DoorDash has revolutionized the food delivery industry by allowing users to order meals from their favorite restaurants and have them delivered right to their doorstep. While DoorDash strives to provide accurate location information for restaurants, there may be instances where you need to change the restaurant location for various reasons. In this article, we will explore how to change the restaurant location on DoorDash and introduce a helpful tool called iFoneTool AnyGo that can assist you in modifying your location.

What is DoorDash? 


DoorDash is a popular food delivery platform that connects customers with local restaurants. It operates through a mobile application and allows users to browse menus, place orders, and track the progress of their deliveries. With a vast network of partner restaurants and efficient delivery services, DoorDash has become a convenient and reliable option for food delivery.

How Does Doordash Work?


DoorDash operates as a marketplace connecting users, restaurants, and delivery drivers. Customers open the DoorDash app, browse through the available restaurants in their area, select their desired items, and place an order. The order is then transmitted to the restaurant, where it is prepared. Once the food is ready, a DoorDash driver picks it up and delivers it to the customer’s specified location. DoorDash also provides real-time updates and tracking to keep customers informed about the delivery status.

Why Would You Change the Restaurant Location on Doordash? 


There are a few scenarios where you might need to change the restaurant location on DoorDash:

  • Incorrect restaurant address: Occasionally, restaurants may have outdated or incorrect address information listed on DoorDash. In such cases, changing the location ensures accurate delivery and prevents any confusion for both the delivery driver and the customer.
  • Temporary closure or relocation: Restaurants may temporarily close for renovations, holidays, or other reasons. If a restaurant is closed or has moved temporarily, changing the location on DoorDash allows you to still access their menu and place orders once they reopen or relocate.
  • Personal preference: Some users may wish to explore restaurants in different areas or discover new dining options. Changing the restaurant location on DoorDash enables you to browse and order from restaurants outside your immediate vicinity.

How to Change Restaurant Location on Doordash?

Changing the restaurant location on DoorDash is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to update the restaurant location:

  • Launch the DoorDash mobile application on your device. Ensure you are logged in to your DoorDash account.
  • On the app’s home screen, enter the desired restaurant name or cuisine type in the search bar. Alternatively, you can browse through the available restaurants in your current location.
  • Once you have selected a restaurant, tap on it to access its menu and details.
  • In the restaurant’s information section, locate the address or location details. This information is typically displayed below the restaurant’s name and rating.
  • To change the restaurant location, tap on the address or location details. This action should open a text field where you can enter a new address or location.
  • Enter the new address, city, or zip code of the desired location for the restaurant. You can also use a landmark or specific instructions to provide more accurate information.
  • After entering the new location details, tap on the “Save” or “Update” button to apply the changes.

The restaurant location will now be updated on DoorDash, and you can proceed to browse the menu, place an order, and complete the checkout process.

The Best Tool to Change Location on Doordash

iFoneTool AnyGo is a versatile software tool that allows you to change your GPS location on iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. While it primarily focuses on GPS location spoofing for various purposes, it can also be used to modify your location on DoorDash. By using iFoneTool AnyGo, you can virtually change your location and access restaurants in different areas on the DoorDash platform.

Key Features

  • Change GPS Location:

The primary feature of iFoneTool AnyGo is the ability to change your GPS location with ease. It allows you to teleport to any place in the world by simply entering the desired location or coordinates. This feature is useful for testing location-based apps, accessing geo-restricted content, or protecting your privacy.

  • Simulate Movement:

iFoneTool AnyGo goes beyond static location changes and enables you to simulate movement between different locations. You can set a specific route with multiple waypoints and adjust the speed of movement. This feature is particularly helpful for testing navigation apps, gaming applications, or creating geolocation-based content.

  • Support for Multiple Apps:

iFoneTool AnyGo is compatible with a wide range of location-based apps and services. It works seamlessly with popular apps like Pokemon Go, Tinder, Uber, and more. By changing your GPS location, you can interact with these apps as if you were physically present in a different location.

  • One-Click Location Spoofing:

With its user-friendly interface, iFoneTool AnyGo allows you to change your GPS location with just one click. You can select a location from the map or search for a specific address or coordinates. This convenience makes it accessible even for users with limited technical expertise.

  • Customized Speed and Movement:

In addition to changing your location, iFoneTool AnyGo allows you to customize the speed and movement patterns. You can adjust the speed of movement between waypoints, simulate walking, running, or driving, and even pause at specific locations. This level of control adds realism to your location simulation.

How to Use iFoneTool AnyGo?

Step 1: Download and install the iFoneTool AnyGo on your computer. Open AnyGo and click the Start button.


Step 2: Connect your phone to your computer by USB, and then you will see your location on the map.


Step 3: Click the location you want to go on the map or enter where you’d like to go on the top left. And then click “Move”.


Now you can get a new fake location! Please note that using location spoofing tools like iFoneTool AnyGo should be done responsibly and in compliance with the terms of service of the applications and platforms you are using. Ensure that you are using such tools for legitimate purposes and not for deceptive or illegal activities.


Changing the restaurant location on DoorDash can be necessary in certain situations, such as incorrect address information, temporary closures, or personal preference. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily update the restaurant location on the DoorDash app. Additionally, tools like iFoneTool AnyGo provide a convenient way to change your GPS location, enabling you to explore restaurants in different areas on DoorDash.

Remember to use such tools responsibly and respect the terms of service of the applications you are using. Enjoy the convenience of DoorDash and explore a wide range of dining options from the comfort of your own home.

Why would I need to change the restaurant location on DoorDash?

There are several reasons you may want to change the restaurant location, such as an incorrect address, temporary closure, or exploring dining options in different areas.  

How can I change the restaurant location on DoorDash?

To change the restaurant location on DoorDash, launch the app, search for the desired restaurant, tap on it, locate the address or location details, and update them with the new address or location.

Can I change the restaurant location before placing an order?

Yes, you can change the restaurant location before placing an order. Once you update the location details for a specific restaurant, it will reflect the new location throughout the ordering process.

Is it possible to change the restaurant location on DoorDash temporarily?

Yes, you can change the restaurant location temporarily. For example, if a restaurant has temporarily closed or relocated, you can update the location on DoorDash to access their menu once they reopen or relocate.

Will changing the restaurant location affect my previous orders or account settings?

Changing the restaurant location will not impact your previous orders or account settings. It only updates the location information for that particular restaurant, ensuring accurate delivery and browsing options.