Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality mobile game, offers trainers a wide array of Pokemon to catch and battle. Among these captivating creatures is Leafeon, a graceful and formidable Grass-type Pokemon. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into every aspect of Leafeon. This article will provide you with all the information you need to master the art of Leafeon in Pokemon Go.  

Base Stats and Type of Leafeon


Base Stats

  • HP (Hit Points): Leafeon has a base HP stat that allows it to withstand attacks and remain in battles for a considerable duration.
  • Attack: Leafeon boasts a solid base Attack stat, making it a formidable physical attacker. It can deliver powerful blows with its Grass-type moves.
  • Defense: Leafeon’s base Defense stat is also noteworthy, making it a reliable tank. It can withstand incoming attacks and endure battles with resilience.
  • Special Attack: Leafeon’s base Special Attack stat is comparatively lower than its Attack stat, indicating a focus on physical rather than special moves.
  • Special Defense: Leafeon’s base Special Defense stat is well-balanced, offering decent protection against special attacks.  
  • Speed: Leafeon possesses a moderate base Speed stat, allowing it to outpace certain opponents and strike first in battles.

Leafeon’s base stats and Grass typing contribute to its role as a sturdy physical attacker and tank in battles. Its high Attack and Defense stats allow it to dish out damage and withstand hits, while its Grass typing provides advantages against specific types. By strategizing and leveraging its strengths, trainers can unleash the full potential of Leafeon in Pokemon Go battles.

Evolution Line of Leafeon in Pokemon Go


Leafeon is the final evolution in the evolutionary line of Eevee. The complete evolutionary line of Eevee is as follows:


Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon and the base form of the evolutionary line. It is a versatile Pokemon known for its ability to evolve into various forms.


By using a Water Stone on Eevee, it evolves into Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokemon known for its excellent HP and Special Attack stats. Vaporeon is a formidable Pokemon in battles, capable of unleashing powerful Water-type moves.


If Eevee is exposed to a Thunder Stone, it evolves into Jolteon, an Electric-type Pokemon. Jolteon excels in Speed and Special Attack, making it a swift and powerful attacker with a range of Electric-type moves.


When Eevee is exposed to a Fire Stone, it evolves into Flareon, a Fire-type Pokemon. Flareon boasts high Attack and Special Attack stats, making it a potent physical and special attacker with a variety of Fire-type moves.


To evolve Eevee into Espeon, trainers must build a strong friendship with Eevee during the day and ensure that it has an empty slot in their Pokemon party.


Similarly to Espeon, to evolve Eevee into Umbreon, trainers must build a strong friendship with Eevee during the night and ensure an empty slot in their Pokemon party. Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokemon with high Defense and Special Defense stats, making it a sturdy tank and a reliable support Pokemon.


The final evolution in the Eevee line, Leafeon, will appear if using a Mossy Lure Module on Eevee near a PokéStop. Leafeon is a pure Grass-type Pokemon with a focus on physical attacks and high Defense, making it a formidable physical attacker and a reliable tank in battles.

How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon in Pokemon Go


To evolve Eevee into Leafeon, follow these steps:

Obtain a Mossy Lure Module

You will need a Mossy Lure Module, a special item used to attract specific Pokemon to PokéStops. You can obtain a Mossy Lure Module from various sources, such as in-game events, special research tasks, or by purchasing it from the in-game shop.

Find a PokéStop

Locate a PokéStop where you can activate the Mossy Lure Module. PokéStops are typically found at real-world landmarks, monuments, or popular gathering places. Make sure you are within range of the PokéStop.

Activate the Mossy Lure Module

Once you are near the PokéStop, interact with it by tapping on it on the game map. From the PokéStop screen, you should see an option to add a Lure Module. Use the Mossy Lure Module to activate it on the PokéStop.

Approach the PokéStop

Once the Mossy Lure Module is active, physically move closer to the PokéStop. You need to be within range to benefit from the Mossy Lure Module’s effect.

