Pokemon GO Dia de Muertos is happening in November 2023 for Pokemon GO fans, and it offers special costumed Pokemon, Raids, and Bonuses. The event start date and end time is less than 48 hours, as it starts at 10 AM on 1st November and ends at 8 PM on 2nd November local time. In the event timing, there will be new costumed Pokemon for trainers, which are: Marowak, Duskull, and Cubone with Cempasuchil crowns attire which is the same as the previous year. 

It seems that while Pokemon GO players are still enjoying the Halloween events a very spooky season, Niantic has planned a great November ahead. Below is the breakdown of what players can expect from this new reveal from the developers of Dia de Muertos in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO New Costumed Pokemon

In Dia de Muertos, players can experience two new costumed Pokemon; Cubone and Marowak both wearing a cempasuchil crown. And both these Pokemon will come alongside Duskull wearing a crown.


Marowak is a Ground-type Pokemon evolved from Cubone and it was introduced in Generation I. Now releasing in Pokemon, we don’t know much about this, you can come back later to find updates on this.


A Ground-type Pokemon, weak to water-type moves, Ice and Grass. Cubone is found in the Kanto region with a Max CP of 1152 in Pokemon. Shiny Cubone is boosted by Sunny weather. The best moveset is Bone Club and Mud-Slap with damage of 5.98 per second.

Pokemon GO Wild Encounters in Dia De Muertos:

Costumed Pokemon in the wild from the November Event are listed under:

  • Cubone
  • Duskull
  • Drifloon
  • Litwick
  • Phantump
  • Roselia
  • Sableye
  • Sunkern
  • Yamask

But all of these are not present for every player, if you are lucky you may encounter Cubone, Phantump, and Yamask, the rest of the Pokemon will appear in the wild.

About Wild Encounter:


It is a Ghost-type Pokemon, weak to Ghost-type moves and Dark. Shiny Duskull is found in the Hoenn region. It has 798 Max CP, boosted by Fog weather. The best moveset of Duskull is ominous Wind and Hex with 4.43 damage in a second.


Drifloon is a Flying-type Pokemon, found in the Sinnoh region. It also has some weaknesses, which include; Rock-type moves, Ice, Ghost, Electric, and Dark. The Max CP of Drifloon is 1353, boosted by Windy and Fog weather.


Litwick is a Fire-type and Ghost Pokemon, found in the Unova region. Litwick is weak to Water-type moves, Rock, Ground, Ghost, and Dark. The Max CP of Litwick is 1138 in Pokemon Go, boosted by Sunny and foggy weather.


Roselia is a Poison-type Pokemon, found in the Hoenn region. Roselia is weak to Psychic-type moves, Ice, Flying, and Fire. Max CP of Roselia is 2114 and it is Cloudy and Sunny weather boosted.


Sableye is a Ghost-type and Dark Pokemon, found in the Hoenn region. Sableye is not strong against Fairy-type moves. The Max CP of Sableye is 1668 and it is Fog weather boosted.


A Grass-type Pokemon are weak to Poison-type moves, Ice, Flying, Fire, and Bug. It is found in the Johto region. And have a Max CP of 447 in Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Incense and Lure Encounters

In Lure and Incense Modures, players will encounter Flabebe (orange flower), Duskull, Houndour, Roselia, Sableye, and Sunflora. Completing Field Research tasks will attract Alolan, Cubone, Drifloon, Marowak, and Sunkern.


A Fire-type and Dark Pokemon, weak to Water-type moves, Rock, Ground, and Fighting. Shiny Houndour is found in the Johto region having a CP of 395 in Pokemon. It is boosted by Sunny and foggy weather. Flamethrower and Feint attack are the best moveset of Houndour with damage of 10.18 per second.


A Grass-type Pokemon weak to Poison-type moves, Ice, Flying, Fire, and Bug. Shiny Sunflora is found in the Johto region having a Max CP of 2421. It is boosted by Sunny weather. Leaf Strom and Razor Leaf are the best moveset of Sunflora with damage of 12.19 per second.

Pokemon GO Bonuses Lasting Time

In addition to the above costumed Pokemon, there is other interesting stuff this event offers for Pokemon fans, which includes bonuses for Lure Modules, which last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, Incense (Daily Adventure Incense is not included) which also persists for 1 hour and 30 minutes, a 2x boost to Catch Candy. Players in the Caribbean and Latin America region will get an extra Candy for Pokemon transferring.

Pokemon GO Featured Stickers and Avatar

There is a Día de Muertos avatar item for players to dress up for the occasion. But it’s not free, you have to purchase it from the in-game shop store while the event is featuring. There is a catch here, it will be available after the event ends and you can wear it whenever you like.


To gather event theme stickers, you can open Gift items, and Spinning PokeStop, and also purchase them from in-game.


Pokemon GO PokeStop Showcases

For Showcases you need to look at PokeStops where you will enter Duskull. During event timing, Duskull evolution cannot be directly found. And to evolve Duskull wearing a cempasuchil crown into Dusclops you need 25 Duskull Candy. To further evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir wearing cempasuchil crown you need 100 Duskull Candy.

Pokemon GO Raid Eggs Hatch in Dia de Muertos

Mega Banette Pokemon can be hatched from raid eggs wearing cempasuchil crown in Mega Raids, Darkai in Five-Star Rands, Azumarill, Hariyama in Three-Star Raids, and Cubone in One-Star Raids.

Bonus Tips: Pokemon GO Easy and Safe Way to Collect Pokemon without Moving

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Dia de Muertos Reward for completing Collection challenge?

After completion of this challenge, you will encounter Alolan Marwok, one Incense, and one Poffin.

Which Pokemon will you encounter most?

Keep a look out for Chinchou, Cubone, Litwick, Roselia, Sunkern, and Swirlix in the wild, they will appear more often.

How long this Event will last?

Pokemon Día de Muertos is approximately 2 days event, which will be live on 15 November at 10am and end on 2nd November local time at 2pm. Get ready to experience a Pokemon Go Dia De Muertos event full of adventure, colors and incense. In this event we celebrate memories of our loved ones who moved to other world and learn more about the tradition and culture of different places in this world. Enjoy, have fun and celebrate with Pokemon Go Dia de Muertos, Trainers!