Snorlax, the beloved and iconic Pokemon known for its laziness and insatiable appetite, has made its way into the world of Pokemon Go. With its massive physique and powerful defensive capabilities, Snorlax has become a fan favorite in the game. In this article, we will delve into the world of Snorlax in Pokemon Go, exploring its appearance, type, background, abilities, optimal movesets, evolution process, catching strategies, shiny form, and prowess as a formidable gym defender. 

What is Snorlax in Pokemon GO


Snorlax is an iconic Pokemon known for its massive size, sleepy nature, and insatiable appetite. In Pokemon Go, Snorlax retains these characteristics, making it a popular and sought-after Pokemon among trainers. Let’s delve into the details of Snorlax.


Snorlax has a distinctive and imposing appearance. It is characterized by its rotund body covered in thick, bluish-green fur. Snorlax is one of the largest Pokemon in the franchise. Its round head features small, sleepy eyes and round ears. Snorlax is often depicted lying down or in a sleeping position, reflecting its relaxed and lethargic nature.


Snorlax is classified as a Normal-type Pokemon in both the main series games and Pokemon Go. This type of classification means that Snorlax does not have any specific weaknesses or resistance to particular types of attacks.


Snorlax is known to be a docile and slow-moving Pokemon that spends most of its time sleeping and eating. In the Pokemon world, Snorlax is often found blocking paths or obstructing routes sleeping in inconvenient locations. Trainers must find ways to awaken Snorlax or navigate around it to progress.


Snorlax possesses various abilities that contribute to its strengths in battles. One of its notable abilities is Immunity, which grants Snorlax immunity to the effects of the Poison type. This ability allows Snorlax to resist and endure Poison-type attacks without suffering from status conditions such as poisoning.

Another ability of Snorlax in Pokemon GO is Thick Fat. This ability reduces the damage received from Fire- and Ice-type attacks, enhancing Snorlax’s overall durability in battles against Pokemon of those types.

Best Movesets of Snorlax Pokemon


It is crucial to select the right combination of Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks in optimizing Snorlax’s movesets. The movesets you choose can greatly impact Snorlax’s performance in battles, like gyms, raids, and PvP battles. Let’s explore the different options available and provide recommendations for the most effective moveset combinations.

Fast Attacks

1、Zen Headbutt: Zen Headbutt is a strong Normal-type Fast Attack that deals damage and has a chance to generate energy. It’s a reliable choice for Snorlax, providing solid damage output while also building up energy for Charged Attacks.

2、Lick: Lick is another viable Fast Attack option for Snorlax. It has a faster animation, allowing Snorlax to dish out damage more frequently. While it doesn’t generate energy as quickly as Zen Headbutt, its speed can make up for it in certain battle scenarios.

Charged Attacks

1、Hyper Beam: Hyper Beam is a powerful and hard-hitting Normal-type Charged Attack. It inflicts substantial damage and can be devastating to opponents who aren’t prepared for it. However, keep in mind that Hyper Beam has a longer cooldown time, so timing and strategy are important when using it.

2、Body Slam: Body Slam is a versatile and widely used Charged Attack for Snorlax. It deals respectable damage and has a relatively short cooldown time, allowing for more frequent use. Additionally, Body Slam benefits from Snorlax’s STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), making it even more effective.

3、Earthquake: Earthquake is a Ground-type Charged Attack that provides coverage against Electric, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon. It can catch opponents off guard and deal significant damage, especially to those weak against Ground-type moves.

4、Outrage: Outrage is a Dragon-type Charged Attack that can be an effective surprise element in battles. It allows Snorlax to hit Dragon and other Dragon-resistant Pokemon with a move they might not expect, potentially giving Snorlax an advantage.

Recommended Moveset Combinations

1、Zen Headbutt + Hyper Beam: This combination provides a balance between damage output and energy generation. Zen Headbutt deals solid damage and generates energy, while Hyper Beam delivers a devastating blow when used strategically.

2、Lick + Body Slam: This combination focuses on quicker damage output. Lick’s fast animation allows Snorlax to attack frequently, while Body Slam’s shorter cooldown time ensures more frequent usage, keeping the pressure on opponents.

It’s important to note that move availability may change over time due to updates and balancing adjustments in Pokemon Go. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about the latest move changes and adjust your movesets accordingly.

How to Evolve Munchlax into Snorlax


To evolve Munchlax into Snorlax in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

1、Obtain Munchlax: Munchlax is a baby Pokemon that can be obtained through various methods. You may hatch it from 7km eggs or encounter it in the wild during specific events or Pokemon spawns.

2、Acquire Candy: Like other Pokemon evolutions, you will need to collect a certain amount of candy to evolve Munchlax into Snorlax. In this case, you need 50 Munchlax candies.

3、Catch or Transfer Munchlax: Capture as many Munchlax as possible or transfer unwanted Munchlax to Professor Willow to obtain Munchlax candies. You can also receive additional candies by walking with Munchlax as your Buddy Pokemon.

4、Use Rare Candies: If you have rare candies, you can convert them into Munchlax candies to speed up the evolution process.

5、Evolve Munchlax: Once you have accumulated 50 Munchlax candies, go to the Pokemon section of your game and select the Munchlax you want to evolve. Tap on the “Evolve” button to trigger the evolution process.

Congratulations! Your Munchlax will evolve into Snorlax. Enjoy the powerful and iconic Pokemon in your collection.

How to Catch Snorlax in Pokemon GO


Catching Snorlax in Pokemon Go can be exciting and challenging due to its rarity. To increase your chances of encountering and catching Snorlax, follow these instructions:

1、Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Pokemon Go events, in-game notifications, and community channels to stay informed about any Snorlax-related events. These events often provide better opportunities to encounter Snorlax.

