Seven years have passed since its initial launch, and Pokemon GO persists in its evolution, introducing new events, features, and a growing roster of Pokemon. From its modest beginnings with 150 Pokemon, the game has now expanded to encompass over 700, spanning every generation from the original Pokemon games.   

Among the later-generation additions to Pokemon GO is Sirfetch’d, the distinctive evolution of Galarian Farfetch’d. This Wild Duck Pokemon boasts a pure fighting type, featuring a knightly motif and unleashing formidable moves in the realms of Fighting, Flying, and Bug-types. But how to evolve Farfetch’d Pokemon Go? Let’s take a look!

Farfetch’d: The Wild Duck Pokemon


Farfetch’d, recognized as the “Wild Duck Pokemon,” is a distinctive and somewhat enigmatic creature within the expansive world of Pokemon. Initially introduced in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, Farfetch’d has become a symbol of rarity and uniqueness in the Pokemon universe.

Appearance and Characteristics

Farfetch’d is easily identifiable by its brown plumage, resembling that of a duck, and the leek it carries as a prized possession. The leek serves both as a tool and a weapon, and the Pokemon is often portrayed using it in a fencing-like manner. This comical yet endearing appearance has made Farfetch’d a memorable and beloved Pokemon for many trainers.

Habitat and Behavior

Known for its elusive nature, Farfetch’d tends to inhabit grassy areas and is sometimes spotted near water sources. Legend has it that this Pokemon is a skilled forager, using its leek to dig up food, making it a practical companion in the wild. Despite its resourcefulness, Farfetch’d remains a somewhat uncommon find in the Pokemon world, contributing to its reputation as a rare and sought-after species.

Cultural Significance

Farfetch’d has gained cultural significance not just for its in-game rarity but also through its appearances in various Pokemon media. Its unique design and the intriguing concept of a duck wielding a leek have made Farfetch’d a subject of fascination among Pokemon enthusiasts.

Evolution and Variants

In the Galar region, Farfetch’d undergoes a unique evolution to become Galarian Farfetch’d. The evolution introduces a fresh take on the classic Pokemon, incorporating regional influences, a new design, and potential evolutions such as Sirfetch’d.

Catching Galarian Farfetch’d


Before we tell you how to evolve Farfetch’d Pokemon Go, you need to find it. This unique Pokemon can be encountered in the wild or obtained from Pokemon GO’s 7km eggs, providing players with various avenues for adding it to their collection.

Making Galarian Farfetch’d Your Buddy

Once a Galarian Farfetch’d is in possession, players should designate it as their Buddy using the Pokemon GO Buddy system. This step establishes a connection with the chosen Pokemon, setting the stage for the subsequent evolution process.

Mastering Excellent Throws

The key to unlocking Sirfetch’d evolution lies in mastering the art of Excellent throws. To achieve this, players must land 10 Excellent throws, which demand precision in hitting the smallest version of the capture circle when attempting to catch a Pokemon. Notably, the difficulty of these throws adds a challenging element to the evolution process.

Tactics for Excellent Throws

To expedite the 10 Excellent throws requirement, players can employ strategic tactics. Focusing on Pokemon with larger base throwing circles or those exhibiting slower movements enhances the likelihood of success. Additionally, utilizing a Nanab Berry on the target Pokemon can temporarily immobilize it, simplifying the catching process during subsequent attempts.

Evolution with 50 Candies

Once the milestone of 10 Excellent throws is achieved, players are rewarded with the ability to evolve their Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d. This final step in the evolution process follows the traditional method of utilizing 50 Candies, marking the culmination of the player’s efforts in mastering the unique requirements for evolving this distinct Pokemon. This is how to evolve Farfetch’d Pokemon Go.

Understanding Sirfetch’d’s Typing


Sirfetch’d, akin to its pre-evolution Galarian Farfetch’d, is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon. This grants it resistance against Bug, Dark, and Rock-type attacks but renders it vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type moves. Notably, its primary strength lies in its robust Fighting-type moves, excelling against Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel-type opponents. However, these moves exhibit reduced effectiveness against Bug, Fairy, Flying, Poison, and Psychic-type Pokemon. Ghost-types, on the other hand, remain impervious to Fighting moves.

