Are you ready to tap into the extraordinary power of Mega Evolution in the world of Pokemon? This feature brings a new level of excitement and strategy to your battles. But how to get mega energy in Pokemon Go? The essential resource required to unlock this incredible transformation. Fear not, as we will guide you through the intricacies of obtaining Mega Energy.

Join us as we explore the various methods and strategies that will allow you to acquire Mega Energy. From participating in thrilling Mega Raids to completing special research quests, there are numerous paths that will lead you to obtain them.

So, grab your Poke Balls, charge up your devices, and get ready to delve into the world of mega energy. It’s time to transform your Pokemon into unstoppable forces and conquer every challenge that comes your way.

Part 1: Understanding Mega Energy and Mega Evolution


Mega Energy is a unique resource in Pokemon GO that plays a vital role in the process of Mega Evolution. It was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, allowing specific Pokemon to undergo a temporary transformation. Boosting their stats and often granting them new abilities.

Initiating the Process

To initiate Mega Evolution, trainers must gather a sufficient amount of Mega Energy specific to the Pokemon they wish to Mega Evolve. Unlike regular Candy used for Pokemon evolution, Mega Energy is exclusive to Mega Evolution and can only be obtained through specific methods.

Mega Raid

Each Pokemon requiring Mega Energy has its own corresponding Mega Raid, a special type of raid battle featuring a Mega-Evolved Pokemon as the raid boss. By defeating it, trainers are rewarded with Mega Energy for that particular species. The amount of Mega Energy earned varies, with higher-tier Mega Raids generally offering more Mega Energy.

It is Specific for Every Pokemon

It is important to note that Mega Energy is specific to each Pokemon species. For example, if you want to Mega Evolve a Charizard, you need Charizard Mega Energy. This means that trainers must actively participate in raids featuring the desired Pokemon in order to accumulate the necessary Mega Energy.

Mega Evolving

Once you have acquired enough Mega Energy, you can then use it to Mega Evolve your Pokemon. It’s worth noting that Mega Evolution is temporary and typically lasts for the duration of a battle or a limited time period. However, trainers can use their Mega-Evolved Pokemon in subsequent battles without requiring additional Mega Energy, as long as the Pokemon remains in its Mega-Evolved state.

Part 2: Unleashing Mega Energy – Participating in Mega Raids


Mega Raids are an exciting addition to Pokemon GO, offering trainers the opportunity to battle and catch powerful Mega-Evolved Pokemon. These raids feature Pokemon in their Mega-Evolved forms as raid bosses, providing a unique challenge and the chance to obtain Mega Energy.

Forming Raid Parties

To maximize your chances of success in Mega Raids, it is essential to coordinate and form raid parties with other trainers. Work together to assemble a group of trainers with diverse Pokemon types and high combat power. This variety will ensure a well-rounded team capable of effectively countering the Mega-Evolved raid boss.

Locating and Joining Mega Raids

To find active Mega Raids, check the in-game Raid tab, which displays nearby raids and their remaining duration. Mega Raids are indicated by a distinctive Mega-Evolved symbol. Once you have identified a Mega Raid you wish to participate in, use a Raid Pass to join the raid lobby.

Mega Raid Strategies

To increase your chances of success in Mega Raids, it is crucial to develop effective strategies. Start by researching the weaknesses and strengths of the Mega-Evolved raid boss Pokemon. Understand the type advantages and disadvantages, and assemble a team of Pokemon that exploit the weaknesses of the raid boss. Utilize powerful Pokemon and move sets that can deal significant damage.

Rewards and Mega Energy

Defeating the Mega-Evolved raid boss in a Mega Raid provides several rewards. These rewards include Premier Balls, which are used to catch the raid boss Pokemon, as well as various items such as Rare Candy, TMs, and Golden Razz Berries. The most valuable reward, however, is the Mega Energy for the specific Pokemon species featured in the raid. The amount of Mega Energy earned depends on the raid’s difficulty level.

Accumulating Mega Energy

To accumulate Mega Energy for a specific Pokemon, it is necessary to repeatedly participate in raids featuring that Pokemon. By defeating the raid boss and earning Mega Energy, you can gradually accumulate enough to initiate the Mega Evolution for that Pokemon.

Part 3: Unlocking Mega Energy – Completing Special Research

Special Research quests in Pokemon GO provide trainers with a unique and engaging way to earn Mega Energy. These research quests are often themed around Mega Evolution and offer exciting challenges and rewards. Special Research quests are storyline-based quests that guide trainers through a series of tasks and challenges. These quests are introduced periodically and often revolve around specific themes or events, including Mega Evolution. Here’s a detailed guide on completing Special Research and obtaining Mega Energy:

Activating Special Research

Keep an eye out for in-game announcements and notifications regarding Special Research quests. When a Special Research quest becomes available, you will receive a notification, and the quest will appear in your “Today View” or “Special Research” tab in the quest menu. Tap on the quest to activate it and begin your journey.

Task Progression and Completion

Special Research quests consist of multiple stages or tasks that need to be completed in order. Each task has specific objectives that range from catching certain Pokemon, battling in raids or gyms, spinning PokeStops, or achieving other milestones. Read the quest descriptions carefully to understand the requirements for each task.

