Pokemon Go, the immensely popular augmented reality game, features a wide variety of Pokemon with unique characteristics. One such Pokemon is Mr. Mime, known for its region-exclusive status and distinctive typing. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go, exploring its stats, region-exclusive status, unique typing, best moveset, evolution line, how to obtain it, and the process of acquiring its pre-evolution, Mime Jr. 

Stats of Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go


Stats are essential in determining a Pokemon’s overall performance and effectiveness in battles. When it comes to Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go, understanding its base stats is crucial for optimizing its battle capabilities. Let’s explore the stats of Mr. Mime in detail:

Attack Stat

Mr. Mime has a base Attack stat of 192. The Attack stat determines the amount of damage Mr. Mime can inflict on opposing Pokemon. With a respectable base Attack stat, Mr. Mime can deal significant damage with its moves, especially when utilizing moves that take advantage of its typing and move pool.

Defense Stat 

Mr. Mime possesses a base Defense stat of 205. The Defense stat dictates how well Mr. Mime can withstand incoming attacks from opposing Pokemon. With a solid Defense stat, Mr. Mime can endure hits and potentially survive longer in battles, allowing it to dish out damage and support its team.

Stamina Stat

Mr. Mime’s base Stamina stat is 120. The Stamina stat influences the amount of health Mr. Mime has in battles. With a moderate Stamina stat, Mr. Mime has a decent pool of HP, giving it some durability to withstand hits and stay in battles for extended periods.

Combat Power (CP)

Mr. Mime’s base Combat Power (CP) can vary based on its level, IVs (individual values), and Power-Up progress. At level 40 with perfect IVs, Mr. Mime can reach a maximum CP of 2228. CP is an indicator of a Pokemon’s overall strength and is often used to determine its potential in battles.

Stat Distribution

Mr. Mime’s stat distribution leans more towards its Defense stat, making it relatively bulkier compared to its offensive capabilities. While it may not have the highest Attack stat, its unique typing and moveset can compensate for this by leveraging its Fairy and Psychic moves effectively.

Mr. Mime’s Region-Exclusive Status


Mr. Mime holds a special place in the Pokemon Go world due to its region-exclusive status. Region-exclusive Pokemon are species that can only be found in specific geographic regions. Let’s explore Mr. Mime’s initial exclusivity to Europe and any subsequent changes to its availability in different regions.

1、Initial Exclusivity to Europe

When Pokemon Go was first released, Mr. Mime was introduced as a region-exclusive Pokemon solely found in Europe. This decision by Niantic, the game’s developer, aimed to encourage players to travel and trade with others from different regions to complete their Pokédex. As a result, Mr. Mime became highly sought after by trainers outside of Europe, adding to its allure and desirability.

2、Subsequent Changes to Availability

Over time, Niantic has introduced various events and updates that have altered the availability of region-exclusive Pokemon. While Mr. Mime was initially exclusive to Europe, Niantic has occasionally made adjustments to its distribution for a limited time.

  • Global Events

Niantic has hosted global events that temporarily increased the spawn rates of regional Pokemon worldwide. During these events, players from regions outside of Europe had the opportunity to encounter and catch Mr. Mime in their local areas. These events aimed to promote inclusivity and provide players with the chance to complete their regional Pokédex without having to travel.

  • Safari Zones and Special Events:

Niantic has organized Safari Zone events in different regions, including those outside of Europe. During these events, Mr. Mime has made appearances in specific Safari Zone locations, allowing trainers from various regions to capture this elusive Pokemon.

Mr. Mime’s Unique Typing


Mr. Mime’s unique typing, combining Psychic and Fairy, sets it apart from many other Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This dual typing provides Mr. Mime with a distinctive set of strengths, weaknesses, and strategic advantages in battles. Let’s dive into the details of Mr. Mime’s Psychic and Fairy typing:


  • Psychic-Type: Mr. Mime’s Psychic typing grants it several advantages. Psychic-type moves are super effective against Fighting and Poison types, allowing Mr. Mime to deal significant damage to Pokemonof these typings. This makes Mr. Mime a formidable opponent against common Fighting-type Pokemon like Machamp and Poison-type Pokemon like Roserade.
  • Fairy-Type: As a Fairy-type Pokemon, Mr. Mime gains immunity to Dragon-type moves. This immunity protects Mr. Mime from the devastating Dragon-type attacks commonly used by powerful Pokemon such as Dragonite and Salamence. Additionally, Fairy-type moves are super effective against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types. This versatility allows Mr. Mime to counter a wide range of opponents in battles.


  • Dark-Type: Mr. Mime’s Psychic and Fairy typing renders it weak against Dark-type moves. Dark-type moves are super effective against Psychic types, making Mr. Mime vulnerable to attacks from Dark-type Pokemon like Tyranitar and Houndoom. Trainers should exercise caution when facing Dark-type opponents and consider utilizing defensive strategies or switching to a more advantageous Pokemon.
  • Steel-Type: Steel-type moves are also a weakness for Mr. Mime due to its Fairy typing. Steel-type moves deal super effective damage against Fairy types, potentially posing a threat to Mr. Mime. Pokemonlike Metagross and Scizor, known for their Steel-type moves, can exploit this weakness. Trainers should plan their battles accordingly and consider having a counter strategy when facing Steel-type opponents.

