Pokemon Go introduces players to a vast array of fascinating creatures, each with its own unique attributes and battle prowess. Among these formidable Pokemon is Mamoswine, a dual-type Ice and Ground Pokemon that stands out with its impressive typing and powerful stats. In this article, we will delve into the world of Mamoswine in Pokemon Go, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, evolutionary line, movesets, shiny form, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokemon Go journey, understanding the potential of Mamoswine can greatly enhance your battles and overall gameplay.   

Mamoswine’s Typing and Stats


Mamoswine, as a dual-typed Pokemon, possesses a unique combination of Ice and Ground typings.

Typing Strengths

The Ice and Ground typing provides Mamoswine with several advantages in battles. Its Ice typing grants it resistance to Ice-type moves, reducing the damage taken from attacks of this type. This resistance can be especially useful in battles against common Ice-type Pokemon, as well as in raids and gym battles where Ice-type attacks are prevalent.

The Ground typing also brings its own advantages. Mamoswine is immune to Electric-type moves due to its Ground typing, rendering it impervious to attacks from Electric-type Pokemon. This immunity can be advantageous when facing opponents who rely heavily on Electric-type moves.

Base Stats

Mamoswine possesses impressive base stats that further enhance its battle prowess. Its base Attack stat is exceptionally high, making it a formidable physical attacker capable of dealing significant damage to opponents. This strength is further amplified by its access to powerful Ice and Ground-type moves.

Mamoswine also boasts a high Stamina stat, allowing it to endure prolonged battles and sustain damage. This resilience makes it a reliable choice for raids and gym battles, where survivability is crucial.

While Mamoswine’s base Defense stat is not as high as its Attack and Stamina stats, its offensive capabilities and resistances compensate for this. Trainers should focus on leveraging Mamoswine’s offensive strengths while being mindful of its weaknesses to build effective battle strategies.

Best Movesets for Mamoswine in Pokemon GO


Mamoswine, with its high Attack stat and diverse movepool, has access to several powerful movesets that are suitable for different battle scenarios. Let’s analyze some of the best movesets for Mamoswine in Pokemon Go.

Ice-Type Moveset

  • Fast Move: Powder Snow
  • Charged Moves: Avalanche and Bulldoze

This moveset capitalizes on Mamoswine’s Ice typing and high Attack stat, making it a formidable Ice-type attack. Powder Snow is a fast move that generates energy quickly, allowing Mamoswine to frequently unleash its powerful charged moves. Avalanche is an excellent charged move with high damage and STAB that benefits from Mamoswine’s Ice typing. Bulldoze provides coverage against Electric, Poison, and Fire-type Pokemon, countering some of Mamoswine’s weaknesses.

Ground-Type Moveset

  • Fast Move: Mud-Slap
  • Charged Moves: Bulldoze and Earthquake

This moveset focuses on Mamoswine’s Ground typing. Mud-Slap is a fast move that deals solid damage and generates energy efficiently. Bulldoze is a quick-charging charged move that benefits from STAB and provides coverage against Electric, Poison, and Fire-type Pokemon. Earthquake is a powerful charged move that can devastate opponents, dealing high damage and benefitting from Mamoswine’s high Attack stat.

Dual-Type Moveset

  • Fast Move: Powder Snow
  • Charged Moves: Avalanche and Earthquake

This moveset combines Mamoswine’s Ice and Ground typings, creating a versatile and hard-hitting moveset. Earthquake provides coverage against Electric, Poison, and Fire-type Pokemon, allowing Mamoswine to counter its weaknesses effectively.

PvP Optimized Moveset

  • Fast Move: Powder Snow
  • Charged Moves: Avalanche and Stone Edge

In PvP battles, having a well-balanced moveset is crucial. Powder Snow remains an ideal fast move due to its energy generation. Avalanche is a reliable charged move that deals high damage, while Stone Edge provides coverage against Flying and Bug-type Pokemon, countering Mamoswine’s weaknesses and offering additional versatility in PvP battles.

Mamoswine’s Weaknesses


While Mamoswine boasts powerful offensive capabilities, its typing leaves it vulnerable to certain types of attacks. Its Ice typing makes it doubly weak to Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-type moves. Trainers should exercise caution when battling Pokemon that utilize these types of attacks, as Mamoswine will suffer significant damage from them.