2、Explore Habitat Biomes: Snorlax is known to appear in specific habitat biomes, such as residential areas, parks, and places near bodies of water. Prioritize exploring these locations as they may increase your chances of encountering Snorlax.

3、Utilize Incense and Lures: Activate Incense or visit Pokestops with Lure Modules to attract Pokemon to your location. This can increase the overall spawn rate, potentially including Snorlax.

4、Join Raid Battles: Snorlax occasionally appears as a raid boss in Tier 4 raids. Keep an eye out for raid invitations or gather a group of friends to take on these raids for a chance to catch a powerful Snorlax.

5、Participate in Research Tasks: Check the Field Research tasks available at Pokestops. Some tasks may reward encounters with Snorlax, providing you with an opportunity to catch one.

6、Be Prepared: Carry a sufficient amount of Poke Balls, Razz Berries, and other capturing items to increase your chances of successfully catching Snorlax. Golden Razz Berries are particularly effective for harder-to-catch encounters.

7、Use Curveballs and Excellent Throws: Master the technique of throwing curveballs and aim for Nice, Great, or Excellent throws. These throw bonuses increase the capture rate and provide additional XP.

8、Use Pinap Berries: Snorlax is a rare Pokemon, so maximize your candy gains by using Pinap Berries. These berries double the candy received if you successfully catch the Pokemon.

What is the Fastest Way to Obtain a Snorlax

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Snorlax’s Shiny Form in Pokemon GO



In its shiny form, Snorlax undergoes a noticeable change in coloration compared to its normal form. The shiny Snorlax has a palette swap. On the palette swap, its bluish-green fur transforms into a more vibrant shade of teal or cyan.


In terms of abilities, shiny Snorlax doesn’t possess any unique or different abilities compared to its normal counterpart. The shiny variant shares the same abilities and characteristics as the regular Snorlax, including its Normal typing, moveset options, and stats. The only difference lies in its altered coloration, which is purely cosmetic.


In Pokemon Go, shiny Snorlax is notable for a rare encounter. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the game are generally low, estimated to be around a 1 in 450 chance. This rarity applies to Snorlax as well, making shiny Snorlax a highly sought-after and coveted variant among trainers. When encountering Snorlax in the wild, during events, or in raids, there is a small probability that it will appear in its shiny form. Trainers often engage in extensive gameplay and participate in events to increase their chances of encountering and capturing shiny Snorlax.

Obtaining a shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Go can require dedication, persistence, and a bit of luck. Trainers who manage to capture shiny Snorlax can proudly add this rare variant to their collection, showcasing their accomplishments and adding a unique touch to their Pokemon lineup.

Snorlax as a Gym Defender in Pokemon GO


Many players regard Snorlax as one of the best defenders in Pokemon Go for several reasons. Here’s why Snorlax excels as a Gym Defender:

High Stamina and Defense

Snorlax boasts impressive base stats, particularly in Stamina and Defense. Its high HP pool and solid defensive capabilities allow it to endure attacks and stay in battles for extended periods, making it a formidable opponent to defeat.

Great Typing

As a Normal-type Pokemon, Snorlax only has one weakness to Fighting-type moves, while being resistant to Ghost-type attacks. This resistance ensures that Snorlax can withstand common types of attacks used against Gym Defenders.

Wide Movepool

Snorlax has access to a diverse movepool, allowing it to have varied coverage against different types of attackers. Moves like Zen Headbutt and Body Slam provide a mix of damage and energy generation, while Heavy Slam and Earthquake can surprise opponents expecting a pure Normal-type move set.

High CP Potential

Snorlax has a high maximum CP (Combat Power) potential, making it a desirable choice for placement in gyms. Its high CP allows it to secure higher positions in gym rankings, adding an extra layer of defense for your team.

Time-consuming to Defeat

Due to its high Stamina and defensive capabilities, Snorlax is known for being time-consuming to defeat. Opponents will have to invest more time and resources to take down a Snorlax defender, which can discourage casual attackers or those looking for quick gym battles.

Gym Motivation Drain

Snorlax’s high Stamina also means that it can drain the motivation of attackers more quickly. The longer it remains in battle, the more motivation attackers will lose, making it harder for them to defeat subsequent defenders in the gym.


Snorlax’s presence in Pokemon Go brings a formidable defender to gyms and a highly sought-after Pokemon for trainers. With its unique appearance, optimal movesets, evolution process, catching strategies, and defensive prowess, Snorlax offers an exciting and challenging experience for players. By understanding Snorlax’s abilities and utilizing the provided tips, trainers can enhance their Pokemon Go journey with this sleeping giant of a Pokemon.

How can I find Snorlax in Pokémon Go?

Snorlax can be encountered in the wild, but it is a rare spawn. Keep an eye out for Snorlax during events or in specific habitat biomes like residential areas and parks.

What are the best movesets for Snorlax in gym defense?

For gym defense, Snorlax can benefit from moves like Zen Headbutt and Body Slam, or combinations like Lick and Hyper Beam. These moves provide a mix of damage and energy generation.

Is Snorlax worth powering up in Pokémon Go?

Snorlax is considered one of the best defenders in Pokémon Go, making it worth powering up if you want to fortify your gym defense team. Its high Stamina and Defense make it a reliable choice.

Can Snorlax be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Snorlax can be encountered in its shiny form in Pokémon Go. Shiny Snorlax has a different coloration, with bluish-green fur transforming into a vibrant shade of teal or cyan.

How do I effectively defeat Snorlax in gym battles?

Snorlax is weak to Fighting-type moves. Pokémon with strong Fighting-type attacks, like Machamp or Lucario, can deal significant damage to Snorlax. Utilizing super-effective moves and exploiting its Fighting-type weakness can help defeat Snorlax more effectively in gym battles.