Pokemon Go, the wildly popular augmented reality mobile game, has captivated millions of players worldwide since its release. One of the game’s most exciting features is raid battles, where players can team up to take down powerful Pokemon and earn rare rewards. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Pokemon Go raids, with a particular focus on Raid Hours, Pokemon GO Raid schedule, regional differences in raid schedules, raid mechanics, and strategies for optimizing raiding efficiency. Additionally, we will provide valuable insights on how to prepare for raid events and successfully host raid parties. So, grab your Raid Passes, gather your Pokemon team, and let’s embark on an epic raiding adventure!  

What is Pokemon Go Raid Hour


Pokemon Go Raid Hour is a highly anticipated event in Pokemon GO. It offers trainers an opportunity to engage in intense raid battles. During the event, their chances of encountering and capturing specific raid bosses increase. The Raid Hour typically lasts for one hour, during which a specific raid boss becomes more prevalent throughout gyms.

Raid Hour aims to encourage trainers to come together and tackle challenging raid battles as a community. By featuring a specific raid boss, it allows trainers to focus their efforts on battling and capturing that Pokemon. This provides a sense of excitement and camaraderie as players gather together or coordinate remotely for the formidable raid boss.

During Raid Hour, the frequency of raids is significantly increased compared to regular gameplay hours. Therefore, trainers can be more active in raid battles and participate in multiple raids within the designated hour. The increased raid number provides greater opportunities for trainers to challenge raid bosses and earn valuable rewards. There is also a potential opportunity to catch rare Pokemon.

Raid Hour is popular among trainers who are seeking specific raid bosses or aiming to maximize their raiding activities. During Pokemon GO Raid Hour, trainers strive to secure powerful Pokemon or rare additions to their collection. That concentrated focus on a particular raid boss heightens the anticipation and creates a competitive environment.

Pokemon GO Raid Schedule and Line-up for January 2024

Each month, the Pokemon Go raid schedule is updated to introduce new raid bosses and rotate existing ones. For the last 7 days of January, two Pokemon are remaining in raid hours. According to the Pokemon GO official website, Landorus (Therian Forme) and Mega Steelix will be in the line-up:


The official has not released The February Pokemon GO Raid schedule yet. Players can pay attention to the official website and iFoneTool to get the latest updates!

Regional Differences of Pokemon Go Raid Schedule


In Pokemon Go, regional differences can affect raid schedules and availability, adding unique dynamics to raiding activities across the world. Here are a few examples of regional differences in raid schedules and availability:

Time Zone Variations

Pokemon Go operates on a real-time basis. In other words, schedules can vary depending on the time zone in which a player is located. So manage your time and ensure that raids are available during peak playing hours.

Event Timing

Pokemon Go frequently organizes special events that feature increased raid spawns, exclusive raid bosses, or unique raid rewards. These events often have specific start and end times, and the timing can vary between regions. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, may stagger the events to accommodate different time zones and provide an equitable opportunity for players worldwide.

Seasonal Variations

Raid schedules and availability may also differ depending on the season or climate in a particular region. For example, event-themed raids tied to holidays or specific weather conditions may be more prevalent in certain areas. Additionally, raid activity may be influenced by regional events or festivals that impact player participation and availability.

Player Density and Activity

Regions with higher player density or more active Pokemon Go communities may experience more frequent raid battles and a greater number of trainers participating in raids. This can be due to a larger player base, increased social engagement, or a more competitive raiding scene. As a result, raids in these areas may be more prevalent and easier to organize.

Cultural Preferences

In some regions, players may have specific time slots or routines for raiding. This leads to more concentrated raid activity during certain hours of the day. Additionally, cultural events or norms may impact the frequency or timing of raid battles in certain areas.

Raid Hour Mechanics of Pokemon Go Raid Schedule


Raid Hour is a special event in Pokemon Go that lasts for one hour and features increased raid spawns, altered raid egg timers, and enhanced raid boss availability. During Raid Hour, the game mechanics are adjusted to provide trainers with a greater opportunity to engage in raid battles and encounter specific raid bosses.

Raid Spawns

Firstly, raid spawns are significantly increased during Raid Hour. This means that more gyms will have active raid battles, allowing trainers to participate in multiple raids within the designated hour. The increased number of raid spawns increases the chances of encountering and participating in raid battles.

Raid Egg Timers

Secondly, raid egg timers, which indicate the time remaining until a raid battle begins, will change during Raid Hour. Typically, raid eggs have a timer of around 60 minutes before hatching into a raid boss. However, during Raid Hour, the raid egg timers are reduced, usually to a shorter duration like 15 or 30 minutes. This allows trainers to quickly identify and gather at raid gyms for battles without waiting for an extended period.

Specific Raid Boss

Lastly, Raid Hour focuses on a specific raid boss, resulting in enhanced availability. The featured raid boss becomes more prevalent during the event, increasing the likelihood of encountering and challenging that particular Pokemon. This concentrated availability allows trainers to focus their efforts on battling and potentially capturing the featured raid boss.