Additionally, Mamoswine’s Ground typing renders it weak against Water, Grass, and Ice-type moves. Trainers should be mindful of these weaknesses and choose battle strategies accordingly. It’s important to note that Mamoswine’s weaknesses can be mitigated by selecting appropriate movesets and leveraging its high Attack stat to deal heavy damage before the opponent can exploit these vulnerabilities.

Evolutionary Line of Mamoswine in Pokemon GO


The evolutionary line of Mamoswine begins with Swinub, evolves into Piloswine, and finally reaches its ultimate form as Mamoswine. Let’s explore the characteristics and evolution of each stage in this evolutionary line.


Swinub is a small, dual-type Ice and Ground Pokemon. It resembles a small pig covered in brown fur with a white tuft on its head. Swinub love digging through the snow with its snout to search for food. Despite its small size, Swinub possesses a resilient nature, allowing it to survive in cold and harsh environments. Swinub evolves into Piloswine when certain conditions are met.


Piloswine is the second stage of the evolutionary line. It retains the dual Ice and Ground typing and grows significantly larger than Swinub. Piloswine has a sturdy build with shaggy fur and long tusks protruding from its mouth. It is well-adapted to icy terrains and can traverse snowy landscapes with ease. Piloswine is known for its incredible strength and endurance, which enables it to dig through frozen ground and endure extreme temperatures. In order to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine, a specific item called a Sinnoh Stone is required.


Mamoswine is the final and most powerful form of this evolutionary line. It is a massive, dual-type Ice and Ground Pokemon with a mammoth-like appearance. Mamoswine possesses a thick coat of brown fur, long tusks, and a prominent hump on its back. Its size and strength make it an imposing presence. Mamoswine is notable for its ability to plow through thick ice and snow effortlessly using its powerful tusks. It also possesses incredible physical strength and endurance, capable of enduring harsh winter conditions. Mamoswine represents the pinnacle of this evolutionary line and is one of the strongest Ice and Ground-type Pokemon.

How to Get Mamoswine in Pokemon GO


Normally, Trainers can obtain Pokemon by catching it in the wild. However, Mamoswine cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Go. It is an evolved form that can only be obtained by evolving Swinub into Piloswine and then using a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine. So, trainers, if you want to get Mamoswine, firstly you should catch a Swinub or Piloswine.

How to Evolve Swinub into Mamoswine in Pokemon GO


To evolve Swinub into Mamoswine in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1、Catch Swinub: Swinub is a common Pokemon that can be found in the wild. Look for Swinub spawns in areas with cold weather or during specific weather conditions such as snow or fog. You can also encounter Swinub through hatching 5 km Eggs.

2、Accumulate Swinub Candy: Whenever you catch Swinub, you will receive 3 Candy. You can also transfer Swinub to Professor Willow in exchange for an additional Candy. Accumulate enough Swinub Candy to evolve your Swinub into Mamoswine.

3、Obtain a Sinnoh Stone: The evolution from Piloswine to Mamoswine requires a Sinnoh Stone. Sinnoh Stones are special evolution items that can be obtained through various means, including completing Research Breakthroughs, PvP battles, and Trainer Battles with Team Leaders or other players. Keep participating in these activities to increase your chances of obtaining a Sinnoh Stone.

4、Evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine: Once you have a Sinnoh Stone and enough Swinub Candy, you can proceed with the evolution. Open the Pokemon screen and find your Piloswine. Select it, and on its individual page, choose the “Evolve” option. Confirm your decision, and Piloswine will evolve into Mamoswine.

5、Power up and Train Mamoswine: After evolving Piloswine into Mamoswine, you can continue to power up your Mamoswine using Stardust and Mamoswine Candy. This will increase its CP and make it stronger for battles.

It’s important to note that evolving Piloswine into Mamoswine is a one-way evolution, meaning you cannot revert Mamoswine back to Piloswine. Therefore, consider the timing and power level of your Piloswine before evolving it into Mamoswine.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Mamoswine in Pokemon Go

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How to Defeat Mamoswine in Pokemon Go


To defeat Mamoswine in Pokemon Go, it’s important to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Mamoswine is a dual-type Pokemon, Ice and Ground, which gives it a set of vulnerabilities and resistances. Here are some strategies to help you defeat Mamoswine:

