In today’s digital era, online food delivery services have become increasingly popular. DoorDash, one of the leading platforms in this industry, connects customers with local restaurants and enables them to order food conveniently from their smartphones or computers. However, there may be instances where you want to change your store location on DoorDash. This post will show you how to use a VPN and iFoneTool AnyGo, a secure substitute, to modify the location of your DoorDash business.

What is DoorDash? 


DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery platform that allows users to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. The company partners with various restaurants, enabling customers to access a wide range of cuisines and menu options. DoorDash operates through its website and mobile application, making it convenient for users to order food from the comfort of their homes or offices.

How Does Doordash Work?

Using a simple business model, customers peruse the restaurants that are accessible on DoorDash, select what they want, and make an order. Once the order is verified, DoorDash assigns a delivery driver to pick it up from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s specified address. The entire process is managed through the DoorDash platform, ensuring a seamless experience for both customers and restaurant partners.


Why Would You Change Store Location on Doordash?

There are a few situations where you might want to change your store location on DoorDash. Here are a few common scenarios:

  • Traveling: When you’re not at your typical area, you might wish to order dinner from a restaurant nearby. Changing your store location on DoorDash gives you access to local eateries and the convenience of having food delivered to your temporary residence.
  • Limited availability: DoorDash operates in various cities and regions, and not all restaurants may be available in every area. By changing your store location, you can access a wider variety of restaurants and cuisines that may not be available in your default location.
  • Testing promotions: DoorDash occasionally offers location-specific promotions or discounts. By changing your store location, you can take advantage of these offers and enjoy discounted prices or exclusive deals available in specific areas.
  • Preferences for specific restaurants: You may have a favorite restaurant or cuisine that is not available in your current location. Changing your store location allows you to explore and order from a broader range of restaurants that align with your preferences.

How to Change Store Location on Doordash with a VPN? 


Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one way to change your store location on DoorDash. A VPN masks your IP address and makes it appear as if you’re browsing from a different location. Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing your store location on DoorDash with a VPN:

  • Choose a VPN provider: There are several VPN providers available in the market. Research and select a reliable and trustworthy VPN service that suits your needs. Popular choices include CyberGhostExpressVPN, and NordVPN.
  • Install and set up the VPN: Download and install the VPN application on your device. Follow the instructions provided by the VPN provider to set up the VPN properly.
  • Connect to a server in the desired location: Open the VPN software and establish a connection with a server in the region where you wish to modify the DoorDash shop location.
  • Clear your device’s cache: To ensure that DoorDash recognizes your new location, clear the cache and cookies of the DoorDash application on your device.
  • Open DoorDash and check the new store location: Launch the DoorDash application and verify that your store location has been updated to the desired area.

It’s important to note that using a VPN to change your store location on DoorDash may violate the platform’s terms of service. DoorDash may take measures to detect and prevent VPN usage. Therefore, proceed with caution and be aware of the potential risks involved.

How to Change Store Location on Doordash Safely?

To modify your DoorDash store location safely and reliably, consider using a location spoofing tool like iFoneTool AnyGo. iFoneTool AnyGo  is a sophisticated and user-friendly location spoofing tool that changes the GPS position of iOS devices. It gives a safe and quick solution to change the location of your iPhone without having to jailbreak it. AnyGo offers a solid solution for changing your location for gaming, app testing, and accessing location-specific services like DoorDash.

With iFoneTool AnyGo, you can simulate your iPhone’s GPS coordinates to any desired location around the world. You can modify your store’s location and access eateries and food alternatives from various locations with the tool’s support for a broad variety of location-based applications, such as DoorDash.

Key Features

  • Teleport Mode: AnyGo’s Teleport Mode allows you to instantly change your iPhone’s location to any place on the map. Simply search for the desired location, and AnyGo will teleport your device’s GPS coordinates to that specific area.
  • Two-Spot Mode: This mode enables you to simulate movement between two different locations. You can set a starting point and an endpoint, and AnyGo will create a route between the two spots, giving the impression that you are moving from one place to another.
  • Multi-Spot Mode: With Multi-Spot Mode, you can create a customized route with multiple spots. This feature is particularly useful for testing location-based apps or games that require movement through various locations.
  • Joystick Mode: AnyGo’s Joystick Mode allows you to manually control the movement of your iPhone’s GPS. You can use the joystick on the interface to navigate and explore different areas virtually.
  • Simulate Speed: AnyGo lets you adjust the speed at which your location changes. You can simulate walking, cycling, or driving speeds to make your location changes more realistic.

How to Use iFoneTool AnyGo?

Here’s how you can change your store location on DoorDash using iFoneTool AnyGo:

Step 1: Download and install the iFoneTool AnyGo on your computer. Open AnyGo and click the Start button.


Step 2: Connect your phone to your computer by USB, and then you will see your location on the map.


Step 3: Click the location you want to go on the map or enter where you’d like to go on the top left. And then click “Move”.


Now you can get a new fake location!


Finally, changing your DoorDash store location is great for traveling, exploring new eateries, or taking advantage of area-specific promos. Although moving your company’s headquarters can be accomplished through the use of a VPN, there are risks associated with this and it may violate DoorDash’s terms of service. A safer option is to use a location spoofing app, such as iFoneTool AnyGo, to change the GPS position of your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

By following the directions in this post, you may quickly move your DoorDash store and take advantage of the ease of ordering meals from your preferred restaurants wherever you are.

Can I change my store location on DoorDash using a VPN?

Yes, you can change your store location on DoorDash using a VPN by connecting to a server in the desired location. However, using a VPN may violate DoorDash’s terms of service, and there are potential risks involved.

Are there any risks in changing my store location on DoorDash with a VPN?

Yes, using a VPN to change your store location on DoorDash may violate the platform’s terms of service. DoorDash has measures in place to detect and prevent VPN usage. Proceed with caution and be aware of the potential consequences.

Is there a safer alternative to change my store location on DoorDash?

Yes, a safer alternative is to use a location spoofing tool like iFoneTool AnyGo. It allows you to change your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreaking the device, providing a reliable and secure method to modify your store location.

Does iFoneTool AnyGo work on all iOS devices?

Yes, iFoneTool AnyGo is compatible with various iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. It supports the latest iOS versions, ensuring broad compatibility for users.

Can I revert back to my real location after using iFoneTool AnyGo?

Absolutely! iFoneTool AnyGo provides a convenient one-click option to instantly return to your real GPS location. You can easily switch back and forth between virtual and real locations.