Pokemon Go enthusiasts have long had a fascination with the legendary Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, Ho-Oh. With its majestic appearance and incredible power, trainers are eager to add this mythical creature to their roster. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Ho-Oh.   

Base Stats of Ho-Oh


Ho-Oh, the powerful Fire/Flying-type legendary Pokemon, possesses impressive base stats that contribute to its exceptional performance in battles. Let’s delve into the base stats of Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go:


Ho-Oh boasts a base Attack stat of 263, making it a formidable offensive force. This high Attack stat allows Ho-Oh to deal significant damage to its opponents, especially when utilizing moves that capitalize on its strengths.


With a base Defense stat of 301, Ho-Oh demonstrates remarkable resilience against opposing attacks. Its high Defense stat enables it to withstand substantial damage, making it a sturdy choice for battling and defending gyms.


Ho-Oh possesses a base Stamina stat of 214, indicating its excellent endurance in battles. The high Stamina stat grants it a substantial amount of hit points (HP), allowing Ho-Oh to sustain damage and remain in battles for extended periods.

Overall Tankiness

Ho-Oh’s combination of high Defense and Stamina stats results in impressive overall tankiness. This means that Ho-Oh can endure a substantial amount of damage before being knocked out, making it a formidable opponent in raids and gym battles.

Typing Advantages 

Ho-Oh’s Fire/Flying typing contributes to its overall strength. Its Fire typing grants it resistance to Bug, Grass, Fairy, Fire, Fighting, and Steel-type moves, reducing the damage it takes from these types of attacks. Meanwhile, its Flying typing grants it immunity to Ground-type moves, further bolstering its defensive capabilities.


While Ho-Oh has several impressive qualities, it is not without weaknesses. As a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, Ho-Oh is vulnerable to Rock, Electric, Water, and Electric-type moves. Trainers should consider these weaknesses when selecting counters and formulating battle strategies against Ho-Oh.

Ho-Oh’s Moveset and Best Moves


Ho-Oh possesses a diverse moveset that allows trainers to customize its battle strategy according to different scenarios. Let’s explore the moveset options for Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go and determine the best moves for various situations.

The best moveset for Ho-Oh depends on the specific battle scenario and the opponent’s weaknesses. Here are some recommended movesets for different scenarios:

Raid Battles

In raid battles, where the objective is to defeat a powerful raid boss, a recommended moveset for Ho-Oh would be:

  • Fast Move: Incinerate
  • Charged Moves: Brave Bird and Fire Blast

This moveset takes advantage of Ho-Oh’s high Attack stat and its ability to exploit the weaknesses of opposing Pokemon. Brave Bird provides a high DPS option, while Fire Blast targets specific types weak to Fire.

Gym Defense

When placing Ho-Oh in a gym to defend it against challengers, a recommended moveset would be:

  • Fast Move: Incinerate
  • Charged Moves: Brave Bird and Earthquake

This moveset allows Ho-Oh to deal significant damage to attackers while having some coverage against Electric and Poison-type Pokemon that may pose a threat.

PvP Battles

The choice of moveset in player-versus-player battles depends on the specific format and the opponent’s team composition. However, a versatile moveset for Ho-Oh in PvP could be:

  • Fast Move: Incinerate
  • Charged Moves: Brave Bird and Solar Beam

This moveset provides a mix of high DPS and coverage against various types, allowing Ho-Oh to adapt to different opponents and deal considerable damage.

In conclusion, Ho-Oh’s moveset offers a range of options for trainers to tailor their battle strategy. Consider the specific scenario and opponent’s weaknesses to determine the best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go.

Top 5 Best Counter Pokemon of Ho-Oh


When facing Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go, several Pokemon can serve as reliable counters due to their typing, move sets, and overall strength. Here are the top five best counter Pokemon to consider when battling against Ho-Oh:


As a Rock-type Pokemon with a high Attack stat, Rampardos excels at dealing super-effective damage to Ho-Oh. Its moveset, including Smack Down as its fast move and Rock Slide or Rock Slide as its charged moves, makes it a potent counter to Ho-Oh.