Best Sirfetch’d Movesets

To optimize Sirfetch’d’s combat capabilities and avoid over-specialization in Fighting, players are recommended to consider the following top-tier movesets:

  1. Counter and Brave Bird

This moveset strategically combines the fast and powerful Counter move with the potent Brave Bird attack. By incorporating a Flying-type move like Brave Bird, Sirfetch’d gains a tactical advantage, broadening its offensive range. This proves particularly effective in countering adversaries that may exploit the limitations of a pure Fighting-type moveset.

  1. Counter and Leaf Blade

Another effective moveset pairs Counter with Leaf Blade, introducing Grass-type damage into Sirfetch’d’s repertoire. This dual-type combination enhances Sirfetch’d’s versatility, enabling it to confront a diverse array of potential opponents. The inclusion of Leaf Blade proves advantageous against Pokemon that may be resistant to or immune to traditional Fighting-type moves.


Here are the best counters:

  1. Flying-Type Pokemon

Farfetch’d is a pure Normal/Flying-type Pokemon, making it vulnerable to moves of the Flying type. Pokemon with strong Flying-type attacks can deal super-effective damage to Farfetch’d, making them effective counters.

  1. Electric-Type Pokemon

Electric-type moves are super effective against Flying-type Pokemon. Pokemon with Electric-type attacks can exploit this weakness and significantly damage Farfetch’d.

  1. Rock-Type Pokemon

Rock-type moves have an advantage against Flying types, and they can be employed to counter Farfetch’d effectively. Pokemon with powerful Rock-type moves can quickly diminish Farfetch’d’s HP.

  1. Fighting-Type Pokemon

Although Farfetch’d is a Normal/Flying type, Fighting-type moves are neutral against it. However, if Farfetch’d has a secondary type (such as Sirfetch’d with Fighting type), Fighting-type moves become more effective.


Here are the weaknesse:

  1. Electric-Type Moves

Farfetch’d is weak against Electric-type moves due to its Flying typing. Pokemon with strong Electric-type attacks can exploit this weakness and significantly damage Farfetch’d.

  1. Rock-Type Moves

As a Flying-type Pokemon, Farfetch’d is susceptible to Rock-type moves. Pokemon with powerful Rock-type attacks can take advantage of this weakness and deal super-effective damage.

  1. Ice-Type Moves

Farfetch’d is also vulnerable to Ice-type moves. Pokemon with Ice-type attacks can exploit this weakness and deliver super-effective damage to Farfetch’d.

  1. Fairy-Type Moves (if applicable)

If Farfetch’d has a secondary type (e.g., Sirfetch’d with Fighting), it becomes weak to Fairy-type moves. Pokemon wielding Fairy-type attacks can capitalize on this weakness.


Farfetch’d, with its charming appearance and unique leek-wielding persona, stands out as a beloved character in the Pokemon universe. Now that you know how to evolve Farfetch’d Pokemon Go, you can easily do it. So, what’s the wait, get your evolution now!

How to evolve Farfetch’d Pokemon GO?

To evolve Galarian Farfetch’d into Sirfetch’d, make Galarian Farfetch’d your Buddy and achieve 10 Excellent throws. Following this accomplishment, you can evolve it using 50 Candies.

What are the best movesets for Sirfetch’d in Pokemon GO battles?

Optimal movesets for Sirfetch’d include combinations like Counter and Brave Bird or Counter and Leaf Blade. These sets strategically introduce Flying and Grass-type moves, enhancing Sirfetch’d’s versatility in battles.

Where can I find Farfetch’d in Pokemon GO?

Farfetch’d can be encountered in the wild or obtained from 7km eggs in Pokemon GO. Keep an eye out for events or special occasions that may increase the likelihood of encountering this Wild Duck Pokemon.

What are Farfetch’d’s weaknesses in battles?

Farfetch’d is weak against Electric-type, Rock-type, and Ice-type moves due to its Flying typing. Additionally, if it has a secondary Fighting type (as in Sirfetch’d), it becomes susceptible to Fairy-type moves.

Is Farfetch’d a rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Farfetch’d is considered somewhat rare in Pokemon GO. While it can be found in the wild and hatched from eggs, events and regional availability may impact its frequency, making it a sought-after catch for many trainers.