Looking to boost your supply of revives in Pokemon GO? Discover multiple straightforward methods to acquire more! Utilize the daily free box, spin PokéStops and gyms, and open gifts to increase your chances of obtaining revives. By completing field research tasks, leveling up, and successfully participating in raids, you can further enhance your revive count. This guide is designed to walk you through the various strategies on how to get revives in Pokemon GO.

Let’s get right into it!  

1. Checking the Daily Free Box


One effective method to bolster your supply of revives in Pokemon GO is by regularly checking the daily free box. This box, accessible in the shop, holds the potential to contain revives, providing a convenient way to replenish your Pokemon’s health during battles. It’s worth noting that standard revives will restore a Pokemon to half of its HP, while max revives ensure a complete HP recovery.

How to Access it?

To access the daily free box, simply navigate to the shop within the game. By opening this box regularly, you not only stand a chance to acquire revives but may also receive additional Poké Balls, contributing to your overall inventory and enhancing your gameplay experience.

2. Spinning PokeStops and Gyms


An efficient way to secure revives in Pokemon GO is by spinning the photo discs at PokéStops and gyms. To do this, simply tap on the photo disc of the respective PokéStop or gym. It’s crucial to be in close proximity to the location for the spin to be successful.

Acquiring Items

Upon spinning the photo disc, you’ll receive various items, and among them, there’s a chance to obtain revives. Keep in mind that both PokéStops and gyms contribute to your item collection, providing you with valuable resources for your Pokemon journey.

Cooldown and Ready Status

After a successful spin, the photo disc will turn purple, indicating a cooldown period. It will return to its original blue state when ready to be spun again. Monitoring this cooldown is key to maximizing your item gains from PokéStops and gyms.

Bonus Items at Controlled Gyms

For an extra boost, consider visiting gyms controlled by your team or those for which you’ve earned the badge. Doing so will reward you with additional bonus items, enhancing your chances of receiving revives and other valuable resources.

3. Opening Gifts from Friends


Another avenue to explore for revives in Pokemon GO is through the act of opening gifts received from friends. This feature adds a social dimension to the game and offers opportunities to acquire valuable items, including revives.

Locating Gifts in the Friends Tab

To access and send gifts, navigate to the Friends tab in the profile menu. Here, you’ll find a list of friends and the option to exchange gifts. By opening these gifts, you stand a chance of receiving revives among other items, contributing to your overall inventory.

Customizing Your Username

As a side note, you have the flexibility to change your username. If you wish to be recognized by a different name among your friends and fellow trainers, you can modify your username in the game settings. This personalization adds a touch of individuality to your Pokemon GO experience.

4. Completing Field Research Tasks


A strategic approach to obtaining revives in Pokemon GO involves completing field research tasks. These tasks not only add a layer of engagement to the gameplay but also serve as a reliable source for valuable supplies, including revives.

Task-Linked Rewards

Certain field research tasks specifically offer revives as rewards upon completion. To identify these tasks, simply check the field research task page where the associated items are listed next to each task. This information provides clarity on the potential rewards you can expect.

Refreshing Tasks

To continuously engage with field research and access a variety of tasks, spin PokéStops. Each spin has the potential to grant you new field research tasks, broadening your opportunities to earn revives and other useful items. This dynamic system encourages regular exploration and interaction with the game’s environment.

5. Participating in Raid Battles


An effective strategy for increasing your supply of revives in Pokemon GO involves active participation in raid battles. Engaging in these challenging encounters not only provides an opportunity for cooperative gameplay but also offers substantial rewards, including revives.

Raid Battle Rewards

Successfully completing raid battles in your vicinity will yield a variety of items, with revives being a potential reward. This makes raid participation a valuable aspect of gameplay, encouraging trainers to collaborate and overcome powerful opponents.

Optimizing Your Team

To increase your chances of success in raid battles, it’s essential to adapt your team composition as needed. Before entering a raid, ensure that you’ve assembled a lineup featuring your most powerful Pokemon. This strategic adjustment enhances your team’s effectiveness and maximizes your chances of triumph, leading to more lucrative rewards, including coveted revives.

6. Leveling Up Your Player


A systematic approach to acquiring revives in Pokemon GO involves leveling up your player character. The leveling process not only grants you increased capabilities but also rewards you with revives at specific milestones.

Revive Rewards by Level

Between levels 5 and 29, leveling up your player character will net you revive, providing essential resources for healing your Pokemon. As you progress further, from levels 30 to 40, the rewards elevate to max revives, ensuring complete health restoration for your Pokemon.

Earning Experience

To accumulate the experience needed for leveling up, engage in various in-game activities. Examples of activities that contribute to XP gain include capturing Pokemon, obtaining new Pokedex entries, evolving Pokemon, hatching eggs, and interacting with PokéStops. By consistently participating in these activities, you’ll steadily amass experience points, facilitating your progression through the player levels and, in turn, securing valuable revives.

7. Purchasing Revives in the Shop


For a direct and immediate solution to replenishing your supply of revives in Pokemon GO, consider exploring the in-game shop. While standard revives may not be available for purchase, the shop offers the option to buy max revives using PokeCoins.

Using PokeCoins

Utilize your accumulated PokeCoins to acquire max revives, ensuring a swift and efficient means of restoring your Pokemon to full health. PokeCoins can be obtained through real-money in-app purchases, providing a convenient avenue for enhancing your gameplay experience.

In-App Purchases

To access PokeCoins, make an in-app purchase using real currency. This method offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to tailor your in-game resources according to your needs. Whether you require a quick revive solution or wish to enhance your overall inventory, the in-app purchase option in the shop provides a direct route to acquiring max revives in Pokemon GO.


In the dynamic world of Pokemon GO, the quest for revives is an essential part of fortifying your Pokemon team for battles and challenges. Now that you know how to get revives in Pokemon Go, it will be easier for you to stack a lot of them.

From checking the daily free box to spinning PokéStops, completing field research tasks, and actively participating in raids, each method contributes to a well-rounded approach for obtaining revives. Utilizing in-app purchases and exploring social aspects like friends and gifts further expands your avenues for securing these crucial items.

By mastering these methods, you not only replenish your revive inventory but also unlock a myriad of other valuable rewards. Happy hunting, trainers!

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How can I efficiently accumulate XP for leveling up and earning revives in Pokemon GO?

Explore activities like capturing Pokemon, evolving creatures, hatching eggs, and interacting with PokéStops to gain experience points (XP), facilitating your progression and unlocking valuable rewards, including revives.

Are there specific strategies for conserving revives and maximizing their effectiveness in battles?

Discover tips on how to strategically manage and conserve revives, ensuring you make the most out of each item to prolong your Pokemon’s battling capabilities and minimize resource usage.

What’s the significance of participating in raids for acquiring revives?

Raid battles offer substantial rewards, including revives, upon successful completion. Learn effective strategies for raid participation, team composition, and coordination to maximize your chances of obtaining valuable items.

Can I customize my Pokemon GO username, and does it impact gameplay?

Yes, you can change your username for personalization. While it doesn’t directly impact gameplay, having a distinct name adds individuality to your Pokemon GO experience when interacting with friends and other trainers.

How often should I check the daily free box to maximize rewards?

Regularly checking and opening the daily free box in the shop is recommended. This ensures you don’t miss out on potential revives and other valuable items, providing a consistent source of essential resources for your Pokemon journey.