Pokemon Go has introduced players to a wide variety of Pokemon, each with its own unique characteristics and strengths. Among them is Deoxys, a special Pokemon with distinct forms and impressive abilities. In this article, we will delve into the world of Deoxys in Pokemon Go, exploring its stats, movesets, forms, rarity, and strategies for obtaining and defeating this enigmatic creature.  

Deoxys: A Unique Pokemon with Four Forms


Deoxys is a unique and fascinating Pokemon in the Pokemon world, as it possesses the ability to assume four distinct forms. Each form has its own unique appearance, stat distribution, and movesets, making Deoxys a versatile and strategic Pokemon.

Normal Forme

The Normal Forme of Deoxys is the default form and is the most balanced out of the four. It has an equal distribution of base stats in Attack, Defense, and Stamina. This makes it a well-rounded choice for trainers who prefer versatility in battle.

Attack Forme

The Attack Forme of Deoxys focuses primarily on offense. It has a significantly higher base Attack stat compared to its other stats, while its Defense is considerably lower. This form allows Deoxys to deal devastating damage with its powerful Psychic-type moves. However, due to its lower Defense, it is more vulnerable to incoming attacks. Trainers who prefer an aggressive and offensive playstyle often favor the Attack Forme.

Defense Forme

In contrast to the Attack Forme, the Defense Forme of Deoxys excels in defensive capabilities. It has a substantially higher base Defense stat, making it more resilient against physical attacks. With its enhanced defensive prowess, Deoxys in Defense Forme can withstand powerful blows from opponents. However, its Attack stat is significantly lower, resulting in less offensive power. Trainers who prefer a more defensive and strategic approach may choose the Defense Forme.

Speed Forme

The Speed Forme of Deoxys emphasizes its incredible speed. It features a notably higher base Speed stat, allowing it to outpace other Pokemon in battles. But its Attack and Defense stats are are still relatively lower. The Speed Forme enables Deoxys to strike swiftly and consistently, making it an excellent choice for trainers who prioritize speed and agility.

Stats and Weakness of Deoxys


Deoxys, a legendary Pokemon with a Psychic typing, has different base stats and weaknesses depending on its different forms. Let’s take a closer look at each form:

Deoxys – Normal Forme

  • Base Attack: 345
  • Base Defense: 115
  • Base Stamina: 137


  • Dark-type moves: Deoxys in Normal Forme takes increased damage from Dark-type moves due to its Psychic typing.
  • Bug-type moves: Similarly, Bug-type moves are also super effective against Deoxys in Normal Forme.
  • Ghost-type moves: Ghost-type moves exploit the Psychic typing of Deoxys, making it vulnerable.

Deoxys – Attack Forme

  • Base Attack: 414
  • Base Defense: 46
  • Base Stamina: 137


  • Deoxys in Attack Forme retains the same weaknesses as its Normal Forme. It is vulnerable to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves.

Deoxys – Defense Forme

  • Base Attack: 144
  • Base Defense: 330
  • Base Stamina: 137


  • Deoxys in Defense Forme has a different stat distribution, excelling in defense. However, its weaknesses remain the same as the Normal and Attack Formes, making it vulnerable to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves.

Deoxys – Speed Forme

  • Base Attack: 230
  • Base Defense: 218
  • Base Stamina: 137


  • Deoxys in Speed Forme, with its focus on speed, is also susceptible to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves.

It’s important to note that while Deoxys has weaknesses, it also has resistances. As a Psychic-type Pokemon, Deoxys resists Fighting and Poison-type moves. This resistance can provide some degree of protection against these specific move types.

Best Moveset of Deoxys in Pokemon Go


The choice of moveset for Deoxys in Pokemon Go depends on its specific form. Each form of Deoxys has different stat distributions and move options, allowing trainers to optimize its performance in different battle scenarios. Let’s explore some of the best movesets for each form of Deoxys:

Normal Forme

  • Fast Move: Zen Headbutt
  • Charged Moves: Thunderbolt and Psychic

Zen Headbutt is a reliable Psychic-type fast move that benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) due to Deoxys’ Psychic typing. Thunderbolt provides wide coverage, allowing Deoxys to deal significant damage to a variety of Pokemon. Psychic is another powerful STAB move that can be used to exploit the weaknesses of Fighting and Poison types.

