Pokemon Go has captivated trainers worldwide with its vast collection of Pokemon, including the legendary Eon Pokemon, Latios. With its majestic appearance and formidable abilities, Latios stands as an exceptional addition to any trainer’s team. In this article, we will delve into the world of Latios in Pokemon Go, exploring its unique characteristics, movesets, candy farming methods, catching techniques, and uncovering the most effective counters to defeat this legendary Pokemon.  

Introduction to Latios


Characteristic Appearance

Latios, the Eon Pokemon, possesses a visually striking appearance. Its sleek and aerodynamic body is predominantly blue, complemented by vibrant red accents, giving it an air of elegance and power.

Dual Typing and Abilities

As a Dragon/Psychic-type Pokemon, Latios wields a unique combination of typings. Its notable ability, Levitate, grants it immunity to Ground-type moves, making it an elusive and difficult opponent to handle. This ability allows Latios to float above the ground, evading attacks that would typically exploit its weakness.

Impressive Stats

Latios boasts impressive base stats, particularly in Attack and Speed. With a high Attack stat, it can unleash devastating Dragon and Psychic-type moves. Its exceptional Speed stat enables it to outpace opponents and strike swiftly. These formidable stats make Latios a force to be reckoned with in battles.

In Pokemon Go, Latios attracts trainers with its captivating appearance, unique typing, and powerful abilities. Its visually striking design, combined with its immunity to Ground-type moves and outstanding offensive and speed-based stats, solidify Latios as a highly sought-after and formidable addition to any trainer’s team.

Moveset Analysis of Latios Pokemon


Let’s explore the moves available to Latios and discuss the recommended moveset.

Fast Moves

  • Dragon Breath (Dragon-type): Dragon Breath is Latios’s primary fast move. It benefits from STAB and deals Dragon-type damage. It has a high energy gain, allowing Latios to quickly charge its powerful charged moves.
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type): Zen Headbutt is an alternative fast move for Latios. It deals Psychic-type damage and can be useful against Pokemonweak to Psychic attacks. While it doesn’t benefit from STAB, it provides coverage against certain types.

Charged Moves

  • Dragon Claw (Dragon-type): Dragon Claw is a top recommended charged move for Latios. It benefits from STAB and deals significant Dragon-type damage. It has a low energy cost, allowing Latios to use it frequently and apply consistent pressure on opponents.
  • Psychic (Psychic-type): Psychic takes advantage of its Psychic typing and deals substantial Psychic-type damage. It has a moderate energy cost and can be effective against Pokemonweak to Psychic attacks.
  • Thunder (Electric-type): Thunder provides coverage against Water and Flying-type Pokemon, which are commonly strong against Latios. It deals Electric-type damage and can catch opponents off guard. However, it has a higher energy cost and should be used strategically.
  • Psyshock (Psychic-type): Psyshock is a viable option for Latios, offering a lower energy cost compared to Psychic. It deals Psychic-type damage and allows for quicker, successive attacks to pressure opponents.

Recommended Moveset

The best moveset for Latios in Pokemon Go depends on the situation and your preferred playstyle. A top recommended moveset for Latios is Dragon Breath (fast move) along with Dragon Claw and Psychic (charged moves). This moveset capitalizes on Latios’s Dragon and Psychic typing, maximizing its offensive potential while providing coverage against a wide range of opponents.

What Is the Relation between Latios and Latias in Pokemon Go


In Pokemon Go, Latios and Latias are related as they are both members of the Eon duo, a legendary Pokemon pair that first appears in the third generation of Pokemon games (Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire). They are known as the “Eon Pokemon” and are guardians of their respective regions.

Latios and Latias share a similar design, with Latios being predominantly blue in color and Latias being predominantly red. They also have similar base stats, with Latios being more focused on offense and Latias being more defensively oriented.

In Pokemon Go, Latios and Latias have appeared in a variety of raid events and can occasionally be found as raid bosses. Trainers consider them as rare and powerful Pokemon and seek them out for their distinct design and formidable battle abilities.

It’s worth noting that in Pokemon Go, Latios and Latias are not exclusive to specific regions like in the mainline Pokemon games. However, their availability as raid bosses or in other events may be limited to certain periods or locations, so it’s important to stay updated on the in-game announcements to know when and where can you encounter them.

How to Farm Latios Candy in Pokemon GO


Farming Latios Candy is essential for powering up and evolving Latios, enabling you to strengthen and maximize its potential. Here are some tips:

Participate in Latios Raids

Latios occasionally appears as a raid boss in Pokemon Go. Keep an eye on the in-game raid notifications or join local Pokemon Go communities to stay informed about Latios raid sightings. By participating in raids and defeating Latios, you have a chance to earn Latios Candy as a reward. Make sure to use Raid Passes to access these battles.

Utilize Pinap Berries

When attempting to catch Latios after a raid or encounter, use Pinap Berries to double the amount of Candy received if the capture is successful. This can significantly increase the number of Latios Candy you obtain per encounter.

Buddy Pokemon Mechanics

Set Latios as your Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go. As you walk with Latios as your Buddy, you can earn Candy for every certain distance covered. This method allows you to passively accumulate Latios Candy while exploring the world around you.

