Do you want to know how to evolve Chansey in Pokemon? Meet Chansey, a lovable Pokémon known for its caring nature and constant companion, an egg it carries with affection. As a first-generation Pokémon, Chansey boasts impressive defensive stats and a massive HP pool, making it a formidable ally in battles. But the real magic lies in its evolution into Blissey, where its potential reaches new heights.  

If you’ve set your sights on nurturing Chansey into Blissey in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you’ve come to the right place. Blissey, often referred to as the ‘Happiness Pokémon,’ requires a special bond with its trainer to undergo this enchanting transformation. In this article, we’ll guide you on the journey of fostering a solid friendship with Chansey, paving the way for its evolution into the extraordinary Blissey.

Get ready to embark on a heartwarming quest filled with love, care, and joy, as you help Chansey achieve its full potential as a Blissey. Let’s begin!

How to Evolve Happiny into Chansey in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


Happiny, the adorable Pokémon that evolves into Chansey, can be found in the southern part of Paldea, particularly outside the city of Los Platos. Here’s how you can catch it:

  • Boost Normal-Type Encounter Power: Increase your chances of encountering Happiny by consuming a Ham Sandwich during a picnic, which enhances your Normal-Type Encounter Power.
  • Head to Los Platos (East) Pokémon Center: Start by flying to the Pokémon Center located in Los Platos (East).
  • Navigate Northwest: Move northwest on the map until you reach the area near the small lake in the middle.
  • Spotting Happiny: With the Normal-Type Encounter Power boost, you should spot a few Happiny in the area, ranging from Level 6 to 7. They are easy to catch, so use a regular Poké Ball for capture.

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1. Evolving Happiny into Chansey

Once you have Happiny in your possession, you can evolve it into Chansey using the following method:

Obtain an Oval Stone

In order to evolve Happiny, it must hold an Oval Stone during its next level up. You can find an Oval Stone in different areas throughout Paldea, but the easiest location is in the city of Levincia, hidden behind a tree and some bushes.

2. Finding Chansey in the Wild

If you prefer to find Chansey directly in the wild, follow these steps:

  • Boost Normal-Type Encounter Power: Similar to Happiny, consume something with Normal-Type Encounter Power to improve your chances of encountering Chansey.
  • Head to North Province (Area Three) Pokémon Center: Fly to the Pokémon Center in North Province (Area Three).
  • Move North: Proceed north until you exit the Glaseado Mountain area. You will find Chanseys wandering around near the Fairy Crew Base.
  • Stealth Approach: Use the crouch function with the B Button to avoid being noticed by Chansey. They are easily startled and will flee if they spot you.
  • Capture Chansey: Chansey can be challenging to catch due to its ability to restore its health. When its HP is sufficiently reduced, use an Ultra Ball or a Friendship Ball, if available, for the best chance of capture.

How to Evolve Chansey into Blissey: Unlocking the Power of Friendship


Evolving Chansey into Blissey requires building a strong bond of friendship with your Pokémon. This guide will walk you through various methods to reach maximum friendship with Chansey, paving the way for its remarkable evolution into Blissey.

1. Capture with a Friendship Ball

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Friendship Ball, use it to catch Chansey. Friendship Balls enhance a captured Pokémon’s friendship, giving you a head start on the evolution process.

2. Soothe Bell

A Token of Affection Equips your Chansey with a Soothe Bell to boost its friendship gain. You can purchase a Soothe Bell from any of the Delibird Presents locations in the game. With this item, your Chansey will warm up to you more quickly.

3. Let’s Go Together

The Power of Companionship Utilize the ‘Let’s Go’ feature to foster friendship with Chansey. Let it walk beside you on your adventures and participate in auto battles independently. This shared experience will deepen your bond.

4. Heartfelt Interactions

During picnics, make sure to talk to and wash your Chansey. These nurturing gestures will make it feel cared for and cherished, further strengthening your friendship.

5. Share the Journey

Expanding Friendship through Camps Spend quality time with Chansey in your Pokémon Camp. Play games together, cook curry, and share a meal. These heartwarming interactions will undoubtedly bring you closer.

6. Healing with Berries

Heal Chansey’s HP using berries during and outside of battles. This act of nurturing shows your dedication to its well-being and contributes to friendship growth.

7. Maximize Friendship on Special Days

On certain in-game days or events, friendship gains may receive a bonus. Be attentive to these occasions and seize the opportunity to accelerate your bond with Chansey.

8. Leveling Up

The Final Step Once your friendship with Chansey reaches its peak, all that’s left is to level it up to trigger the evolution into the delightful Blissey. Witness the transformation of your cherished Pokémon and relish the joy of having a powerful Blissey by your side.

