Pokemon Go is a game that revolves around capturing and collecting various Pokemon species. Some Pokemon are more common and easily found, while others are incredibly rare and elusive. In this article, we will delve into the world of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, exploring their types, the top five rarest Pokemon, how to obtain regional Pokemon, the rarest legendary Pokemon, and strategies for participating in legendary raid battles and completing special research tasks for mythical Pokemon.  

Which Type of Pokemon are the Rarest in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go features a diverse range of Pokemon types, and the rarity of each type varies. Below are some rarest types of Pokemon.

1、Legendary Pokemon: These are some of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon in the game, like Mewtwo, Lugia, and Rayquaza. Catching them usually requires participating in special raid battles or completing specific research tasks.

2、Regional Pokemon: Certain Pokemon are exclusive to specific regions around the world. For example, Mr. Mime is typically found in Europe, Kangaskhan in Australia, and Farfetch’d in Asia. They can be quite rare if you don’t live or travel to the respective regions.

3、Shiny Pokemon: Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare variations of regular Pokemon. They have different colorations and are popular among collectors. Some shiny Pokemon have boosted encounter rates during special events, while others are incredibly rare and appear randomly.

4、Mythical Pokemon: Similar to legendary Pokemon, mythical Pokemon are rare and often have special significance in the Pokemon lore. Examples of mythical Pokemon include Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini. Trainers can obtain them through special research tasks or by attending special events.

5、Unown: Unown is a Pokemon that has 28 different forms, each representing a different letter of the alphabet and an exclamation mark and question mark. Due to its large number of forms, Unown is considered one of the rarest and hardest-to-find Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

6、Limited-time event Pokemon: Pokemon Go frequently holds limited-time events where certain Pokemon are available for a limited duration. These event-exclusive Pokemon can be quite rare if you miss the event or don’t actively participate during the designated timeframe.

Top 5 Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is a special variant of the iconic Psychic-type Pokemon Mewtwo. It has been one of the rarest Pokemon due to its limited availability during the event. Trainers had the opportunity to encounter it in Raid Battles, where they could battle and potentially catch this powerful and elusive Pokemon.


Unown is a unique Pokemon with 28 different forms, representing each letter of the alphabet, as well as the exclamation point and question mark. Encountering any form of Unown is a challenge in itself, as they often appear during special events or in specific locations.


Gible is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon that gained popularity for its evolution into Garchomp, one of the most powerful Dragon-type Pokemon. Gible’s rarity stems from its infrequent spawns and limited availability in the wild. Trainers often have to rely on events or specific habitats to increase their chances of encountering Gible.


Deino is another rare Dragon-type Pokemon that evolves into Hydreigon, a fearsome three-headed Pokemon known for its power. Finding Deino in the wild is challenging, and trainers often have to rely on events, hatch it from eggs, or encounter it through special research tasks.

Galarian Legendary Birds

The Galarian regional varieties of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos made an unexpected appearance in Pokemon Go in July 2022. The only method to find the Galarian Birds is to utilize the Daily Adventure Incense, which provides you with a 15-minute window each day to search for them. Due to their high flee rate, even if you encounter one, the odds of trapping it are slim.

How to Obtain Regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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All Rarest Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Legendary Pokemon are some of the rarest and most powerful creatures in Pokemon Go. Here is a list of all the rarest legendary Pokemon in the game:

Part1 of Rarest Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  • Articuno: The majestic Ice/Flying-type legendary bird that commands the power of ice.
  • Zapdos: The electrifying Electric/Flying-type legendary bird that harnesses the power of thunder and lightning.
  • Moltres: The fiery Fire/Flying-type legendary bird that radiates intense heat and flames.
  • Mewtwo: The powerful Psychic-type Pokemon with unrivaled psychic abilities and a formidable presence.
  • Raikou: The Electric-type legendary beast notable for its lightning-fast speed and thunderous attacks.
  • Entei: The Fire-type legendary beast that embodies the scorching heat and raw power of volcanoes.
  • Suicune: The Water-type legendary beast that embodies the grace and tranquility of flowing water.
  • Lugia: The Psychic/Flying-type guardian of the seas known for its immense power and ability to calm storms.
  • Ho-Oh: The Fire/Flying-type legendary bird that is said to bring happiness and is relevant to the rainbow.
  • Regirock: The Rock-type legendary titan that consists of rocky terrain and possesses immense physical strength.
  • Regice: The Ice-type legendary titan that is made of solid ice and has an incredibly low body temperature.
  • Registeel: The Steel-type legendary titan with a metal body and is highly resistant to damage.
  • Latias: The Dragon/Psychic-type Eon Pokemon is famous for its empathic abilities and swift aerial movements.
  • Latios: The Dragon/Psychic-type Eon Pokemon is notable for its heightened intellect and incredible speed.
  • Kyogre: The Water-type ancient Pokemon that has the power to create massive rainstorms and control the seas.


