Embark on the thrilling Ruby vs Sapphire Pokemon Go challenge as you dive into the Go Tour: Hoenn event in Pokemon Go. This interactive quest invites you to make a crucial choice between two formidable teams – Ruby and Sapphire. Your decision will shape the outcome of a global challenge, influencing hourly bonuses throughout the event.

In the following guide, we will walk you through the process of selecting either Ruby or Sapphire in Pokemon Go. Delve into the version differences, explore the additional wild encounters each team brings to the table, and gain valuable insights.

Let’s get started!  

Ruby vs Sapphire Pokemon Go: Completing Primal Rumblings Special Research


To begin the journey of selecting between Ruby and Sapphire for the Go Tour: Hoenn event in Pokemon Go, players must first successfully complete the Primal Rumblings special research quest. This quest, launched on Friday, 17th February, is open to all trainers, making it an accessible path for every Pokemon Go player. Notably, participation in the Masterwork Research: Wish Granted quest is not a prerequisite, as Go Tour: Hoenn is freely available to all trainers.

Acquiring the Ticket

Upon reaching the culmination of the second and final step in the Primal Rumblings quest, trainers are rewarded with a coveted Ticket. This Ticket, conveniently located in the Item Bag, serves as the key to choosing between the Ruby and Sapphire teams. By selecting the Ticket, trainers initiate the decision-making process.

Making the Choice: Ruby vs Sapphire?

Once the Ticket is selected, trainers are prompted to make a critical decision between the Ruby and Sapphire teams. It’s a pivotal moment that requires careful consideration, as the chosen team will influence the player’s experience throughout the Go Tour: Hoenn event. Upon confirming the decision, trainers receive a distinctive badge representing their chosen team.

Choose Wisely

It is imperative to highlight that once the team selection is confirmed, there is no option to alter the choice. Trainers are urged to choose wisely, keeping in mind the unique characteristics and advantages each team offers. To assist in making an informed decision, further exploration into the version differences between the Ruby and Sapphire teams is recommended.

Carryover from Go Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas Event

For trainers who participated in the Go Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas event, it’s essential to note that the team choice made during that event will carry over to the current Go Tour: Hoenn event. This carries a significant implication – the team choice becomes a lasting commitment, and alterations are not permitted.

Ruby vs Sapphire Pokemon Go: Challenge and Version Differences


Inspired by the iconic Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games for the Game Boy Advance, the Go Tour: Hoenn event introduces a compelling challenge that requires players to choose between two teams – Ruby or Sapphire. Beyond the nostalgic homage, these teams come with distinctive features and version differences that significantly impact your gameplay during the event.

Version Differences

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the differences between the Ruby and Sapphire versions of the Go Tour: Hoenn Global event, each offering unique benefits and encounters:

Ruby Version Differences

  • Ruby Version Badge
  • Contribution to the Ruby team during hourly Field Research challenges
  • Latios spawns in the wild
  • Snapshot with Latios in the wild earns an additional encounter with the legendary
Bonuses (If Ruby team wins Field Research challenge)
  • Increased number of Primal Groudon raids
  • Additional Pokemon on Ruby’s wild encounters list spawn

Sapphire Version Differences

  • Sapphire Version Badge
  • Contribution to the Sapphire team during hourly Field Research challenges
  • Latias spawns in the wild
  • Snapshot with Latias in the wild earns an additional encounter with the legendary
Bonuses (If Sapphire team wins Field Research challenge)
  • Increased number of Primal Kyogre raids
  • Additional Pokemon on Sapphire’s wild encounters list spawn

Your team choice actively determines your role in the Field Research Challenge throughout each hour of the event.

Field Research Challenge

This challenge requires completing a special Field Research every hour of the event (10 am to 6 pm local time on both Saturday, 25th February, and Sunday, 26th February 2023). The team that globally completes more of this Field Research enjoys two bonuses in the following hour.

Bonuses Include

  • Increased frequency of additional Pokemon spawns
  • Increased number of Primal Raids for the selected team’s Primal Legendary

In case Ruby wins, expect more Primal Groudon raids; if Sapphire prevails, anticipate more Primal Kyogre raids. Aside from the Field Research Challenge, your team choice also influences the bonus encounter from taking snapshots of Latias or Latios in the wild.

Snapshot Bonuses

  • Ruby Team: A Snapshot of Latios grants an additional encounter with Latios
  • Sapphire Team: A Snapshot of Latias grants an additional encounter with Latias

Upon making your selection, you’ll receive a badge representing your chosen team. Important to note, that players who attended the Go Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas event cannot alter their team selection, emphasizing the enduring nature of this decision.

Ruby vs Sapphire Pokemon Go: What’s the Same in Both Versions?