Evolve Eevee

With the Mossy Lure Module active, tap on the Eevee you want to evolve into Leafeon from your Pokemon collection. On the Eevee’s summary screen, you should see an “Evolve” button. Tap on it to initiate the evolution process.

Confirm the Evolution

A confirmation prompt will appear, indicating that Eevee will evolve into Leafeon. If you are certain about the evolution, confirm it by tapping “Yes.”

Weaknesses of Leafeon


Leafeon is a pure Grass-type Pokemon, which grants it several advantages and disadvantages against different types:

  • Advantages: As a Grass-type, Leafeon is strong against Water, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon. It can exploit their weaknesses and deal significant damage with its Grass-type moves.
  • Disadvantages: Leafeon is weak against Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Trainers must be cautious when facing opponents of these types, as they can exploit Leafeon’s vulnerabilities.

Moveset Analysis of Leafeon in Pokemon Go


Leafeon has access to a variety of moves that can be strategically employed in battles. Let’s explore some notable moves for Leafeon:

Fast Moves

  • Razor Leaf: Razor Leaf is a Grass-type fast move that deals high damage and generates energy quickly. It is an excellent choice for Leafeon’s fast move, allowing it to dish out substantial damage to opponents.
  • Quick Attack: Quick Attack is a Normal-type fast move that provides Leafeon with a faster energy generation rate. While it deals less damage compared to Razor Leaf, it can be useful for quickly charging up Leafeon’s charged moves.

Charged Moves   

  • Leaf Blade: Leaf Blade is a powerful Grass-type charged move that benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). It has high damage output and can be a devastating move when used against opponents weak to Grass-type attacks. It is generally considered one of Leafeon’s best charged moves.
  • Solar Beam: Solar Beam is a powerful Grass-type charged move that requires longer energy generation but deals significant damage. This move is especially effective against Water, Ground, and Rock-type Pokemon. Trainers should be mindful of timing Solar Beam to take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses or when shields are down.
  • Aerial Ace: Aerial Ace is a Flying-type charged move that provides coverage against Bug, Grass, and Fighting-type Pokemon. It can be a valuable addition to Leafeon’s moveset, allowing it to hit opponents that resist Grass-type moves.
  • Last Resort: Last Resort is a Normal-type charged move that is exclusive to Eevee and can be obtained during specific events. It can be a decent option when Leafeon has Last Resort in its moveset, providing coverage against a variety of types.

How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon Go


To get Leafeon in Pokemon Go, you can follow these steps:

1、Collect Eevee Candies: Eevee Candies are necessary to evolve Eevee into Leafeon. You can obtain Eevee Candies by catching Eevee in the wild, hatching Eevee from Eggs, or transferring Eevee to Professor Willow.

2、Set Eevee as Your Buddy: To control Eevee’s evolution, you need to set it as your Buddy Pokemon. Go to your Pokemon collection, select Eevee, and tap on the “Set as Buddy” option. This will allow you to earn Eevee Candies as you walk a certain distance with Eevee as your Buddy.

3、Earn 10 Eevee Candies: Walk with Eevee as your Buddy until you have earned a total of 10 Eevee Candies. You can track your progress by viewing the Buddy screen.

4、Rename Eevee to “Linnea”: Once you have accumulated 10 Eevee Candies, you can proceed to rename your Eevee to “Linnea.” Make sure to spell it exactly as “Linnea” and use proper capitalization. This renaming trick is a reference to the character Linnea, who owns a Leafeon in the Pokemon anime.

5、Evolve Eevee: After renaming Eevee to “Linnea,” exit the Pokemon collection screen and tap on the “Evolve” button for Eevee. It will evolve into Leafeon.

It’s important to note that the renaming trick only works once per evolution. If you want to obtain multiple Leafeon, you will need to repeat the process with additional Eevee and rename them accordingly.

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Shiny Leafeon


Shiny Leafeon is a special variant of Leafeon with a unique coloration that differs from its regular form. Pokemon’s shiny form are coveted by trainers due to their rarity and distinct appearance. In the case of Shiny Leafeon, its typically green fur becomes a vibrant shade of blue.