Attack Forme

  • Fast Move: Poison Jab
  • Charged Moves: Psycho Boost and Zap Cannon

Poison Jab, despite not benefiting from STAB, is the recommended fast move for Deoxys in Attack Forme due to its higher energy gain. Psycho Boost, while having a decrease in the user’s Attack stat, is an excellent STAB move that deals significant damage. Zap Cannon, although slow to charge, provides coverage against Water and Flying types.

Defense Forme

  • Fast Move: Counter
  • Charged Moves: Rock Slide and Thunderbolt

Counter is a Fighting-type fast move that allows Deoxys in Defense Forme to deal damage and charge energy quickly. Rock Slide provides coverage against Flying, Bug, and Fire types, while Thunderbolt offers additional coverage against Water and Flying types.

Speed Forme

  • Fast Move: Charge Beam
  • Charged Moves: Swift and Thunderbolt

Charge Beam, a Electric-type fast move, benefits from STAB and allows Deoxys in Speed Forme to charge its energy quickly. Swift is a solid move that deals consistent damage, while Thunderbolt provides coverage against Water and Flying types.

How to Get Deoxys in Pokemon Go


In Pokemon Go, obtaining Deoxys requires participating in specific events or completing certain tasks. Here are the methods by which you can obtain Deoxys:

EX Raids

Deoxys is primarily available through EX Raids, also known as Exclusive Raids. These are invitation-only raids that are triggered at specific gyms. To receive an EX Raid Pass, you need to have recently completed a raid at a qualifying gym. The system distributes passes randomly. Only a limited number of players get invitations to participate in the EX Raid battle, which features Deoxys as the raid boss.

Special Research Tasks

During certain special events or time-limited research tasks, Deoxys may become available as a reward. These special research tasks are often tied to specific events or field research quests. By completing the assigned tasks or objectives, you can earn encounters or rewards that include Deoxys.

GO Battle League

Deoxys occasionally appears as a reward encounter in the GO Battle League. The GO Battle League is a competitive PvP mode in Pokemon Go where you can earn rewards based on your performance. Deoxys may be featured as a possible encounter as you progress through the ranks and receive rewards.

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How to Defeat Deoxys in Raid Battles


Defeating Deoxys in raid battles requires careful planning and assembling a team of Pokemon that can exploit its weaknesses. Here are some tips to help you defeat Deoxys:

Identify Deoxys’ Forme

Deoxys has different formes, each with varying stats and move sets. Identifying its forme will help you understand its strengths and weaknesses and plan your team accordingly.

Exploit Deoxys’ Weaknesses

Deoxys is weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves. Build your team around Pokemon that can deal super-effective damage with these move types. Strong Dark-type attackers like Tyranitar, Darkrai, and Weavile are excellent choices. Bug-type Pokemon such as Pinsir, Scizor, or Yanmega can also be effective. Additionally, powerful Ghost-type Pokemon like Chandelure, Gengar, or Giratina can exploit Deoxys’ weaknesses.

Optimize Your Pokemon‘s Movesets

Make sure your Pokemon have moves that are super effective against Deoxys. Dark-type moves like Crunch, Foul Play, or Shadow Ball are great choices. Bug-type moves such as X-Scissor or Bug Buzz can deal significant damage. Ghost-type moves like Shadow Claw or Shadow Ball are also effective. Having Pokemon with high DPS (Damage Per Second) movesets will help you defeat Deoxys more efficiently.

Take Advantage of Weather Boosts

Keep an eye on the in-game weather conditions. If the weather is boosting Dark, Bug, or Ghost-type moves, it can give your Pokemon an additional advantage and increase their damage output. Adjust your team accordingly and take advantage of these weather boosts whenever possible.