Overall, Raid Hour mechanics create a dynamic and intense raiding experience for trainers. It encourages trainers to come together, engage in multiple raids, and strive to defeat and capture powerful Pokemon. Moreover, it fosters a sense of community and excitement.

How to Prepare for Pokemon Go Raid Events 


Successful participation in Pokemon Go raid events requires careful preparation. Here are some steps to help you prepare for it:

1、Assess Raid Boss Weaknesses: Research the raid boss’s type and weaknesses. Knowing its weaknesses will help you select the most effective counters for the battle. Use online resources, Pokemon Go websites, or apps to identify the best counters for the raid boss you’ll be facing.

2、Power Up and Evolve Pokemon: Strengthen and evolve Pokemon that have type advantages against the raid boss. You can invest Stardust and Candy to power up your Pokemon’s levels and unlock their potential.

3、Stock Up on Healing Items: Ensure you have an ample supply of healing items like Potions, Revives, and Max Revives. Raid battles can be challenging, and your Pokemon may faint during the battle. Having enough healing items will allow you to quickly revive and restore your team.

4、Collect Raid Passes: Raid events often require Raid Passes to participate. Make sure you have sufficient Raid Passes to take part in multiple raids during the event. You can earn Raid Passes by spinning Gym Photo Discs or by completing certain research tasks.

5、Plan Your Route: If the raid event includes multiple raid gyms, plan your route in advance to optimize your time and raid participation. This will help you maximize the number of raids you can participate in during the event.

6、Coordinate with Remote Raiding: If you can’t physically be present at raid locations, take advantage of the remote raiding feature. This allows you to participate in raids regardless of your physical location.

How to Optimize Raiding Efficiency During Pokemon Go Raids

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How to Host Raid Parties During Pokemon Go Raid Schedule


Hosting raid parties can be a rewarding experience for trainers who wish to bring their local Pokemon Go community together. Here are some tips on how to successfully host raid parties during Pokemon Go raid events:

1、Utilize communication platforms: Create or join local Pokemon Go community groups on platforms like Discord, Facebook, or WhatsApp. These platforms provide an excellent way to communicate with fellow trainers, share raid information, and coordinate raid parties effectively.

2、Set a meeting point: Decide on a central meeting point where all participants can gather before the raid. This could be a popular PokéStop, a park, or any other easily accessible location near the raid gym.

3、Establish a schedule: Determine specific raid times and create a schedule for the raid party. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows when to gather for each raid battle.

4、Invite friends and fellow trainers: Reach out to friends who play Pokemon Go and invite them to join your raid party. Encourage them to bring along other trainers they know.

5、Share raid strategies: Before each raid battle, discuss the raid boss’s strengths, weaknesses, and recommended counters. Share strategies and tips with participants to increase the chances of success. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of teamwork and enhances the raiding experience.

6、Be prepared: Ensure that you have enough raid passes to participate in multiple raids during the raid party. Stock up on healing items like Potions and Revives to keep your Pokemon team in good shape. Encourage participants to do the same.

7、Be a good host: Take responsibility for organizing the raid battles, ensuring everyone is ready, and initiating the raids on time. Remember to be patient, supportive, and helpful to all participants.


Pokemon Go raids, with their thrilling battles and the chance to capture rare Pokemon, have become a cornerstone of the game’s experience. In this comprehensive guide, we have explored the essence of Pokemon Go Raid Hour, discussed regional differences in raid schedules, delved into raid mechanics, and provided valuable strategies for raiding efficiency. Additionally, we have offered advice on preparing for raid events and shared insights on hosting raid parties. By understanding the intricacies of raiding in Pokemon Go, trainers can embark on epic raiding adventures and forge connections within their local Pokemon Go communities. So, gear up, plan your raids, and get ready to conquer powerful raid bosses in the ever-evolving world of Pokemon Go!

When are raid schedules announced?

Raid schedules are typically announced by Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, through official announcements, social media updates, and in-game notifications. Keep an eye on these sources for the latest information on upcoming raid schedules.

Do raid schedules vary by region?

Yes, raid schedules can vary by region to accommodate different time zones and player demographics. Niantic aims to provide an equitable raiding experience worldwide, but specific raid events and timings may differ to suit local player bases and preferences.

How often do raid schedules change?

Raid schedules can change frequently in Pokémon Go. Niantic regularly introduces new raid bosses, events, and bonuses, which can impact the schedule. It’s important to stay updated on official announcements to know about any changes to the raid schedule.

Are raid schedules affected by seasons or events?

Yes, raid schedules can be influenced by seasons and special events. Pokémon Go often features themed events tied to holidays, weather conditions, or in-game celebrations. These events may bring changes to raid availability, spawn rates, or exclusive raid bosses.

Can remote raiding be done during all raid schedules?

Yes, remote raiding can generally be done during raid schedules. Remote raiding allows trainers to participate in raids from a distance, expanding raiding opportunities. However, it’s important to note any specific restrictions or requirements mentioned during the raid schedule announcements.