Tinder is undeniably one of the most widely used dating apps globally, with over 75 million monthly active users. Its signature swiping mechanism has not only gained popularity but also transformed the dynamics of interpersonal connections.

It is a top-rated and successful dating app that places a significant emphasis on first impressions. People can only evaluate you based on your photos and the limited information your profile provides.

Thus, securing matches on Tinder can be a challenge at times. While swiping right may seem simple, securing a match isn’t always as straightforward. Increasing your matches on Tinder requires a strategic approach and a bit of luck. Therefore, this article presents a range of valuable tips to help you craft a more enticing profile, improving your chances of securing more matches.   

Why am I not getting any matches on Tinder?

Navigating dating apps such as Tinder to find matches can sometimes resemble solving a complex puzzle. However, pinpointing the underlying factors contributing to your lack of matches on the app can be a game-changer.

Here are some frequently encountered explanations for why you might not be receiving matches on Tinder:

  • Incomplete Profile: Your profile may not be filled out, or it lacks engaging photos and a compelling bio.
  • Limited Activity: If you don’t use the app regularly or don’t engage with profiles, your visibility may decrease.
  • High Standards: Being too selective with your right swipes can limit your match potential.
  • Geographical Location: Your location or the radius you’ve set for potential matches might not be active on Tinder.
  • Profile Issues: Any violations of Tinder’s community guidelines or suspicious activity can affect your match rate.
  • Competition: The app’s user base can be competitive, and your profile may not stand out among other users.

The Tinder Algorithm


Recently, Tinder made changes to its profile-matching algorithm. A few years ago, the app employed an Elo rating system, the same approach utilized to determine the skill levels of chess players. In this system, your ranking increased based on how many people swiped right (liked) your profile, but the significance of each right swipe depended on the swiper’s ranking. If the person swiping right had many right swipes, their right swipe on your profile carried more weight in determining your score.

However, the updated algorithm now takes into account factors like the daily activity on the app, location, and user preferences. With this information in mind, here are some helpful tips for improving your Tinder profile.

How To Get More Matches On Tinder

1. Show Your Face in the First Photo

The best approach is to make your first photo a clear, plain picture of your face without any distractions. Find your best angle, wear a smile, snap that photo, and set it as your primary picture. Save those fantastic landscape shots you discovered on Google for the rest of your images. If you decide to use such images, try to capture them and keep them for the second or third photo in your profile. The sequence of your photos can make a difference!

2. Post More Recent Photos

It’s advisable to avoid using photos over three years old unless your appearance has hardly changed during that time. Most of Tinder’s user base falls within the 25 to 34 age range. Given this, using a photo from five years ago is unlikely to represent your current looks accurately. You might still get matches, but the individuals you interact with are more likely to feel deceived. They may also be hesitant to pursue a date with you.

3. Don’t Overdo Your Bio

While it’s not obligatory, it’s highly recommended to have a brief self-description in your Tinder profile. And when we say short, we genuinely mean it should be concise. Reserve the lengthy “walls of text” for Facebook. To boost your match count, aim for brevity and creativity in your bio!

4. Be Authentic

Authenticity is crucial for increasing your match count. Contrary to common beliefs, there isn’t a single ideal type of person in the world. So, if you’re passionate about hiking and camping but have no interest in football, there’s no need to feign enthusiasm just to attract more matches.

Similarly, if your idea of a great time involves lounging in bed and binge-watching Netflix, there’s no need to pretend to be an athlete just to garner matches that might not lead to meaningful connections. Trust me, many individuals seek someone to join them in Netflix marathons rather than going out. Be yourself and find those who appreciate you for who you indeed are.

5. Set Your Relationship Goals

To assist daters in making a positive first impression as they begin the new year, Tinder has introduced a new profile feature called “Relationship Goals.” This feature lets users communicate their dating preferences, whether they’re interested in making new friends, seeking casual meet-ups, or looking for a more committed relationship. With Relationship Goals, Tinder members can now have a better understanding of a potential match’s intentions, granting them greater control over their connections on the platform.