  • Groudon: The Ground-type ancient Pokemon that possesses immense earth-shaping powers. Some believe ithasformed the continents.
  • Rayquaza: The Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon that soars through the ozone layer and is the master of the skies.
  • Jirachi: The Steel/Psychic-type mythical Pokemon that awakens for a limited time to grant wishes.
  • Deoxys: The Psychic-type DNA Pokemon that has the ability to change its form and possesses incredible psychic powers.
  • Uxie: The Psychic-type legendary Pokemon that represents knowledge and is said to have the ability to erase memories.
  • Mesprit: The Psychic-type legendary Pokemon that represents emotion and is known to influence the emotions of those around it.
  • Azelf: The Psychic-type legendary Pokemon that represents willpower and has the ability to boost the determination of trainers nearby.
  • Dialga: The Steel/Dragon-type legendary Pokemon that controls time and is said to have the power to reshape the universe.
  • Palkia: The Water/Dragon-type legendary Pokemon that controls space and is said to have the power to create parallel dimensions.
  • Heatran: The Fire/Steel-type legendary Pokemon that dwells deep underground and has a body of burning hot magma.
  • Regigigas: The Normal-type legendary Pokemon known as the colossus that is said to have pulled the continents into place.
  • Giratina: The Ghost/Dragon-type legendary Pokemon that rules over the Distortion World and represents antimatter.
  • Cresselia: The Psychic-type legendary Pokemon associated with the moon, known for its soothing and healing powers.
  • Darkrai: The Dark-type legendary Pokemon that lurks in the shadows and has the ability to bring nightmares to those who sleep near it.
  • Manaphy: The Water-type mythical Pokemon that has the ability to bond with humans and communicate emotions.


  • Shaymin: The Grass-type mythical Pokemon that has the ability to transform into its Sky Forme and spread gratitude.
  • Arceus: The Normal-type mythical Pokemon known as the “God Pokemon” that is said to have shaped the universe with its 1,000 arms.
  • Victini: The Psychic/Fire-type mythical Pokemon that brings victory to its trainers and has the power to generate infinite energy.
  • Cobalion: The Steel/Fighting-type legendary Pokemon that stands for justice and fights to protect Pokemon and people alike.
  • Terrakion: The Rock/Fighting-type legendary Pokemon that embodies determination and is known for its unwavering spirit.
  • Virizion: The Grass/Fighting-type legendary Pokemon that values freedom and fights with elegant and swift movements.
  • Tornadus: The Flying-type legendary Pokemon that controls strong winds and can whip up massive storms.
  • Thundurus: The Electric/Flying-type legendary Pokemon that summons thunderclouds and causes powerful electric storms.
  • Reshiram: The Dragon/Fire-type legendary Pokemon that has the power to incinerate and purify anything it touches.
  • Zekrom: The Dragon/Electric-type legendary Pokemon that generates electricity and represents ideals and truth.
  • Landorus: The Ground/Flying-type legendary Pokemon that controls the power of the earth and can cause violent sandstorms.
  • Kyurem: The Dragon/Ice-type legendary Pokemon that has the power to generate and control subzero temperatures.
  • Keldeo: The Water/Fighting-type mythical Pokemon that possesses incredible speed and is known as the “Colt Pokemon.”
  • Meloetta: The Normal/Psychic-type mythical Pokemon that has the ability to change forms and can sing beautiful melodies.
  • Genesect: The Bug/Steel-type mythical Pokemon that has been modified through scientific experiments and wields powerful technological weaponry.

How to Participate in Legendary Raid Battles


Participating in Legendary Raid Battles in Pokemon Go allows you to team up with other trainers to face powerful and rare Pokemon. Here’s a guide on how to join these epic battles:

1、Find Raid Locations: Keep an eye on the in-game Raid tab or nearby Gyms for Legendary Raid Battles. Legendary Raids usually have a countdown timer indicating their start time and location.