Collecting Rewards

As you complete each task in the Special Research quest, you will receive rewards, which can include items such as Poké Balls, Berries, Stardust, Rare Candy, TMs, and, importantly, Mega Energy. The amount of Mega Energy awarded varies depending on the quest and the specific Pokemon associated with the Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution Milestones

In some Special Research quests, trainers may encounter specific milestones related to Mega Evolution. These milestones often involve catching or evolving Pokemon that are connected to Mega Evolution. By reaching these milestones, trainers can earn substantial amounts of Mega Energy for the corresponding Pokemon species.

Event-Specific Special Research

During special events, Pokemon GO introduces event-specific Special Research quests. These quests provide additional opportunities to earn Mega Energy as part of the event rewards. Make sure to participate actively during these events to maximize your chances of obtaining Mega Energy.

Completing the Special Research Quest

Continue completing tasks and progressing through the stages of the Special Research quest until you reach the final task. Once you complete the final task, you will be rewarded not only with Mega Energy but also with other valuable items and potential encounters with rare Pokemon.

Part 4: Mega Battle Challenge


The Mega Battle Challenge is an exciting event in Pokemon GO that puts trainers’ skills and strategies to the test. This event focuses on battling and provides opportunities to earn rewards, including Mega Energy. Here’s a glimpse into what the Mega Battle Challenge entails:

Event Overview

The Mega Battle Challenge is a limited-time event that encourages trainers to engage in battles, whether it’s battling other trainers, Team GO Rocket members, or participating in gym battles. The event highlights the importance of battling in the world of Pokemon and the rewards that can be obtained through these encounters.

Increased Battle Encounters

During the Mega Battle Challenge, trainers can expect to encounter increased opportunities for battles. This includes more frequent appearances of Team GO Rocket Grunts, Team Leaders, and other trainers eager for a challenge. Additionally, gym battles become more prevalent, providing trainers with various battle scenarios to test their skills.

Mega Evolution in Battles

One of the key focuses of the Mega Battle Challenge is the utilization of Mega-Evolved Pokemon in battles. Trainers are encouraged to showcase the power of their Mega-Evolved Pokemon by using them in gym battles, PvP battles, and raid battles. Mega-Evolved Pokemon have enhanced stats and access to unique abilities, making them formidable adversaries.

Mega Energy Rewards

Participating in battles and completing battle-related tasks during the Mega Battle Challenge can reward trainers with Mega Energy. This valuable resource allows trainers to Mega Evolve their Pokemon, enhancing their combat prowess. By earning Mega Energy, trainers can build up their reserves and expand their collection of Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

Battle-Related Tasks and Challenges

The event may introduce special battle-related tasks and challenges for trainers to complete. These tasks often involve battling specific types of Pokemon, winning battles against trainers of various ranks, or achieving certain battle-related milestones. By completing these tasks, trainers can earn additional rewards, such as Stardust, Rare Candy, and Mega Energy.

Strategy and Team Building

To make the most of the Mega Battle Challenge, trainers should focus on strategic team building. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of different Pokemon types and develop a diverse lineup that can handle a variety of opponents. Utilize type advantages, move sets, and effective battle strategies to maximize your chances of victory.

Collaborative Battling

The Mega Battle Challenge is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with fellow trainers. Coordinate with friends, join battle-themed communities, and participate in raids and PvP battles together. Teamwork and shared knowledge can greatly enhance the battling experience and help overcome tougher challenges.

Part 5: Mega Energy Exchange


The Mega Energy Exchange feature in Pokemon GO provides trainers with a valuable opportunity to make the most of their excess Mega Energy. By exchanging surplus Mega Energy for Candy, trainers can further power up their Pokemon and improve their battle capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the Mega Energy Exchange and its benefits:

Accumulating Excess Mega Energy

As trainers participate in Mega Raids and complete Mega Evolution-related tasks, they may accumulate more Mega Energy than they currently need for a particular Pokemon species. Excess Mega Energy is an unused resource that can be exchanged for other valuable items.

Accessing the Mega Energy Exchange

To utilize the Mega Energy Exchange, trainers can navigate to the Pokemon’s information screen in their Pokemon storage. In the Mega Energy section, they will find the option to exchange excess Mega Energy for Candy.

Exchanging Mega Energy for Candy

By exchanging Mega Energy, trainers can obtain Candy, a versatile resource that is used for various purposes, including powering up Pokemon, evolving certain species, and teaching them new moves using TMs. The amount of Candy received in exchange for Mega Energy varies based on the specific Pokemon species.

Strategic Power-ups

The Mega Energy Exchange allows trainers to strategically allocate their resources. If a trainer has excess Mega Energy for a Pokemon species they do not plan to Mega Evolve frequently, they can exchange the surplus Mega Energy for Candy. This Candy can then be used to power up other Pokemon, making them stronger and more effective in battles.

Balancing Mega Evolution and Power-ups

Trainers need to strike a balance between Mega Evolution and traditional power-ups. Mega Evolution provides temporary boosts in battles while powering up Pokemon with Candy offers more permanent improvements. By using the Mega Energy Exchange wisely, trainers can optimize their Pokemon’s strength by allocating resources between Mega Evolution and long-term power-ups.


Understanding Mega Energy and Mega Evolution is crucial for trainers looking to enhance their abilities. By participating in Mega Raids, completing Special Research, and utilizing the Mega Energy Exchange, you can obtain and utilize Mega Energy to unlock the power of Mega Evolution. A strategic use of all these abilities can greatly strengthen a trainer’s Pokemon roster.

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