In Pokemon Go, encountering a Shiny Leafeon is a matter of chance and luck. The probability of encountering a Shiny Pokemon, including Shiny Leafeon, is typically low. However, special events and Community Days occasionally increase the chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon, including Eevee and its evolutions.

To obtain a Shiny Leafeon in Pokemon Go, you would need to follow the same steps outlined earlier to evolve Eevee into Leafeon. However, the shiny variant is determined when you encounter or hatch the base Pokemon (Eevee), not during evolution. This means that you have a chance of obtaining a Shiny Leafeon if you encounter or hatch a Shiny Eevee and then evolve it into Leafeon.

When a Shiny Eevee evolves into Leafeon, it retains its shiny coloration, resulting in a Shiny Leafeon. Shiny Leafeon can be a prized addition to your Pokemon collection and can be showcased in battles, raids, or gym challenges.

Best Counter Pokemon of Leafeon in Pokemon Go


When strategizing battles against Leafeon, it’s essential to consider its weaknesses and select Pokemon that can exploit them effectively. Here are five Pokemon that can serve as strong counters to Leafeon:


Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon that can deal super-effective damage to Leafeon with its Fire-type moves. It can resist Leafeon’s Grass-type attacks and has access to powerful Fire-type moves like Fire Spin and Blast Burn.


Mamoswine is an Ice/Ground-type Pokemon, and its Ice-type moves are super effective against Leafeon. Moves like Powder Snow and Avalanche can deal significant damage to Leafeon. Additionally, Mamoswine’s Ground-type moves can pose a threat to Leafeon as well.


Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon, has access to powerful Fire-type moves such as Fire Spin and Blaze Kick. It can exploit Leafeon’s weakness to Fire-type attacks and deal considerable damage. However, be cautious of Leafeon’s Grass-type moves.


Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon that can be an effective counter to Leafeon. Its Dragon-type moves like Dragon Tail and Outrage can deal significant damage. Additionally, Dragonite’s resistance to Grass-type moves gives it an advantage in battles against Leafeon.


Excadrill, a Ground/Steel-type Pokemon, can resist Leafeon’s Grass-type moves while dealing super-effective damage with its Ground-type attacks. Moves like Mud-Slap and Earthquake can put significant pressure on Leafeon and quickly diminish its HP.


Leafeon is a captivating Pokemon in Pokemon Go, offering trainers a unique combination of strength and elegance. By mastering the art of Leafeon in Pokemon Go, trainers can enhance their gameplay experience and build a formidable team. With this knowledge in hand, trainers are ready to embark on their journey with Leafeon, conquer gyms, and emerge victorious in battles against other trainers.

How do I evolve Eevee into Leafeon in Pokémon Go?

To evolve Eevee into Leafeon, you can either set it as your Buddy Pokémon and earn 10 Eevee Candies, then rename it to “Linnea” and evolve, or use a Mossy Lure Module at a PokéStop and evolve Eevee while within range of the lured PokéStop.

What are the best moves for Leafeon in Pokémon Go?

The optimal moveset for Leafeon typically includes Razor Leaf as its fast move and Leaf Blade as its charged move. Other viable options for charged moves include Solar Beam and Aerial Ace.

Is Shiny Leafeon available in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Shiny Leafeon is available in Pokémon Go. Shiny Pokémon have a different coloration from their regular counterparts, and encountering a Shiny Leafeon is a matter of chance and luck.

What are Leafeon’s weaknesses in Pokémon Go?

Leafeon is weak against Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug-type moves. Pokémon with these move types can exploit Leafeon’s weaknesses and deal significant damage.

Can Leafeon be used in PvP battles in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Leafeon can be used in PvP battles. Its high Attack stat and access to powerful Grass-type moves make it a viable option in certain battle leagues. However, its weaknesses should be carefully managed to ensure optimal performance.