  • Fire-type Pokemon: Mamoswine is weak to Fire-type moves, so using Pokemon with Fire-type moves can deal significant damage. Strong Fire-type Pokemon such as Moltres, Chandelure, and Charizard can be effective choices. Moves like Fire Spin, Overheat, Flamethrower, or Blast Burn will exploit Mamoswine’s weakness.
  • Fighting-type Pokemon: Mamoswine’s Ice and Ground typing makes it susceptible to Fighting-type moves. Pokemon like Lucario, Machamp, and Conkeldurr with moves such as Counter, Dynamic Punch, or Close Combat can deal heavy damage to Mamoswine.
  • Steel-type Pokemon: Mamoswine’s Ground typing makes it vulnerable to Steel-type moves. Pokemon like Metagross, Excadrill, or Dialga with moves such as Metal Claw, Iron Head, or Meteor Mash can be effective against Mamoswine.
  • Grass-type Pokemon: While Grass-type moves are not super effective against Mamoswine, they can still deal neutral damage. Pokemon like Venusaur, Tangrowth, or Roserade with moves like Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant, or Power Whip can be viable options.
  • Water-type and Rock-type Pokemon: Water-type and Rock-type Pokemon resist Mamoswine’s Ice-type moves and can withstand its Ground-type moves. Pokemon like Kyogre, Swampert, Tyranitar, or Rhyperior with appropriate movesets can provide a good matchup against Mamoswine.
  • Special Attackers: Mamoswine has higher physical defense than special defense, so using Pokemon with strong special attacks can be advantageous. Pokemon like Gengar, Alakazam, or Mewtwo with moves like Shadow Ball, Psychic, or Thunderbolt can deal significant damage to Mamoswine.

Mamoswine’s Shiny Form


Shiny Pokemon are rare and coveted, boasting unique colorations that set them apart from their regular counterparts. Mamoswine’s Shiny Form takes its already impressive design and transforms it into a visual spectacle that leaves trainers in awe.

In this alternate coloration, Mamoswine’s brown fur transcends into a striking shade of icy blue, resembling the glacial beauty of an arctic landscape. Its tusks, once a creamy white, now gleam with a brilliant silver hue, adding an extra touch of elegance to this majestic Pokemon. The transformation of Mamoswine’s coloring creates an ethereal and otherworldly aura, making it a truly remarkable sight to behold.

Obtaining a Shiny Mamoswine is an endeavor that requires patience and luck. Trainers must encounter numerous Swinubs, evolve them into Piloswine, and finally evolve one into Mamoswine to have a chance at encountering its Shiny Form. The rarity of Shiny Pokemon adds to their allure, making them highly sought after by collectors and trainers looking to add a touch of exclusivity to their teams.


Mamoswine is a powerhouse in Pokemon Go, combining the Ice and Ground typing with impressive stats and a formidable movepool. In this article, we have explored Mamoswine’s typing, stats, evolutionary line, movesets, weaknesses, and strategies for obtaining and defeating it. By understanding Mamoswine’s strengths and weaknesses, trainers can optimize their battles and build effective teams. Whether you’re seeking to evolve Swinub into Mamoswine, defeat it in battles, or acquire its shiny form, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to make the most of this powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

How do I evolve Swinub into Mamoswine in Pokémon Go?

To evolve Swinub into Mamoswine, you need to go through two stages of evolution. First, evolve Swinub into Piloswine using Swinub Candy. Then, use a Sinnoh Stone, a special evolution item, to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine.

What are the best moves for Mamoswine in Pokémon Go?

Ideal movesets for Mamoswine include Powder Snow or Mud-Slap as fast moves, and Avalanche or Stone Edge as charged moves. These moves take advantage of Mamoswine’s Ice and Ground typing to deal significant damage.

Where can I find Mamoswine in Pokémon Go?

Mamoswine cannot be found in the wild in Pokémon Go. It can only be obtained by evolving Swinub into Piloswine and then using a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Piloswine into Mamoswine.

What are Mamoswine’s strengths and weaknesses in Pokémon Go?

Mamoswine is strong against Flying, Grass, Bug, and Dragon types. It is weak to Fighting, Fire, Steel, Grass, and Water types. Knowing its weaknesses can help you choose the best counters in battles.

Can Mamoswine be used in Pokémon Go raids and PvP battles?

Yes, Mamoswine is a strong Pokémon that can be used in both raids and PvP battles. Its high attack, combined with its Ice and Ground-type moves, makes it a formidable choice against various opponents. However, it’s essential to consider its weaknesses and choose appropriate counters accordingly.