2、Build a Team: Prepare a strong lineup of Pokemon with type advantages against the Legendary Raid Boss. Research the Raid Boss’s weaknesses and strengths to optimize your team composition.

3、Gather a Group: Legendary Raids require coordination with other trainers. Connect with local Pokemon Go communities, use social media, or join online communities to find fellow trainers interested in participating in the Raid Battle.

4、Arrive at the Raid: Reach the Raid location before the countdown timer expires. Make sure you have a Remote Raid Pass or are physically present at the Gym hosting the Raid.

5、Battle the Raid Boss: Once the Raid Battle begins, work together with your group to defeat the Legendary Raid Boss. Utilize your Pokemon’s charged attacks and dodge its powerful moves to maximize your chances of success.

6、Capture the Legendary Pokemon: After defeating the Raid Boss, you’ll have a chance to capture it. Use Golden Razz Berries and precision throws to increase your odds of capturing the Legendary Pokemon.

7、Claim Rewards: After capturing the Legendary Pokemon, you’ll receive rewards like Rare Candy, TMs, and other valuable items. Make sure to claim them before exiting the Raid Battle screen.

How to Complete Special Research Tasks for Mythical Pokemon


Completing Special Research Tasks for Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go requires a series of steps and objectives. Here’s a brief guide on how to complete them:

1、Receive the Special Research: Special Research tasks appear during limited-time events or as rewards for achieving certain milestones. Keep an eye out for announcements and in-game notifications to know when a Special Research task for a Mythical Pokemon becomes available.

2、Start the Research: Once you have the Special Research task, tap on it to begin. The task will consist of multiple stages, each with its own set of objectives.

3、Progress through the Stages: Complete the objectives outlined in each stage of the Special Research. These objectives can include catching specific Pokemon, visiting PokeStops, battling in raids or gym battles, hatching eggs, or completing other in-game activities. Some tasks may require participation in specific events or time-limited challenges.

4、Follow the Storyline: As you progress through the stages, you will uncover a storyline that provides context and narrative for the Mythical Pokemon you are working towards. Enjoy the immersive experience and read the dialogue provided.

5、Complete the Research: Once you have finished all the tasks in each stage, you will eventually reach the final stage of the Special Research. Complete the final objectives to encounter and catch the Mythical Pokemon.

6、Claim Rewards: After successfully capturing the Mythical Pokemon, claim your rewards, which may include items, experience points, Stardust, or other in-game bonuses.


Rare Pokemon are the crown jewels of Pokemon Go, captivating trainers with their unique traits and elusive nature. By understanding the types of Pokemon that are typically rare, the top five rarest Pokemon, strategies for obtaining regional Pokemon, the rarest legendary Pokemon, and tips for participating in legendary raid battles and completing special research tasks, trainers can enhance their chances of encountering and capturing these remarkable creatures. So, embark on your quest, explore the world of Pokemon Go, and may you cross paths with the rarest and most extraordinary Pokemon!

What makes a Pokémon rare in Pokémon Go?

Rarity in Pokémon Go is determined by factors such as limited availability, low encounter rates, and exclusivity to specific events or locations. Rare Pokémon are harder to find and are highly sought after by trainers.

How can I increase my chances of finding rare Pokémon?

To increase your chances of finding rare Pokémon, participate in events, explore different habitats, hatch eggs, and complete research tasks. Additionally, connecting with local Pokémon Go communities can provide valuable information on rare spawns and sightings.

Are Shiny Pokémon considered rare?

Yes, Shiny Pokémon are considered rare variants with different colorations than their regular counterparts. Encountering a Shiny Pokémon, such as Shiny Mewtwo or Shiny Unown, is quite rare and highly desirable among trainers.

Can I trade for rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Yes, trading can be a way to obtain rare Pokémon. However, keep in mind that both players need to be in close proximity, and certain Pokémon may have special trading restrictions. Trading with friends or through online communities can help you acquire rare Pokémon that you may not have encountered yourself.

Do rare Pokémon have higher stats or abilities?

While rarity does not directly affect a Pokémon’s stats or abilities, rare Pokémon often have high base stats and can evolve into powerful forms. Pokémon like Garchomp or Hydreigon are considered rare and have strong battle capabilities, making them sought after by trainers looking to strengthen their teams.