Axew, a Dragon-type Pokemon from the Unova region, has captivated trainers in Pokemon Go. With its unique evolutionary line, rarity, and battle potential, Axew has become a sought-after Pokemon. This article explores Axew’s evolution line, rarity, movesets, and strategies to maximize its potential in battles.    

Axew’s Evolution Line


Axew, the adorable Dragon-type Pokemon from the Unova region, evolves into two powerful stages: Fraxure and Haxorus. Each stage brings its unique strengths, weaknesses, and battle potential. Let’s explore the evolutionary line of Axew and understand the capabilities of each stage.


Axew starts its journey as a small and vulnerable Pokemon. It possesses an excellent Attack stat, allowing it to deal decent damage in battles. However, its defenses and HP are relatively low, making it susceptible to taking significant damage from opponents. Axew’s typing as a Dragon-type gives it advantages against other types, but it also leaves it vulnerable to common Fairy and Dragon-type moves.


As Axew evolves into Fraxure, it gains additional physical strength and endurance. Fraxure boasts higher Attack and Defense stats compared to Axew, making it a more well-rounded Pokemon. Its Dragon typing remains, offering the same advantages and vulnerabilities. Fraxure has access to a wider move pool, including powerful Dragon-type moves like Dragon Claw and Outrage. This allows Fraxure to unleash devastating attacks on opponents weak to Dragon-type moves.


The final evolution of Axew’s line, Haxorus, is a force to be reckoned with. Haxorus possesses an impressive Attack stat, making it one of the strongest physical attackers in the game. Its Defense and HP stats are also significantly improved, providing better survivability in battles. As a Dragon-type Pokemon, Haxorus maintains the same type advantages and disadvantages as its previous stages. Haxorus has access to an array of powerful moves, such as Dragon Claw, Earthquake, and Outrage. With its high Attack stat and move versatility, Haxorus becomes a potent offensive threat capable of taking down a wide variety of opponents.

Axew’s Rarity and Base Stats

Axew's Rarity and Base Stats

Axew, the Dragon-type Pokemon from the Unova region, is indeed a rare find in Pokemon Go. It has limited availability and is highly sought after by trainers. Let’s delve into Axew’s rarity and base stats to understand its value in the game.


All consider Axew a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It does not commonly appear in the wild, making it challenging to find. Axew’s rarity is due to its low spawn rate and limited availability in certain gameplay features, such as eggs and events. Trainers often consider Axew a prized catch and actively seek out opportunities to find it.

Base Stats

Axew has the following base stats:

  • Attack: 154
  • Defense: 101
  • Stamina (HP): 130

Axew’s base Attack stat of 154 is its most notable feature. It possesses a strong offensive capability, allowing it to deal significant damage with its moves. However, its Defense and Stamina stats are relatively average, making it more vulnerable to taking damage from opponents.

Evolutionary Potential

Although Axew’s base stats are not exceptional, it evolves into more powerful stages, Fraxure and Haxorus, which have higher base stats. Fraxure has an Attack stat of 212, Defense stat of 123, and Stamina stat of 144. Haxorus, the final evolution, boasts even higher base stats with an Attack stat of 284, Defense stat of 172, and Stamina stat of 183.

As Axew evolves, its stats improve significantly, making Fraxure and Haxorus formidable Pokemon in battles. Haxorus, in particular, becomes a potent offensive force with its high Attack stat.

Axew’s Movesets Analysis


Axew has access to a variety of moves that can be utilized in both PvE and PvP battles. Let’s explore Axew’s move pool and discuss some of the best movesets for each battle scenario.

PvE Battles (Raids and Gyms)

In PvE battles, the primary goal is to deal maximum damage to raid bosses or gym defenders. Axew’s high Attack stat allows it to excel in this area. Here are two recommended movesets for Axew in PvE battles:

Moveset 1: Dragon Tail + Outrage

  • Dragon Tail (Fast Move): Dragon Tail is a Dragon-type fast move that deals high damage and generates energy quickly.
  • Outrage (Charged Move): Outrage is a powerful Dragon-type charged move that benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and deals significant damage. It is an excellent choice for Axew’s charged move.

