Unlocking powerful evolutions like Scizor and Steelix in Pokemon Go requires strategic use of evolution items, and the elusive Metal Coat is a crucial component. Dive into our comprehensive guide to learn the ins and outs of obtaining a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go. From the challenges of acquiring rare evolution items to the specific steps to secure a Metal Coat, this guide is your key to evolving Scyther into Scizor and Onix into Steelix.

Level up your Pokemon Go journey with expert insights and make your collection even more formidable!   

Seven-Day Pokestop Streak


Achieving a seven-day streak by spinning Pokestops is a reliable method to secure evolution items, including the coveted Metal Coat. Learn the process and maximize your chances of obtaining this essential item for evolving Scizor and Steelix.

1. Other Evolution Items

Understand that the seven-day streak isn’t the only way to obtain evolution items. Explore alternatives such as raids, research breakthroughs, and special events. Familiarize yourself with the different items like Dragon Scale, King’s Rock, Sun Stone, and Upgrade, while strategizing your approach to ensure you get the Metal Coat.

2. Raids and Research Breakthroughs

Diversify your approach by participating in raids and completing research breakthroughs. These activities offer a chance to obtain evolution items, including the Metal Coat. Learn the mechanics, timings, and potential rewards to enhance your overall item acquisition strategy.

3. Special Events and Limited-Time Opportunities

Keep an eye out for special events and limited-time opportunities in Pokemon Go. Some events may increase the drop rates of evolution items, providing you with a better chance of obtaining the Metal Coat. Stay informed and capitalize on these time-sensitive occasions to bolster your evolution item collection.

4. Buddy Pokemon and Gifts

Leverage the potential of Buddy Pokemon and Gifts in your Metal Coat quest. Discover how interacting with your Buddy Pokemon and exchanging gifts with friends can contribute to your evolution item stash. Uncover the hidden paths to acquiring a Metal Coat and accelerating your progress in evolving Scizor and Steelix.

But this is not the only method of obtaining a metal coat in Pokemon Go. Let’s go through some of the other methods as well.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune


When spinning PokeStops and Gyms in Pokemon Go, embrace the excitement of chance! Your shot at a Metal Coat or any other evolution item stands at a thrilling 1%. Get ready to uncover the basics of the spinning game and understand the potential outcomes as you embark on the quest for that elusive Metal Coat.

1. Spin, Spin, Spin

Dive into the mechanics of item distribution and explore how quantity matters on your journey. After you’ve spun Pokestops 250 times, the odds might shift, but the quest for a Metal Coat remains uncertain. Let’s explore the details of this milestone and assess its impact on your pursuit of this essential evolution item.

2. No Guarantees

Wrap your head around the unpredictable nature of evolution item rewards in Pokemon Go. Even after hitting the 250-spin milestone, there’s no guaranteed assurance that the evolution item you receive will be a Metal Coat. Navigate the uncertainty and strategize your approach to increase the odds in your favor.

3. Spin Smart

Optimize your spin sessions with clever strategies to enhance your chances of landing a Metal Coat. From choosing the right PokeStops to understanding spin mechanics, we’ll delve into the details that can tip the odds in your favor. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make each spin count in your pursuit of this rare evolution item.

4. Stay Patient, Stay Persistent

Embrace patience and persistence as your guides in the quest for a Metal Coat. Understand that the journey may be filled with uncertainties, and success might require multiple attempts. Stay motivated, adapt your strategies, and let perseverance guide you on your path to acquiring the elusive Metal Coat from PokeStops in Pokemon Go.

Metal Coats in Field Research Tasks


Uncover the potential of certain Field Research tasks in Pokemon Go that generously reward you with the coveted Metal Coat upon completion. Keep a keen eye on the available tasks, accessible through the binocular icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Your next Metal Coat might just be a completed task away!

1. Task-checking Tactics

Develop a habit of regularly checking the binocular icon for available tasks. This simple action can significantly boost your chances of stumbling upon tasks that offer a Metal Coat as a reward. Stay vigilant and make the most out of these opportunities as you embark on your quest for evolution greatness.

2. Special Research Bonanza

Dive into the world of Special Research tasks released by developers during events. These tasks present arguably the best opportunity for you to snag a Metal Coat for your Pokemon. Stay tuned for event announcements, and seize the chance to complete Special Research tasks that can elevate your Pokemon’s evolution game to new heights.

Metal Coats in Pokemon Go Gifts


Explore the unpredictable realm of Pokemon Go Gifts, where the coveted Metal Coat might be awaiting you. Gift exchanges with friends present a chance to receive this valuable evolution item. While the outcome is entirely random, the more friends you have, the better your odds. Embrace the excitement of surprise as you open gifts and unravel the potential of obtaining a Metal Coat.

