Shedinja, a peculiar and enigmatic Pokemon, has made its way into the world of Pokemon Go, captivating trainers with its mysterious nature and unique abilities. With its Ghost/Bug typing and an intriguing evolution process, Shedinja offers a distinctive gameplay experience. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Shedinja, including its stats, weaknesses, evolutionary line, ability, movesets, evolution process, counters, and even the elusive Shiny variant.  

Stats and Weaknesses of Shedinja


Base Stats:

  • Stamina: 1
  • Attack: 153
  • Defense: 73
  • Max CP: 405

These base stats reflect Shedinja’s unique and specialized role in battles. With a Stamina of 1, Shedinja has the lowest possible HP in the game, making it extremely fragile. However, it compensates for this with high Attack and moderate Defense stats, which allow it to deal significant damage when used strategically.


Shedinja is vulnerable to the following types of moves:

  • Dark: Dark-type moves are super effective against Shedinja.
  • Fire: Fire-type moves deal increased damage to Shedinja.
  • Flying: Flying-type moves are super effective against Shedinja.
  • Ghost: Ghost-type moves deal increased damage to Shedinja.
  • Rock: Rock-type moves are super effective against Shedinja.
  • Water: Water-type moves deal increased damage to Shedinja.

Evolutionary Line of Shedinja


The evolution line of Shedinja begins with Nincada and involves a unique evolution process that results in the simultaneous appearance of both Shedinja and Ninjask. Here’s a detailed exploration of the evolution line:

1、Nincada: Nincada is the first stage of the evolutionary line. It is a dual-type Bug/Ground Pokemon. Nincada is characterized by its small size, white coloration, and insect-like appearance. It has the ability to burrow underground and live in harmony with nature.

2、Ninjask: When Nincada evolves, it undergoes a transformation into Ninjask. Ninjask is a dual-type Bug/Flying Pokemon. It stands out for its incredible speed and agility, which allows it to move with blinding swiftness. Ninjask has a slender, ninja-like appearance with a predominantly black body and wings.

3、Shedinja: Shedinja is a unique Pokemon that appears simultaneously when Nincada evolves into Ninjask. While Ninjask emerges as the primary evolution, a peculiar phenomenon occurs, and a second Pokemon, Shedinja, materializes. Shedinja is a dual-type Ghost/Bug Pokemon. It has a distinctive appearance, resembling a discarded cicada shell with a hollow body and a single eye visible through a crack in its back.

Shedinja’s Unique Ability Wonder Guard


Shedinja’s Ability, “Wonder Guard,” is a unique and powerful ability that sets it apart from other Pokemon. Wonder Guard makes Shedinja immune to all moves except those that are super effective against it. This ability has a significant impact on Shedinja’s gameplay and strategy.

Immunity to Non-Super Effective Moves

With Wonder Guard, Shedinja can withstand many attacks that would otherwise deal damage to other Pokemon. It essentially acts as a protective shield, allowing Shedinja to survive attacks that would normally defeat it.

Vulnerability to Super Effective Moves

However, the flip side of Wonder Guard is that Shedinja is extremely vulnerable to moves that are super effective against it. Any move that falls into the category of being super effective against Ghost- or Bug-type Pokemon will bypass Shedinja’s immunity and deal damage. This makes it crucial for trainers to be aware of their opponent’s moveset and type advantages to avoid Shedinja being easily defeated.

Strategic Team Building

Shedinja’s Wonder Guard ability requires careful team building and planning. Trainers need to ensure that they have Pokemon on their team that can cover Shedinja’s weaknesses. This involves having Pokemon with moves of types that are super effective against Ghost- or Bug-types, such as Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock, or Water.

Mind Games and Prediction

Shedinja’s Wonder Guard can also create mind games and force opponents to make strategic decisions. Trainers who are aware of Shedinja’s ability may hesitate to use moves that are not super effective, allowing Shedinja to potentially stall or disrupt their opponent’s strategy. This can lead to opponents making less optimal moves or wasting turns trying to deal damage to Shedinja. Skilled trainers can take advantage of this hesitation and use Shedinja as a disruptive force on the battlefield.