Special Events and Research Tasks

Keep an eye out for events or research tasks that may grant opportunities to encounter Latios or reward Latios Candy. These events and tasks often provide unique chances to farm Latios Candy efficiently.

Participate in Community Day Events

During Community Day events, specific Pokemon, including legendaries like Latios, may have increased spawn rates or special features. These events can provide increased opportunities to encounter and capture Latios, leading to more chances to earn Latios Candy.

Trade with Friends

If you have friends who have extra Latios Candy, you can trade Pokemon with them. Trading Pokemon can yield Candy, including Latios Candy, depending on the distance between the Pokemon’s capture locations.

How to Catch Latios in Pokemon GO


Catching Latios in Pokemon Go can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to increase your chances of successfully catching this legendary Pokemon.

Stay Informed about Latios’s Availability

Keep an eye on in-game announcements, social media, and community platforms for updates on when Latios will be appearing in raids. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to encounter it.

Assemble a Strong Team

Next, assemble a strong team of Pokemon that exploit Latios’s weaknesses. Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type Pokemon have an advantage against Latios. Level up your team and teach them moves that deal super-effective damage.

Coordinate with Other Trainers

Coordinate with other trainers to increase your chances of success. Join local Pokemon Go communities or use online platforms to find raid groups. Team up with other players to take on Latios in raids. Cooperative play allows you to deal more damage and earn additional Premiere Balls for the capture phase.

Use Golden Razz Berries

During the capture phase, use Golden Razz Berries to increase the capture rate. Feed them to Latios before each throw. Time your throws carefully, aiming when Latios is stationary or during its attack animation. Aim for Excellent or at least Great throws to maximize your catch rate.

Remember to be patient and persistent. Legendary Pokemon like Latios can be elusive and challenging to catch. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t catch it on your first attempt. Keep participating in raids, refining your strategy, and improving your throwing technique.

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Effective Counters against Latios in Pokemon Go


To emerge victorious in battles against Latios, trainers must assemble a team of Pokemon that exploit its weaknesses. Here are some Pokemon that are effective counters against Latios:

1、Tyranitar: With its Dark and Rock typing, Tyranitar is a top counter against Latios. It resists Latios’s Psychic-type moves and deals super-effective damage with its Dark-type moves like Crunch.

2、Darkrai: As a Dark-type Pokemon with high attack power, Darkrai can dish out significant damage to Latios. Moves like Snarl and Dark Pulse are recommended.

3、Weavile: Weavile, a Dark/Ice-type Pokemon, is another strong counter due to its high attack stat and access to Dark-type moves like Foul Play. Its Ice-type moves are also super effective against Latios.

4、Giratina (Origin Forme): Giratina in its Origin Forme has Ghost and Dragon typing, granting it resistance to Psychic moves and the ability to deal super-effective damage with its Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball.

5、Dialga: Dialga’s Dragon and Steel typing makes it resistant to Latios’s Psychic moves. It can utilize Dragon-type moves like Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor to deal heavy damage to Latios.

6、Houndoom: Houndoom, a Dark/Fire-type Pokemon, is a viable counter against Latios. It resists Psychic-type moves and can use Dark-type moves like Snarl and Foul Play to deal damage.

7、Gengar: Gengar, with its Ghost and Poison typing, can exploit Latios’s Psychic weakness. Moves like Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are recommended for dealing substantial damage.

8、Mewtwo: Mewtwo itself is a powerful Psychic-type Pokemon and can leverage its high attack stats and access to Psychic-type moves like Psychic and Psystrike to effectively battle Latios.


Latios’s presence in Pokemon Go provides trainers with an exciting opportunity to add a powerful and visually striking Pokemon to their collection. Through understanding its unique characteristics, mastering its moveset, employing efficient candy farming techniques, and utilizing effective catching and battling strategies, trainers can unlock the true potential of Latios. With the knowledge gained from this comprehensive article, trainers can confidently embark on their journey to capture and harness the power of Latios in Pokemon Go.

How do I encounter Latios in Pokémon Go?

To encounter Latios, you need to participate in raids. Keep an eye on raid notifications and join raid groups to increase your chances of encountering and battling this legendary Pokémon.

What are the best counters for Latios in raids?

Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type Pokémon are effective counters against Latios. Use Pokémon with moves that deal super-effective damage to maximize your battle performance.

Can I use remote raid passes to battle Latios?

Yes, you can use remote raid passes to join raids and battle Latios. This allows you to participate in raids from a distance, making it more convenient to encounter and battle Latios.

What are the recommended moves for Latios in Pokémon Go?

For fast moves, Dragon Breath is preferred, while for charged moves, Dragon Claw and Psychic are often recommended. These moves take advantage of Latios’s Dragon and Psychic typing to deal significant damage.

Is Latios worth powering up in Pokémon Go?

Latios is a powerful and versatile Pokémon, making it worth considering for powering up. Its Dragon and Psychic typing, along with its strong moves, allow it to be a formidable attacker in raids and gym battles. However, the decision to power up Latios ultimately depends on your playstyle and team composition.