With its Dark/Rock typing and a strong Attack stat, Tyranitar is an excellent choice to counter Ho-Oh. Its Rock-type moves, such as Smack Down and Stone Edge, exploit Ho-Oh’s double weakness to Rock, while its Dark-type moves, like Bite and Crunch, provide additional coverage.


Rhyperior’s Ground/Rock typing and high Defense stat make it a durable counter against Ho-Oh. Its moveset, featuring Mud-Slap as the fast move and Earthquake or Rock Wrecker as the charged move, allows it to deal significant damage to Ho-Oh, especially with its Ground-type attacks.


As an Electric-type Pokemon, Electivire can exploit Ho-Oh’s weakness to Electric moves. With moves like Thunder Shock or Volt Switch as the fast move and Wild Charge as the charged move, Electivire can deal substantial damage to Ho-Oh and potentially secure a quick victory.


Garchomp’s Dragon/Ground typing and well-rounded stats make it a strong counter to Ho-Oh. Its Dragon-type moves, such as Dragon Tail and Outrage, can exploit Ho-Oh’s Dragon weakness, while its Ground-type moves like Mud Shot and Earthquake provide coverage against Ho-Oh’s Fire/Flying typing.

Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go


Rarity and Appearance

Shiny Ho-Oh features a distinct color scheme compared to its standard counterpart. While the regular Ho-Oh has predominantly red and gold feathers, shiny Ho-Oh displays a vibrant color palette with its feathers appearing in shades of green and yellow. The altered coloration makes shiny Ho-Oh visually striking and desirable to collectors and trainers.

The odds of encountering a shiny variant during encounters, such as Raid Battles or Special Research tasks, are relatively low. The exact shiny rate for Ho-Oh may vary during specific events or promotions. However, in general, the chance of finding a shiny Ho-Oh is approximately 1 in 20 encounters.

Strategies for Encountering and Capturing Shiny Ho-Oh

Here are some strategies that trainers employ to increase their chances of encountering and capturing shiny Ho-Oh:

  • Participate in Raid Events: Shiny Ho-Oh is often featured in special raid events, such as Legendary Raid Hours or Raid Weeks. These events provide increased opportunities to encounter Ho-Oh and potentially find its shiny variant. Keep an eye on in-game announcements or community platforms to stay informed about upcoming events.
  • Utilize the “Check and Leave” Method: Some trainers employ the “Check and Leave” method when encountering a shiny-eligible Pokemon like Ho-Oh. This strategy involves checking the Pokemon’s shiny status at the beginning of the encounter and, if it isn’t shiny, immediately leaving the encounter without capturing it. This method allows trainers to check multiple Ho-Oh encounters quickly, increasing their chances of finding a shiny variant.
  • Coordinate with Local Communities: Joining local PokemonGo communities or Discord servers can enhance your chances of finding shiny Ho-Oh. Trainers often share information about shiny encounters. Coordinating raids with other trainers can also increase the number of encounters, improving the odds of finding a shiny Ho-Oh.

How to Catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go


To catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go, you will need to participate in Raid Battles. Ho-Oh is a Legendary Pokemon, and it is typically featured as a raid boss during special events or in specific raid rotations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to catch Ho-Oh:

Locate a Raid Battle

Keep an eye on the in-game Raid Battle section or check local Pokemon Go communities to find out when and where Ho-Oh raids are taking place. Ho-Oh raids are typically higher-level raids and require multiple trainers to defeat.

Assemble a Raid Team

Gather a group of trainers to join you in the raid battle against Ho-Oh.

Battle and Defeat Ho-Oh

Once you have organized your raid team, head to the raid location at the specified time. Use your best Pokemon with moves that are effective against Ho-Oh’s Fire/Flying typing. Ground, Rock, Electric, and Water-type moves are particularly effective. Coordinate with your team to defeat Ho-Oh within the time limit.