Certain elements remain consistent across both Ruby and Sapphire versions of the Go Tour: Hoenn Global event. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Ticket for Masterwork Research: Wish Granted Quest

Players, regardless of their chosen team, have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for the Masterwork Research: Wish Granted quest. This quest provides an additional layer of engagement and challenges, contributing to the overall richness of the Go Tour: Hoenn experience.

2. Chasing Legends Special Research Quest

Both Ruby and Sapphire teams have access to the Chasing Legends special research quest. This quest adds a narrative dimension to the event, guiding players through unique challenges and encounters that transcend team distinctions.

3. Habitat Hour Pokemon Catching

Regardless of the team chosen, players can enjoy catching Pokemon during the designated Habitat Hours. This inclusive aspect ensures that every participant can encounter and capture the Pokemon featured in these special hours.

4. Primal Raids for Groudon and Kyogre

Both Ruby and Sapphire teams can partake in Primal Raids featuring both Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. This shared raid experience allows players to engage with and capture these formidable Pokemon, fostering a collaborative spirit throughout the event.

An Exceptional Inclusivity

In a departure from past Go Tour events, players are relieved from the need to collaborate with others to complete Collection Challenges. This breakthrough design ensures that Go Tour: Hoenn is exceptionally friendly to players in rural areas or those who prefer a solo gaming experience. Everyone can relish the event without concerns about missing out on any aspect.


While the event is designed for solo enjoyment, players who are not part of a local Pokemon Go group or those who prefer solitary gameplay are encouraged to invest in Remote Raid Passes. This ensures they can actively participate in and benefit from the Primal Raids and other collaborative elements of the event.

Ruby vs Sapphire Pokemon Go: Which Team is Right for You?


When faced with the decision between the Ruby and Sapphire teams in the Go Tour: Hoenn Global event, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preferences.

Legendary Equivalence

Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre boast comparable and powerful stats, making the decision less about strength and more about your preferred aesthetics. There’s no need to select a team solely based on the perceived strength of the legendary Pokemon.

Strategic Evolution

Rather than focusing on the individual strength of the legendaries, it’s advisable to consider gathering enough energy for both Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre evolutions. This strategic approach ensures versatility and a well-rounded team.

Pokedex Inclusion

If you already have Latias or Latios in your Pokedex, this could influence your decision. Your chosen team provides an opportunity to catch the counterpart legendary Pokemon in the wild, adding a thematic element to your selection.

Wild Encounters and Regionals

Consider the additional wild encounters each team offers, particularly if they include regionally exclusive Pokemon like Volbeat and Illumise. If completing your Pokédex is a priority and you’re missing one of these exclusives, choosing the specific team associated with that Pokemon increases your chances of catching it during the event.

Personal History

Sometimes, personal history and nostalgia play a role in decision-making. In your case, you’ve chosen Ruby because of a sentimental connection to playing Pokemon Ruby on the Game Boy Advance, and the desire to focus on earning the Ground-type Badge due to already possessing the Platinum Water-type Badge.

Ultimately, your choice between Ruby and Sapphire is a reflection of your unique preferences, goals, and sentimental ties. Make the decision that aligns with your Pokemon journey and the experience you want to create during the Go Tour: Hoenn event.

Ruby Additional Wild Encounters


Opting for the Ruby team during the Go Tour: Hoenn Global event offers the chance for specific Pokemon to appear more frequently in the wild, provided your team emerges victorious in the preceding hour’s Field Research challenge. The enhanced wild encounters during the next hour include:

  • Plusle
  • Volbeat
  • Trapinch
  • Solrock
  • Sunny Form Castform

Sapphire Additional Wild Encounters


Choosing the Sapphire team for the Go Tour: Hoenn Global event and securing victory in the previous hour’s Field Research challenge brings forth an increased presence of specific Pokemon in the wild during the subsequent hour. The augmented wild encounters during this period include:

  • Minun
  • Illumise
  • Wailmer
  • Lunatone
  • Rainy Form Castform

Remember, the shiny forms of all the mentioned Pokémon have been introduced in Pokémon Go!


The choice between Pokemon Go Ruby and Sapphire teams in the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn Global event is a personal one, with each team offering unique benefits and wild encounters. Whether driven by personal nostalgia, strategic preferences, or completing your Pokedex, make your decision wisely. Remember, your chosen team not only influences your individual experience but also contributes to global challenges, adding an extra layer of excitement to this nostalgic journey.

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Can I change my team choice in Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn after making a selection?

No, once you’ve made your team selection between Ruby and Sapphire, it’s a permanent decision. Take your time to decide, as there’s no option to change teams later on.

Are the Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn wild encounter bonuses exclusive to the winning team?

While the bonuses, such as increased wild encounters, are tied to the winning team in the hourly Field Research challenge, certain Pokemon from both Ruby and Sapphire teams will still appear frequently for all players.