Within the popular mobile game context, Pokemon GO enthusiasts face the exciting challenge of discovering various types of pocket monsters in their open-air settings. To do so successfully, one must not only consider Legendary entities that typically require participation in raids; everyday creatures may also necessitate a bit more perseverance and determination.

Amidst the Non-Legendary Pokemon species lies Ditto, a mysterious creature whose absence in the early days of Pokemon GO confounded many players. While it is now an integral part of the game, spotting it still continues to pose difficulties.

If you’re on a hunt to capture a Ditto, then good luck, as there is only a 3% chance of discovering one. However, if you follow our guide, the percentage of finding a Ditto and capturing it in a Pokeball increases. In this guide, you will know how to catch a Ditto In Pokemon Go and the exact method of catching a Ditto. Ditto hunters can also benefit from our guide, as it presents a long list of all Ditto disguises.

Part 1: Ditto Disguises in Pokemon GO

As far as I know, an authoritative compilation detailing which Pokemon Ditto can replicate within Pokemon GO does not exist since it has been speculated that Ditto can mirror any species available in-game. Nonetheless, a compendium based on community-sourced encounters is present and subject to evolution over time.


Specific Pokemon were spotted more frequently than usual during the last April Fools days’ commemoration. This led some people to suspect that they were actually Ditto in guise. Unfortunately, the situation only prevailed for a few hours, and it remains uncertain if those specific Pokemon were to have Ditto-like qualities.

Inconsistent Habits

Ditto is one of the most slippery Pokemon that a Pokemon player can come across. You can never predict that you have a Ditto in your Pokeball. The only indicator that will help you identify this mysterious Pokemon is its ability to transform after being captured. You would not be able to catch this kind of Pokemon easily, as this specie is available in a very small number in-game. Take my advice and do not rely on different lists present in new articles, as these lists are outdated.

Ditto has proven tricky to identify due to its inconsistent nature when in disguise. In contrast with typical Pokemon, this monster comes with an exclusive set of moves whenever it metamorphoses into another creature. For this reason, noticing strange behaviors during battles, like witnessing an unusual move from Rattata or Zubat, could point toward Ditto’s involvement in the said encounter.


Events and Special Research

If you want a better shot at discovering and capturing Ditto in Pokemon GO, make sure you stay informed about official announcements and event calendars. During specific events or Special Research missions, the likelihood of coming across this elusive creature rises significantly.

That’s why attending such functions is highly recommended if you hope to increase your chances of success against the trickster Pokemon. With careful consideration paid towards participating effectively within said opportunities, increased likelihoods await locating ditto, forging one step closer towards victory at last!

List of Disguised Pokemon

To detect and catch a seemingly cagey malevolent Pokemon known as Ditto, with mastery or finesse, requires an understanding of its unique traits. As we know, one of its aspects is that it has the ability to adopt alternative identities, causing problems for trainers who fail to differentiate between real creatures and counterfeits, leaving them chasing shadows during hunting expeditions.


Knowing that its attributes include resembling creatures such as Pidgey or Rattata can help hone focus while stalking through grasses or urban environments searching for prey. Furthermore, one must beware of suspect species like Hoothoot, Sentret, Yanma, Zigzagoon, Gulpin, and others. Similarly, Whismur, Bidoof, and even Foongus have also been documented as being used in previous encounters with Ditto. Remain Vigilant because constant awareness is the key to a successful hunt.

Part 2: How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon GO

As we have discussed the different abilities and disguises of Ditto, we can say that catching Ditto is not child’s play. Initially, when trainers capture a Pokemon, they don’t have a clue if its a Ditto or not. When a trainer captures a Pokemon, the catch screen appears, and he can see the picture of the Pokemon on it. If the Pokemon remains in the same shape, its not Ditto. However, if the catch screen shows the Pokemon shapeshifting into Ditto, you’ll have a rare specie in your Pokemon collection.

Catch ‘Em All

Obtaining a rare and evasive creature like Ditto takes tenacity and perseverance. To maximize your chances, aim to capture several disguises on the list of potential candidates. After all, Ditto can appear in any of them! Furthermore, it is essential to remember that transformed Pokemon still share similar attributes with unaltered counterparts, such as identical catch rates and abilities.

Buddy System

Don’t be discouraged if it takes time and dedication to capture a Ditto. After all, these cagey creatures can be challenging to pin down! However, by consistently capturing the full range of disguise options on the list, you will maximize your opportunities for finding one in its true form. And just remember, disguised Pokemon with transformation abilities don’t exhibit any deviation from standard catch rates.

Nesting Habitats

If finding Ditto is on your to-do list as a trainer or Pokemon enthusiast, it’s helpful to know some details about this agile creature’s behavior patterns. Specifically, researchers have discovered that Ditto often gravitates towards certain nesting locations that align with its mimic species’ preferred habitats.

To increase the odds of casting eyes upon one of the shape-shifting gems firsthand, it’s recommended that you be vigilant about checking out local news reports and staying tuned in through online communities. From there, you can gain insight regarding locations throughout your region where Ditto has been seen frequently. Incorporating this useful data into your efforts to find Ditto will be sure to help in reaching your goal.

Part 3: Facts About Ditto in Pokemon GO


Mirroring Move Sets

A remarkable feature that captures the attention of Ditto is its ability to replicate any move set from whatever Pokemon it changes into. In the battle with a cloaked Ditto, its actions reflect those portrayed by the Pokemon it mimics. The unexpected maneuver keeps battling exciting while calling for quick adaptations by skilled trainers.

Ditto’s Breeding

Although, Ditto cannot be procured utilizing traditional breeding measures in Pokemon GO. However, valuable opportunities certainly abound for those already possessing this rare creature within their roster. Through selectively pairing this slippery being with similarly grouped members of the Pokemon population collecting pool, a strategic breeder can attain a rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO.


For beginners, capturing Ditto in Pokemon GO can be a testing task. However, if the beginner follows the path of persistence and technical strategies, he can know how to catch a Ditto In Pokemon Go and have a Ditto in his Pokemon collection. Undoubtedly, Ditto is one of the most evasive Pokemon that every trainer would like to have on their roster. Don’t give up just yet because any player can have his hand on Ditto with time and dedication.

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Is there any way to speed up catching Ditto in Pokemon GO?

There is a technique that most trainers use to speed up the catching process of Ditto in Pokemon GO. This technique is known as crowd-sourcing. For this technique to work, you need to be a member of a local Pokemon GO community. You can find various Pokemon GO communities on Facebook Messenger, Discord, WhatsApp, Slack, or Instagram.

How do gyms and raids work with Ditto in Pokemon GO?

The only thing that Ditto is good with is its ability to shape-shift and struggle. During defending a gym or a gruesome attack, Ditto can only shape-shift into the Pokemon that he’s fighting. After mimicking his physical attributes, he also copies the power of his opponent. However, the CP will change according to Ditto’s level.

Why do the Pokemon that can be Ditto in Pokemon GO change?

Before Ditto, Magikarp was the only Pokemon that had a Shiny variant. So, at that time, Ditto was unable to transform into Magikorp. The developers introduced the Shiny variant in Ditto, so he can shape-shift into Magikorp as well. However, the Shiny Ditto was available for only those trainers who purchased a ticket for the event.