Best Moveset of Shedinja in Pokemon Go


Shedinja’s unique combination of typing, its Ability “Wonder Guard,” and its low base Stamina make it an intriguing Pokemon to strategize with. While Shedinja’s move pool is limited, there are still some moves that can be effective in battle. Here’s an analysis of the best moveset for Shedinja:

Fast Move

  • Shadow Claw: Shadow Claw is an ideal choice for Shedinja’s fast move. It benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) due to Shedinja’s Ghost typing and provides solid damage output with a high energy gain. Shadow Claw allows Shedinja to quickly charge up its charged moves.

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Sneak: Shadow Sneak is a priority Ghost-type move that can be useful in certain situations. It has a relatively low energy cost and can catch opponents off guard, especially if they are unaware of Shedinja’s ability to learn it. Shadow Sneak can be used to deal quick, moderate damage and potentially secure a knockout.
  • Aerial Ace: Aerial Ace is a Flying-type move that can provide coverage against Fighting- and Grass-type Pokemon. While it doesn’t benefit from STAB, Aerial Ace can deal decent damage and help counter some of Shedinja’s weaknesses. It has a relatively low energy cost, allowing for more frequent usage.
  • X-Scissor: X-Scissor is a Bug-type move that can be useful against Psychic- and Dark-type Pokemon. It has a higher energy cost compared to Aerial Ace but deals more damage. X-Scissor can provide additional coverage and be used to exploit specific type matchups.

It’s important to note that Shedinja’s moveset options are limited, and its success in battle heavily relies on its Ability, “Wonder Guard,” which makes it immune to most moves. Trainers must focus on utilizing Shedinja strategically, taking advantage of its typing and ability to force opponents into using super effective moves.

How to Evolve Nincada into Shedinja in Pokemon Go


To evolve Nincada into Shedinja, you need to follow these steps:

1、Have an available slot in your Pokemon storage: Before evolving Nincada, make sure you have an empty slot in your Pokemon storage. If your storage is full, you won’t be able to obtain Shedinja.

2、Capture or hatch a Nincada: Nincada can be found in the wild or obtained by hatching Nincada Eggs. Keep an eye out for Nincada spawns or focus on hatching Nincada Eggs from Pokemon Eggs.

3、Evolve Nincada during the day: The evolution of Nincada into Shedinja is dependent on the time of day. To obtain Shedinja, you must evolve Nincada during the daytime. Attempting to evolve Nincada at night will result in the evolution of only Ninjask.

4、Ensure there is an empty space in your Pokemon party: Shedinja appears as a new Pokemon in your party when you evolve Nincada. Make sure you have an empty space in your Pokemon party to accommodate Shedinja.

Once you have met these conditions, the evolution process of Nincada into Shedinja is straightforward:

1、Select Nincada from your Pokemon list.

2、Tap on the “Evolve” button to initiate the evolution process.

3、If all the conditions are met, Nincada will evolve into both Ninjask and Shedinja simultaneously.

  • Ninjask will be added to your Pokemon collection as the primary evolution.
  • Shedinja will appear as a new Pokemon in your party if you have an empty space available.

Best Counters of Shedinja Pokemon Go


Shedinja, with its unique Ability “Wonder Guard,” can be a challenging Pokemon to counter due to its immunity to most moves. However, there are several strategies and Pokemon that can effectively deal with Shedinja. Here are some of the best counters for Shedinja:

  • Dark-types: Pokemon like Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and Houndoom that have access to Dark-type moves such as Crunch or Foul Play can deal super effective damage to Shedinja.
  • Fire-types: Pokemon like Chandelure, Heatran, or Blaziken that have Fire-type moves like Flamethrower or Fire Blast can exploit Shedinja’s Bug-typing weakness.
  • Flying-types: Pokemon like Dragonite, Salamence, or Honchkrow with Flying-type moves such as Aerial Ace or Hurricane can also effectively target Shedinja.
  • Entry Hazard Damage: Shedinja is also susceptible to indirect damage from entry hazards such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, or Toxic Spikes. These hazards can slowly chip away at Shedinja’s HP, ultimately leading to its defeat.
  • Status Conditions: While Shedinja is immune to direct damage from moves that are not super effective, it is still susceptible to status conditions such as Burn, Poison, Sleep, or Freeze. Utilizing moves like Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, or Sleep Powder can hinder Shedinja’s effectiveness and make it easier to defeat.
  • Mold Breaker Ability: Pokemon with the Mold Breaker Ability, such as Excadrill or Haxorus, can bypass Shedinja’s Wonder Guard and directly damage it with any move they use. This ability ignores Shedinja’s immunity and treats it as if it didn’t have Wonder Guard.
  • Multi-Hit Moves: Moves that hit multiple times in a single turn, such as Bullet Seed or Rock Blast, can break through Shedinja’s Wonder Guard. Each hit has a chance to deal damage, potentially bypassing its immunity.

How to Get Shedinja in Pokemon Go


In Pokemon Go, Shedinja cannot be caught in the wild like most other Pokemon. Instead, Trainers can obtain it through the evolution of Nincada into Ninjask. Shedinja is automatically added to your Pokemon storage as a separate entry when you evolve Nincada. For the evolution instruction, you can refer to the former part of this page.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Shedinja in Pokemon Go

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Introduction to Shiny Shedinja


In its Shiny form, Shedinja ditches its traditional gray and brown coloring for a vibrant, golden hue. The normally dull exoskeleton is replaced with a radiant shade of yellow, creating a stunning visual contrast. This distinctive appearance makes encountering a Shiny Shedinja a thrilling and memorable experience for trainers.

Obtaining a Shiny Shedinja requires both luck and perseverance. Shiny Pokemon have an extremely low encounter rate, making each encounter with a Shiny Shedinja a rare and special event. Trainers must keep a keen eye out for opportunities to encounter Shedinja in the wild, through research tasks, or during special events that may increase the chances of encountering a Shiny variant.

Once captured, Shiny Shedinja becomes a prized possession for trainers and collectors. Its unique appearance and rarity make it a valuable addition to any Pokemon collection. Trainers often showcase their Shiny Shedinja to demonstrate their dedication, patience, and good fortune in acquiring such a remarkable Pokemon.


Shedinja’s appearance in Pokemon Go has introduced a captivating and intriguing dynamic. Its unique ability, Wonder Guard, coupled with its evolutionary line and distinct stats, make it a fascinating Pokemon to train and battle with. Trainers who understand Shedinja’s strengths, weaknesses, and evolution process can devise effective strategies and optimize its potential in battles. Whether it’s obtaining a regular Shedinja or the elusive Shiny variant, trainers are sure to find excitement and fulfillment in their Pokemon Go journey with this enigmatic Pokemon.

How do I evolve Nincada into Shedinja in Pokémon Go?

To evolve Nincada into Shedinja, you need to evolve Nincada into Ninjask by collecting enough Nincada Candy. Shedinja will automatically be added to your Pokémon storage as part of the evolution process.

Can Shedinja be caught in the wild in Pokémon Go?

No, Shedinja cannot be caught in the wild like other Pokémon. It is obtained through the evolution of Nincada into Ninjask.

What is Shedinja’s unique ability in Pokémon Go?

Shedinja possesses the ability “Wonder Guard,” which grants it immunity to all moves that are not super effective against it. This ability makes it a challenging Pokémon to battle against.

Are there any events or tasks that increase the chances of encountering Shedinja in Pokémon Go?

Yes, occasionally there are events or research tasks in Pokémon Go that increase the chances of encountering Shedinja. Keep an eye out for announcements and participate in these events to increase your chances of obtaining Shedinja.

Does Shedinja have any weaknesses in Pokémon Go?

Yes, despite its unique ability, Shedinja is vulnerable to certain types. It is weak to Rock, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Dark, and Fairy-type moves. Trainers can exploit these weaknesses to effectively battle against Shedinja.