Dodge and Time Your Charged Moves

During the raid battle, be mindful of Deoxys’ charged moves and try to dodge them when possible to minimize damage to your Pokemon. Additionally, time your own charged moves strategically to maximize damage output. Using charged moves when your Pokemon has a type advantage can deal significant damage to Deoxys.

Rarity of Deoxys in Pokemon Go


Deoxys is considered a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go due to several factors.

1、Limited Availability: Deoxys has been made available through specific events, such as EX Raids and Special Research quests. These methods of obtaining Deoxys are typically time-limited and require certain conditions or invitations. As a result, not every player has had the opportunity to encounter or catch Deoxys.

2、EX Raids: Deoxys initially made its debut in Pokemon Go through EX Raids, which were invitation-only raids. Players had to receive an EX Raid Pass, which was granted to a limited number of players who had previously raided at specific gym locations. This exclusivity made Deoxys relatively rare, as only a select number of players were able to participate in EX Raids and have a chance to catch it.

3、Special Research: In some instances, Deoxys is available through Special Research quests. These quests typically involve completing a series of tasks, often tied to a specific event or storyline. While this method provides a guaranteed way to obtain Deoxys for players who complete the research, the availability of the research quest itself may be limited, making it a relatively rare encounter.

4、Event Exclusive: Deoxys has been featured during certain Pokemon Go events, where it has had increased spawn rates or has been the focus of raids. These events have typically been time-limited, making it more challenging to encounter Deoxys outside of these specific event periods.

5、Shiny Rarity: Like many Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Deoxys also has a shiny variant. Shiny Pokemon have alternate colorations and are highly sought after by collectors. Shiny Deoxys is even rarer than its regular form, requiring additional luck and persistence to encounter and catch.

Introduction to Shiny Deoxys in Pokemon Go


Shiny Deoxys is an exceedingly rare and highly sought-after variant of the iconic Psychic-type Pokemon, Deoxys. Shiny Pokemon are characterized by their unique coloration, featuring alternate colors that differ from their standard counterparts. With its distinctive color scheme, Shiny Deoxys captivates trainers with its rarity and aesthetic appeal. Obtaining a shiny Deoxys is considered a pinnacle achievement for many Pokemon collectors and enthusiasts. Its striking appearance sets it apart from regular Deoxys, making it a prized addition to any trainer’s collection.


Deoxys is a fascinating Pokemon in Pokemon Go, known for its unique forms, impressive stats, and rarity. Understanding its strengths, weaknesses, movesets, and strategies for obtaining and defeating it can greatly enhance a player’s Pokemon Go experience. Whether battling against Deoxys in raids or pursuing the elusive shiny variant, trainers can immerse themselves in the thrill of capturing this extraordinary creature. So, gear up, strategize, and embark on the quest to encounter the enigmatic Deoxys in Pokemon Go.

How many different forms does Deoxys have in Pokémon Go?

Deoxys has four different forms in Pokémon Go: Normal Forme, Attack Forme, Defense Forme, and Speed Forme. Each form has unique stats and move sets.

How can I obtain Deoxys in Pokémon Go?

Deoxys can be obtained through EX Raids, special research tasks during events, or as a reward in the GO Battle League. Keep an eye out for announcements and participate in the corresponding activities to increase your chances of obtaining Deoxys.

What are Deoxys’ weaknesses in Pokémon Go?

Deoxys is weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type moves. Using Pokémon with these move types can exploit its weaknesses and deal super-effective damage.

Can Deoxys be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Yes, it is possible to encounter a shiny Deoxys in Pokémon Go. Shiny Pokémon have alternate coloration and are extremely rare to find.

Which movesets are recommended for Deoxys in raids?

The recommended movesets for Deoxys depend on its forme. For example, in Attack Forme, Psycho Boost and Zap Cannon are good choices, while in Defense Forme, Rock Slide and Thunderbolt are recommended. Research the specific movesets for each forme to optimize your battle strategy.