Moveset 2: Dragon Breath + Outrage

  • Dragon Breath (Fast Move): Dragon Breath is another Dragon-type fast move, which has a high damage output and decent energy generation.
  • Outrage (Charged Move): As mentioned earlier, Outrage is a powerful Dragon-type charged move and works well with Dragon Breath.

These movesets maximize Axew’s high Attack stat and take advantage of its Dragon typing to deal super-effective damage against various raid bosses and gym defenders weak to Dragon-type moves. Remember to consider the type matchups of the specific raid or gym battle you are participating in to optimize your damage output.

PvP Battles (Battles against other trainers)

In PvP battles, Trainers require a different strategy to account for the diverse range of Pokemon you may face. Here are two recommended movesets for Axew in PvP battles:

Moveset 1: Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw

  • Dragon Breath (Fast Move): Dragon Breath, as mentioned earlier, is a reliable Dragon-type fast move that provides good damage output and energy generation.
  • Dragon Claw (Charged Move): Dragon Claw is a low-energy Dragon-type charged move that allows Axew to put consistent pressure on opponents and deal damage quickly.

Moveset 2: Dragon Breath + Counter

  • Dragon Breath (Fast Move): Dragon Breath remains the preferred fast move for its high damage output and energy generation.
  • Counter (Charged Move): Counter is a Fighting-type charged move that covers some of Axew’s weaknesses to Ice and Steel types and provides coverage against opponents that resist Dragon-type moves.

These movesets capitalize on Axew’s high Attack stat and Dragon typing. Dragon Breath remains a staple fast move, while Dragon Claw offers consistent damage. Counter can be used as a charged move to deal with specific matchups and provide coverage against Pokemon that resist or counter Dragon-type moves.

Remember to strategize and consider the type matchups, shields, and potential threats you may encounter in PvP battles. Adjusting movesets based on the specific meta and opponents you face can enhance Axew’s performance.

Shiny Axew in Pokemon Go


Shiny Axew, with its unique coloration, is a highly sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Let’s delve into the rarity and appearance of shiny Axew, as well as the excitement surrounding its encounter and capture.

Rarity of Shiny Axew

Shiny Pokemon, including shiny Axew, are considered rare in Pokemon Go. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon are generally low, estimated to be around 1 in 450 encounters. These odds can vary depending on events, boosted shiny rates, or specific circumstances introduced by Niantic. As a result, shiny Axew holds a special value due to its rarity.

Appearance of Shiny Axew

Regular Axew has predominantly blue skin with cream-colored accents on its belly and tusks. In contrast, shiny Axew undergoes a color change. Its blue skin transforms into a pale pink color, while the cream-colored accents change to a light blue shade. The shiny variant of Axew features a striking and distinct color scheme, which sets it apart from its regular counterpart.

How to Get Axew in Pokemon Go


Obtaining Axew in Pokemon Go requires patience, persistence, and a strategic approach. There are several methods you can employ to increase your chances of encountering and catching one. Here are some tips on how to get Axew in Pokemon Go:

Explore Appropriate Habitats

Axew is more likely to appear in specific habitats, such as mountainous areas or near bodies of water. Explore different environments and pay attention to the in-game weather conditions, as certain weather conditions may increase the chances of encountering Dragon-type Pokemon like Axew.

Participate in Events

Keep an eye on Pokemon Go events announced by Niantic. During special events, the spawn rates of certain Pokemon, including Axew, will increase. Participating in these events will give you a higher chance of encountering Axew in the wild or through other gameplay features.

Hatch 10 km Eggs

Axew has a chance of hatching from 10 km eggs. These eggs are considered the rarest and can contain a variety of desirable Pokemon. Keep collecting and hatching 10 km eggs to increase your chances of obtaining Axew. Remember, the contents of eggs are determined at the time you receive them, so make sure to obtain 10 km eggs when Axew is available in the egg pool.