6. Get Your Profile Verified

Profiles that appear suspicious or questionable are generally unpopular. Even if your profile boasts attractive photos and an intriguing description, it may not suffice for numerous Tinder users if it lacks verification. People are understandably cautious about encountering catfishing or deceptive behavior on a dating platform.

7. Don’t stick around Tinder for too long


The underlying principle behind most of these “increase your Tinder matches” tips is striking a balance. Avoid rushing things to the point of appearing desperate, but also don’t let the conversation drag on for an extended period, as that can signal disinterest. Given the limited capabilities of Tinder’s chat feature, it’s often a good idea to suggest transitioning to another application like WhatsApp or start planning a date after a few days of conversation.

8. Use Tinder Actively

The dating app algorithm favors those who actively use the app, regularly swiping and engaging with profiles. If you use the app infrequently, your profile will likely be shown to a smaller audience, reducing your chances of finding matches. To attract potential matches, it’s essential to be proactive and consistently engage with the app.

If you’ve been inactive on your profile, it’s a good idea to uninstall the app and start fresh with recent photos and an appealing bio. This not only aligns with the app’s algorithm but also ensures that people who swiped left on your previous version get to see your new and improved profile.

9. Give Premium Features a Shot

If you’re willing to invest money, Tinder offers several premium features that can streamline your experience and save you time. Subscribing to paid plans is most effective when used continuously for 3-4 months, and you can take a break if needed.

The app offers a range of premium features to enhance your chances of finding matches. These features include:

  • Tinder Boost: This function allows you to temporarily boost your profile’s visibility by moving it to the top of the Tinder stack, increasing the likelihood that potential matches will come across your profile.
  • Tinder Gold: With this premium option, you can access the app’s features, including seeing who has liked your profile.
  • Tinder Plus: This paid option lets you adjust your location to connect with more people and undo your most recent swipe.
  • Tinder Platinum: The highest-priced premium feature, Tinder Platinum, encompasses all the attributes of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Additionally, Tinder Platinum offers the unique advantage of allowing you to message potential matches even before a formal match has been made.

Bonus Tip: How to change your location on Tinder?


Tinder users often struggle to find matches in their local area, leading to the use of GPS spoofing to expand match opportunities. This can be particularly useful in remote or rural areas where many users may not be nearby. Changing your location to a more promising area can help expand your search and attract more matches.

In this case, Anygo comes into play. It is a location spoofing application that empowers users to change their device’s GPS location by simulating movement on a map and relocating to any preferred destination.

Faking your GPS location on Tinder can also enhance your travel experience by allowing you to connect with locals in advance, providing valuable local insights, and even meeting them during your trip. Spoofing your location on Tinder can help users find matches and expand their social circle.

You can choose any city or specific location on the map and modify your iPhone’s location without jailbreaking your device. Additionally, you can use this tool to simulate movement between multiple spots, save locations as favorites, or import/export GPX files.

Step 1: Start the program by downloading AnyGo onto your computer.


Step 2: Link your iPhone or Android device to the computer.


Step 3: Select your preferred mode for altering the GPS location.



Tinder is an excellent platform for connecting with new people, but it’s not always easy to find matches. Nevertheless, you can improve your chances of securing more Tinder matches by following the above-mentioned tips. Give them all a try to see which ones work best for you. You can also employ iFoneTool as a location-spoofing app to get unlimited matches.

How does Tinder function?

Tinder uses location-based technology to link you with profiles that match the gender, distance, and orientation filters you specify.

Can you use Tinder anonymously?

No, Tinder does not offer the option to create an anonymous account. To use Tinder, you must provide your details, so anonymous usage is impossible.

How can I unmatch someone on Tinder?

If you have reservations about a user you’ve liked, it’s easy to address. You can unmatch with anyone whenever you choose. Simply tap the blue shield icon either within your match’s profile or in your chat to access the Safety Toolkit and proceed to unmatch.

How do Tinder matches function?

To create a match on Tinder, both users must utilize the Swipe Right feature to express their mutual interest by liking each other.

Is it possible to use Tinder on a PC or laptop?

Yes, you can access Tinder on your PC or laptop by opening a web browser and visiting the Tinder sign-up page. Sign in to your account, and you can use the dating platform to find potential matches.