Best Moveset of Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go


The optimal moveset for Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go depends on its intended use, whether it’s for PvP battles or raid battles. Here, I’ll provide analysis for both scenarios:

PvP Battles

  • Great League (1500 CP cap)

Fast Move: Confusion

Charged Move 1: Psychic

Charged Move 2: Shadow Ball

Confusion is the recommended fast move for Mr. Mime in Great League battles due to its high damage output and energy generation. Psychic is a powerful Psychic-type charged move that benefits from STAB and can deal significant damage. Shadow Ball provides coverage against Psychic-type and Ghost-type Pokemon, allowing Mr. Mime to hit opponents that would otherwise resist Psychic-type moves.

  • Ultra League (2500 CP cap):

Fast Move: Confusion

Charged Move 1: Psychic

Charged Move 2: Dazzling Gleam

In the Ultra League, the moveset remains similar to the Great League, with Confusion as the preferred fast move and Psychic as the primary charged move. However, Dazzling Gleam is recommended as the second charged move. It provides coverage against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting types, which are common in the Ultra League meta.

Raid Battles

In raid battles, the optimal moveset for Mr. Mime focuses on dealing the highest possible damage output:

Fast Move: Confusion

Charged Move 1: Psychic

Charged Move 2: Shadow Ball

Confusion is still the ideal fast move due to its high damage and energy generation. Psychic is the primary charged move, benefiting from STAB and dealing significant damage to raid bosses. Shadow Ball is the secondary charged move, providing additional coverage against Psychic-type and Ghost-type raid bosses.

Evolution Line of Mr. Mime


In Pokemon Go, Mr. Mime follows a unique evolution line that consists of the following stages:

Mime Jr. (Baby Pokemon)

Mime Jr. is the pre-evolutionary form of Mr. Mime. It was introduced in Generation IV of the main Pokemon games and made its way into Pokemon Go with the release of Generation IV Pokemon. Mime Jr. cannot be found in the wild and can only be obtained by hatching Mime Jr. Eggs, which are occasionally available during special events or through certain hatch pools.

Mr. Mime (Regional Pokemon)

Mr. Mime is the fully evolved form of Mime Jr. It is a regional Pokemon, meaning its availability is limited to specific geographic regions. In the early days of Pokemon Go, Mr. Mime was exclusive to Europe. However, with the introduction of special events and trading, it has become possible for players from other regions to obtain Mr. Mime through trading or during events that temporarily increase its spawn rates.

How to Get Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go


To obtain Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go, you need to keep in mind that it is a region-exclusive Pokemon. The availability of Mr. Mime depends on your geographic location. Here’s how you can get Mr. Mime:


Mr. Mime is native to Europe and Trainers can meet it in the wild, hatch it from Eggs, or encounter it during special events in European countries.


If you are in a region outside of Europe, you can obtain Mr. Mime through trading. Find a friend or connect with someone who has Mr. Mime and is willing to trade it with you. Keep in mind that trading requires physical proximity between players, so make sure you’re in close proximity to the person you’re trading with.


Occasionally, Niantic organizes events where the regional exclusivity of Pokemon is temporarily lifted. During these events, Mr. Mime may spawn in regions outside of Europe. Keep an eye on official Pokemon Go announcements and event information to stay updated on such opportunities.

It’s important to note that the availability and methods of obtaining region-exclusive Pokemon may change over time. Niantic periodically updates Pokemon Go with new features, events, and changes to regional exclusivity. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about the latest updates and announcements from the Pokemon Go team.

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How to Obtain Mime Jr. in Pokemon Go


To obtain Mime Jr. in Pokemon Go, you can follow these methods:


Trainers can only obtain Mime Jr. by hatching Mime Jr. Eggs. Mime Jr. Eggs are usually obtained through specific events or special hatch pools. During these events, Mime Jr. Eggs may be available in 5 km or 10 km Eggs. Keep an eye on in-game announcements and events to know when Mime Jr. Eggs are available and focus on hatching Eggs during that time.


If you have friends or acquaintances who have Mime Jr., you can trade with them to obtain Mime Jr. Trading requires physical proximity to the person you’re trading with, so make sure you’re nearby. Trading usually requires a certain level of friendship in the game, and there may be additional costs associated with trading, such as Stardust.


Mr. Mime is a fascinating Pokemon in Pokemon Go, renowned for its region-exclusive status and unique typing. This comprehensive guide has explored various aspects of Mr. Mime, including its stats, region-exclusive status, typing, moveset, evolution line, and methods of acquisition. Armed with this knowledge, players can now embark on their journey to capture, train, and utilize Mr. Mime’s abilities effectively in battles, adding a touch of elegance and strategy to their Pokemon Go experience.

Where can I find Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go?

Mr. Mime is a region-exclusive Pokémon found in Europe. If you’re outside of Europe, you can obtain it through trading or during special events.

What are the best moves for Mr. Mime in Pokémon Go?

The optimal moveset for Mr. Mime includes Confusion as the fast move, and Psychic and Shadow Ball as charged moves for battling. Dazzling Gleam can be a viable alternative for coverage.

Can Mime Jr. evolve into Mr. Mime?

Yes, Mime Jr. can evolve into Mr. Mime. However, Mime Jr. can only be obtained through hatching Mime Jr. Eggs or trading.

Is Mr. Mime useful in battles and raids?

Mr. Mime can be a valuable Pokémon in battles and raids. Its Psychic-type moves provide good coverage, and it can deal substantial damage when optimized with the right moveset.

Can I use Mr. Mime in PvP battles?

Yes, Mr. Mime is eligible for use in PvP battles. It can be a strong contender in the Great League and Ultra League when equipped with the appropriate moveset and strategy.