Utilize Incense and Lures

Using Incense or activating Lure Modules can attract Pokemon to your location. While they do not guarantee an encounter with Axew, they can increase the overall spawn rate of Pokemon, improving your chances of encountering rare Pokemon like Axew.

Connect with Local Pokemon Go Communities

Join local Pokemon Go communities, such as Discord servers, Facebook groups, or Reddit communities. These communities often share information about rare Pokemon sightings, nests, and events. Collaborating with other trainers can provide valuable insights and increase your chances of finding Axew.

What Is the Fastest Way to Obtain Axew in Pokemon Go

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How to Maximize Axew’s Potential in Pokemon Go


To maximize Axew’s potential in Pokemon battles, there are several key aspects to consider. Follow this guide to unlock the full power of Axew:

  1. Evolve and Power Up: Axew evolves into Fraxure and then Haxorus, both of which have higher base stats. Evolve your Axew as soon as possible and invest in powering up its CP to maximize its potential.
  2. Optimal Moveset: For PvE battles, Dragon Tail combined with Outrage is the ideal moveset to take advantage of Axew’s high Attack stat. In PvP battles, Dragon Breath paired with Dragon Claw provides consistent damage output. Consider Counter as a charged move to cover some of Axew’s weaknesses.
  3. Type Matchups: Understanding Axew’s type matchups is crucial. Dragon-type moves are super effective against Dragon, Grass, and Water types. However, be cautious of Fairy, Ice, and other Dragon types, which are resistant to or deal super-effective damage against Axew. Adjust your battle strategy accordingly.
  4. Team Synergy: Axew’s strengths and weaknesses should be considered when building your team. Pairing Axew with Pokemonthat cover its weaknesses, such as Steel or Fairy types, can enhance its effectiveness in battles.
  5. Dodge and Shield Wisely: In PvP battles, strategic use of shields and dodging can make a significant difference. Preserve your shields for important moments and dodge charged moves that can deal heavy damage to Axew.
  6. Raid and Gym Strategy: In PvE battles, research raid bosses and gym defenders to optimize your damage output. Take advantage of Axew’s Dragon-type moves against opponents weak to Dragon attacks.
  7. Enhance with Candy and Stardust: Use Axew Candy and Stardust to power up its CP and unlock additional Charged Moves. This will further increase Axew’s potential in battles.


Axew, with its unique evolution line, rarity, and battle potential, stands out as a highly desirable Pokemon in Pokemon Go. By understanding its evolutionary stages, rarity, movesets, and strategies to maximize its potential, trainers can harness the true strength of Axew in their battles. With dedication and the knowledge gained from this article, trainers can embark on a successful journey with their formidable Axew by their side.

How rare is Axew in Pokémon Go?

Axew is considered a rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It has a low spawn rate in the wild and is not commonly encountered. Trainers often actively seek out Axew due to its limited availability.

Can I hatch Axew from eggs?

Yes, Axew can be hatched from 10 km eggs in Pokémon Go. However, the chances of hatching Axew are relatively low, making it a sought-after hatch.

What are the best moves for Axew in battles?

For PvE battles, Dragon Tail paired with Outrage is recommended to maximize Axew’s damage output. In PvP battles, Dragon Breath combined with Dragon Claw is a popular choice. Counter can also be used to cover some weaknesses.

Does shiny Axew have any advantages in battles?

Shiny Axew does not have any inherent advantages in battles over its regular counterpart. However, it holds value for collectors and can be used to showcase a unique and rare Pokémon.

Should I evolve Axew into Fraxure and Haxorus?

Evolving Axew into Fraxure and Haxorus can significantly increase its base stats and overall battle potential. Both Fraxure and Haxorus have higher Attack stats, making them formidable choices for battles in Pokémon Go.