1. Expand Your Friend List

In the world of Pokemon Go, having more friends can significantly enhance your chances of receiving a Metal Coat through Gifts. While the process is based on luck, increasing the number of friends opens up more opportunities for potential surprises. Expand your friend list and increase your odds of adding this essential evolution item to your collection.

2. Luck and Gift Exchanges

Recognize that the acquisition of a Metal Coat through Gifts is entirely based on luck. Embrace the randomness and enjoy the thrill of not knowing what each gift may contain. While the Metal Coat may elude you at times, the excitement of surprise adds a dynamic element to your Pokemon Go experience.

3. Lucky Trades with Best Friends

Even if the Metal Coat doesn’t grace your collection through Gifts, there’s still a silver lining. Forge strong connections with Best Friends and enjoy the perk of trading Lucky Pokemon. While enhancing your friendship bonds, you may stumble upon fortuitous trades that add another layer of excitement to your Pokemon Go journey.

PvP Triumphs


Dive into the competitive world of Pokemon Go PvP, where victories in a row bring forth a range of rewards. Among these rewards lie coveted items, evolution stones, and even elusive evolution items like the Metal Coat. Explore the dynamics of PvP victories and the potential gains that await you.

1. Win Streak Bonanza

Unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including the Metal Coat, by achieving a certain number of wins in a row in Pokemon Go PvP. Delve into the intricacies of the win streak system and discover the array of valuable items that can amplify your Pokemon collection.

2. Evolution Item Odds

Understand that while the prospect of obtaining a Metal Coat from PvP rewards is enticing, the odds are notably low, hovering around 1%. Manage your expectations and recognize that this method may not be the most reliable for securing the coveted Metal Coat.

3. PvP vs. Special Research

Consider the odds and weigh your options when it comes to obtaining a Metal Coat. While PvP rewards offer a chance, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Special Research rewards and certain events may present more favorable outcomes. Assess the different avenues available and strategize your approach accordingly.

4. Path to Metal Coat

While the chances may be slim, it’s worth noting the PvP option as part of your overall strategy. Even if you’re more likely to find success in Special Research rewards and events, knowing about the PvP possibility adds depth to your quest for a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go. Explore, battle, and seize the opportunity when it arises.

Using Metal Coat: Evolving Onix into Steelix


To evolve your Onix into the formidable Steelix, you’ll need the synergy of 50 Onix Candy and 1 precious Metal Coat. Navigate to your Pokemon inventory, select Onix, and initiate the evolution process by tapping on the “Evolve” option. Watch as your Onix transforms into the robust Steelix, ready to dominate in battles.

1. Crafting a Scizor

Elevate your Scyther’s prowess by evolving it into the powerful Scizor. Combine 50 Scyther Candy with the elusive Metal Coat to unlock this evolutionary transformation. Head to your Pokemon collection, locate Scyther and tap on “Evolve” to witness the captivating evolution unfold. Prepare to command the formidable Scizor in your Pokemon lineup.

2. Using Metal Coat Wisely

Given the rarity of the Metal Coat, strategic decision-making becomes paramount. With the potential to evolve either Onix or Scyther, choose wisely based on your team’s needs or personal preferences. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of Steelix and Scizor, and make a decision that aligns with your overall Pokemon Go strategy.

3. Plan Your Evolutions

Since metalcoats are not abundant, planning is crucial. Assess your current Pokemon lineup, future battle scenarios, and evolving priorities. Ensure that each Metal Coat usage aligns with your overarching Pokemon Go goals, maximizing the impact of this rare evolution item.

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Mastering the art of obtaining a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go opens up exciting possibilities for evolving your Pokemon. Remember, the Metal Coat is a precious evolution item, and its rarity adds a layer of strategy to your Pokemon Go journey. Use it wisely to evolve either Onix into Steelix or Scyther into Scizor, considering the strengths and weaknesses that best complement your team.

Armed with the knowledge of these diverse methods and strategic tips, you’re now equipped to embark on your quest for the elusive Metal Coat.

How can I obtain a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

To acquire a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go, try spinning Pokestops and Gyms during a seven-day streak, completing Field Research tasks, or exchanging Gifts with friends. Additionally, participating in PvP battles and achieving a certain number of wins can provide a chance at obtaining a Metal Coat as a reward.

Can I use a Metal Coat on any Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

No, the Metal Coat is specifically used to evolve two Pokemon: Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor. Ensure you have the required amount of candy for the respective Pokemon (50 Onix Candy for Steelix, 50 Scyther Candy for Scizor) in addition to the Metal Coat to initiate the evolution.

How rare is the Metal Coat, and should I evolve Onix or Scyther first?

The Metal Coat is a relatively rare evolution item in Pokemon Go. When deciding which Pokemon to evolve first, consider your team needs and preferences. Both Steelix and Scizor have unique strengths, so it’s advisable to choose based on your overall strategy and the demands of your battles.