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Tracking Friendship Progress: Checking Chansey’s Evolution Readiness

To ensure your efforts are paying off, you can gauge Chansey’s friendship level using the helpful woman in green clothes located near the fountain in the city of Cascarrafa. Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to Cascarrafa: Make your way to the city of Cascarrafa.
  • Find the Woman with a Marill: Look for the woman in green clothes standing next to some bushes with a Marill by her side. She is situated near the central fountain of the city.
  • Inquire About Chansey’s Friendship: Show her your beloved Chansey, and she will kindly reveal the current friendship level it has reached. This information will give you an idea of how close you are to achieving the evolution into Blissey.

By combining all the friendship-building methods mentioned earlier and utilizing this tracking technique, you’ll be on the fast track to evolving your cherished Chansey into the radiant Blissey. Enjoy the journey of strengthening your bond with your Pokémon and witnessing the beautiful transformation into the ‘Happiness Pokémon.’

How to Evolve Chansey in Violet: Battle Together, Grow Together


In the world of Pokémon, battles are not just about winning or losing; they represent opportunities for growth, learning, and bonding between trainers and their beloved Pokémon. As you set out on the journey to evolve Chansey into Blissey, engaging in battles together becomes an essential aspect of nurturing your friendship.

1. Unity in Battle

Building Trust Facing challenges side by side in battles fosters a sense of unity and trust between you and Chansey. As you strategize together, overcome obstacles, and celebrate triumphs, your bond deepens, and your friendship grows stronger.

2. Emotional Resonance

Celebrating Successes The elation of a hard-fought victory is a powerful emotion that resonates between trainers and Pokémon. Experiencing these emotions together cements a profound understanding of one another and reinforces the mutual support you share.

3. Learning from Defeats

A Path to Improvement Even in defeat, valuable lessons can be learned. Encountering setbacks alongside Chansey provides an opportunity for growth and evolution, both on the battlefield and in your friendship.

4. Tailored Training

Addressing Weaknesses Observing Chansey’s performance in battles allows you to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Tailoring training sessions to address these aspects helps optimize its potential and demonstrates your commitment to its growth.

5. Victory Celebrations

Marking Milestones Celebrate each milestone reached together with Chansey. Whether it’s defeating a formidable opponent or earning a prestigious badge, rejoicing in victories strengthens the emotional connection and sense of achievement.

6. Legendary Encounters

Epic Battles and Legendary Bonds Embark on legendary encounters and challenging battles with Chansey by your side. These extraordinary experiences forge legendary bonds, marking you and your Pokémon as an unbeatable team.

7. Elite Tournaments

Ascending to New Heights Competing in elite tournaments and championships with Chansey showcases your shared dedication and prowess. The journey to conquer these heights reinforces your partnership and camaraderie.

8. Legendary Friendship

Embodying the Spirit of Blissey As your friendship with Chansey reaches its pinnacle, the evolution into Blissey is a testament to the legendary friendship you’ve cultivated together. Blissey embodies the essence of happiness, warmth, and the everlasting bond between trainers and their Pokémon.

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Evolving Chansey into Blissey is a heartwarming journey that revolves around the power of friendship and love in the Pokémon world. By following the steps outlined in this guide and incorporating various methods to nurture your bond, you knew how to evolve Chansey. And you’ll witness the transformation of your cherished Chansey into the radiant ‘Happiness Pokémon,’ Blissey. Embrace the moments shared, celebrate victories, and learn from challenges together as you grow closer with your Pokémon.

Through battles, picnics, and heartfelt interactions, you’ll create an unbreakable connection, and the evolution into Blissey will be a testament to the legendary friendship you’ve forged. So, take the first step, and embark on this unforgettable adventure of love, trust, and friendship in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How do I capture Happiny in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

To capture Happiny, head to the southern part of Paldea, especially outside the city of Los Platos. Boost your chances of encountering Happiny by using something with Normal-Type Encounter Power, such as a Ham Sandwich during a picnic. Once you encounter Happiny, use a regular Poké Ball to catch it.

Where can I find the Oval Stone needed to evolve Happiny into Chansey?

The Oval Stone can be found in various locations throughout Paldea. The easiest place to find it is in the city of Levincia, hidden behind a tree and some bushes. Refer to the in-game map or seek guidance from other players for additional locations.

How can I check my Chansey’s friendship level in the game?

In the city of Cascarrafa, head to the fountain at the city’s center. Look for a woman in green clothes standing beside some bushes with a Marill. Show her your Chansey, and she will inform you of its current friendship level, giving you an indication of how close you are to evolving it into Blissey.

Can I use multiple friendship-boosting methods simultaneously?

Absolutely! To expedite Chansey’s evolution into Blissey, combine various friendship-building methods. Utilize items like the Soothe Bell, engage in Pokémon Amie interactions, participate in battles together, and provide healing berries. The more ways you nurture your bond, the faster your friendship with Chansey will grow, leading to a timely evolution into Blissey.