokemon GO, shiny Pokemon do not have a distinct visual indicator on the map, making it challenging for players to identify them without engaging in an encounter. The shiny scanner overcomes this limitation by displaying shiny Pokemon as their alternate-colored forms directly on the map. By using the scanner, players gain a visual advantage, enabling them to easily recognize shiny Pokemon and focus their attention on capturing them.

3. Additional Perks of the Shiny Scanner

The shiny scanner found within the Pokemod application is primarily designed for Android devices and is currently unavailable for iPhone users. In addition to identifying shiny Pokemon, the scanner also alerts players to disguised Ditto. Ditto is a unique Pokemon that can transform into other species found in the game. With the shiny scanner, Ditto appears in its own form, enabling players to catch it if desired.

IV Reveal – Finding Powerful Pokemons


In Pokemon GO, Individual Values (IVs) play a vital role in determining a Pokemon’s true potential. While Combat Power can be increased through power-ups, IVs remain fixed and represent the underlying stats that impact a Pokemon’s performance. IVs consist of health points, attack, and defense, each ranging from 0 to 15. A Pokemon with perfect IVs across all three categories (15, 15, 15) is considered a “Hundo” or a Pokemon with 100% IVs.

1. IV Percentages and Evaluation

IVs are often expressed in percentages, reflecting the overall quality of a Pokemon’s IVs. For example, a Pokemon with IVs of 15, 15, 14 would have a 98% IV rating. By evaluating the IV percentage, trainers can determine the relative strength and potential of a Pokemon before investing resources into its development.

2. The Conventional Appraisal Process

Normally, trainers need to catch a Pokemon and then have it appraised by their team leader to assess its IVs. This appraisal process can be time-consuming, as trainers must navigate through menus to access the information. Additionally, it may result in disappointment when a Pokemon is revealed to have lower IVs, reducing its overall usefulness.

3. IV Reveal Hacks and Apps

Various Pokemon GO hacks and apps provide a convenient alternative by revealing IV information during encounters. These hacks and apps streamline the evaluation process, allowing trainers to quickly assess a Pokemon’s IVs without the need to catch it first.

Important Considerations and Risks


While Pokemon GO hacks may seem enticing, it is crucial to understand the risks and ethical implications associated with their usage. It’s important to note that engaging in hacks or unauthorized practices goes against the intended spirit of the game and is not considered a legitimate way of playing. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Frowned Upon and Illegitimate

The use of Pokemon GO hacks is widely frowned upon by both the game’s developer, Niantic, and the player community. These hacks violate the game’s terms of service and undermine the fair and balanced gameplay experience that Niantic aims to provide.

2. Possibility of Shutdown and Account Bans

Using hacks means relying on third-party software or exploiting vulnerabilities, which can be detected by Niantic. The company actively takes measures to combat hacking, including regularly updating the game to patch security loopholes. Engaging in hacking activities puts your Pokemon GO account at risk of being permanently banned.

3. Consider the Worth of the Risk

Before deciding to use Pokemon GO hacks, carefully consider whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks involved. The convenience or advantages offered by hacks must be weighed against the potential loss of progress, account suspension, or even permanent banishment from the game. It is essential to prioritize the integrity of the gameplay experience and the enjoyment of fair competition.


By reading this article, do you know more about how to hack Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO hacks may offer tempting shortcuts or enhanced features, but they come with significant risks and ethical concerns. Engaging in hacking or using unauthorized third-party apps violates the game’s terms of service and jeopardizes the integrity of the gameplay experience. Niantic actively works to combat hacks, leading to potential account bans and the loss of progress.

It is important to prioritize fair play, respect the game’s guidelines, and enjoy Pokemon GO within the intended boundaries. Spoofing is a much safer bet and if you’re on iOS, then you can fake your location easily through iFoneTool AnyGo.

So, put your skills to the test, catch ’em all, and embark on a journey filled with adventure. Happy hunting!

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Are Pokemon GO hacks safe to use?

Using Pokemon GO hacks poses significant risks to your account and gameplay experience. Engaging in hacks violates the game’s terms of service and can result in severe consequences, including permanent account bans. It is strongly advised to play the game within the intended guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Do Pokemon GO hacks guarantee success in catching rare Pokemon?

While some Pokemon GO hacks claim to enhance your chances of finding rare Pokemon, there is no guarantee of success. These hacks often rely on third-party software or exploits, which can be unreliable and may lead to false promises.

Can I trust third-party Pokemon GO hack apps?

Using third-party Pokemon GO hack apps carries inherent risks, as these apps are not authorized or endorsed by Niantic. They can compromise the security of your device and personal information.