Earn Premier Balls

After defeating Ho-Oh, you will receive Premier Balls based on your performance in the raid battle. Factors like damage dealt, team contribution, and gym control determine the number of Premier Balls you receive. These Premier Balls are used for the catch attempt.

Golden Razz Berries and Curveball Throws

To increase your chances of capturing Ho-Oh, feed it Golden Razz Berries before each throw. This significantly boosts the catch rate. Additionally, try to throw curveballs by spinning the Poké Ball in a circular motion before releasing it. Curveballs increase the catch rate as well.

Aim for Great or Excellent Throws

Accuracy matters when trying to catch Ho-Oh. Aim for Great or Excellent throws by timing your throws carefully. Landing a Great or Excellent throw increases your chances of a successful catch.

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How to Prepare for Ho-Oh Raid Battles


Preparing for Ho-Oh raid battles is crucial for maximizing your chances of success. Here are some key steps to consider:

1、Building a Strong Team: Ho-Oh’s dual Fire/Flying typing makes it vulnerable to Rock, Electric, Water, and Rock-type moves. Assembling a team of powerful counters, such as Raikou, Rampardos, Electivire, Rhyperior, and Tyranitar, will greatly increase your chances of victory.

2、Optimizing Movesets: Ensure that your counters have the most effective movesets. For example, Rock-type attackers should have moves like Smack Down and Rock Slide to exploit Ho-Oh’s weaknesses.

3、Leveling Up Pokemon: Powering up your counters to higher levels will boost their stats and increase their survivability in battle. Investing Stardust and Candy into your team is essential for taking on the mighty Ho-Oh.

4、Coordinating with Raid Groups: Joining or forming raid groups with other trainers significantly increases your chances of success. Coordinate timing, communicate strategies, and work together to defeat Ho-Oh efficiently.

5、Utilizing Weather Boosts: Take advantage of weather conditions that boost your counters’ attacks. For example, Electric-type moves will be stronger during rainy weather, while Rock-type moves will benefit from clear weather.

6、Dodging and Healing: During the raid battle, consider dodging Ho-Oh’s charged moves to minimize damage to your Pokemon. Additionally, have a stock of healing items ready to revive and restore your team’s health between battles.

7、Golden Razz Berries: Use Golden Razz Berries to increase your catch rate when attempting to capture Ho-Oh after the raid battle. Time your throws carefully and aim for Excellent or Great throws to further improve your chances.


Ho-Oh, with its impressive base stats, diverse moveset, and shiny variant, is a legendary Pokemon that demands respect and strategic planning. By understanding its strengths and weaknesses, assembling a team of powerful counters, and employing effective raid strategies, trainers can increase their chances of capturing this mythical creature. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a newcomer to Pokemon Go, the journey to capturing Ho-Oh is filled with excitement, challenges, and the opportunity to strengthen your team. So gear up, gather your friends, and embark on the quest to conquer Ho-Oh in Pokemon Go!

How can I encounter Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go?

Ho-Oh can be encountered by participating in Raid Battles. Keep an eye out for Ho-Oh raids during special events or in specific raid rotations.

What are the best counters to defeat Ho-Oh in raids?

Rock-type Pokémon like Rampardos and Tyranitar, as well as Ground-type Pokémon like Rhyperior, are excellent counters due to their type advantage against Ho-Oh’s Fire/Flying typing.

Is there a shiny variant of Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go?

Yes, shiny Ho-Oh is available in Pokémon Go. It has a different coloration, featuring green and yellow feathers instead of the regular red and gold.

How rare is shiny Ho-Oh?

Shiny Ho-Oh is considered rare in Pokémon Go. The chance of encountering a shiny Ho-Oh is approximately 1 in 20 encounters, although this rate may vary during specific events.

Can Ho-Oh learn any unique moves in Pokémon Go?

Ho-Oh can learn a variety of moves, including its signature move Sacred Fire. However, the availability of moves for Ho-Oh may vary depending on special events or exclusive movesets.