When it comes to social interaction in gaming apps, few can match up with Niantic’s creation. Pokemon GO uniquely merges forward-thinking augmented reality technology with shared gameplay experiences. Taking it further than other games is by inviting more people onto the platform as friends. Gamers can immerse themselves even more so fully than ever before via gift exchanges or raiding capabilities. With this guide, you will be able to learn how to add friends in Pokemon GO and get the most out of your interactions with them. 

At the beginning of 2018, Pokemon Go developers introduced Pokemon GO Friends. This release paved the way for features like Trading and sending Gifts. With this big update, Pokemon GO attracted a large audience. Gifting and Trading are now a prominent part of the game. These features helped improve the communication skills of the trainers. They started grinding together to boost their chemistry. With the help of the Friend List feature, trainers begin to gather a roster to compete in GP Battle League.

Part 1: Why add friends in Pokemon GO

Before the Pokemon GO Friends update, the players used to play the game to pass their time. Some friends, after work or school, used to meet each other and hunt Pokemon in their areas. Pokemon GO was not seen as a competitive game. However, after the release of the Friend List feature, trainers invested their time to build the best team to compete in GO Battle League. As players join this League, they can gain huge XP by building a Best Friends bond with their partner in-game. Some of the benefits that I’ve experienced adding friends in Pokemon GO are as follows:

Gift Exchange

With the 2018 Friends List update in Pokemon GO, players were allowed to send gifts to their friends and make their day. This feature was really helpful for players who just started playing Pokemon GO. With the Gift Exchange feature, a group of friends can help their struggling friends through different missions. The gifts include Pokemon Eggs, PokeBalls, and many valuable items.

Raid Coordination

Before the update, there was no concept of joining forces with friends and fighting a battle. Nevertheless, Pokemon GO developers took the game in the right direction and enabled the trainers to add their friends. After forming a team, players could fight different Raid Battles and win amazing prizes. By forming a team roster and fighting Raid Battles, they can easily improve their team chemistry.

Friendship Experience Bonuses

Are you eager to level up faster and achieve greater success in your favorite game? Try prioritizing your friendships with other players! By nurturing these relationships and boosting your friendship level, you can gain access to powerful experience bonuses that can make a big difference during important in-game activities. Consider taking some time to connect more deeply with fellow gamers and see how it affects your gameplay.

Trading Pokemon

Collaborating with buddies and participating in a trade-off can yield surprising results, as you may come across novel Pokemon varieties that are scarce in the area where you live. Consequently, it saves you from exerting extensive effort and traveling long distances while still providing an option to enhance your assortment.


Social Interaction

One can enhance their Pokemon GO experience by connecting with fellow players, paving the way for meaningful community building, and exchanging gaming experiences. The greater the attachments with your teammates, the greater will be your team’s execution against your enemies.

Part 2: How To Add Friends

To boost your social experience in Pokemon GO, you have two convenient options for connecting with other players: inputting Trainer Codes or adding people nearby.

Understanding the Trainer Codes

With the launch of Pokemon GO Friends in 2018, the developers also revealed the concept of Trainer Codes. This feature was the talk of the town after its release. Every trainer was finding a way to use the Trainer Code in-game. The game provides distinctive identification codes to each trainer as they log in to Pokemon GO. However, beginners still struggle to find their Trainer Codes. Well, our guide will make sure that every trainer can utilize the special Trainer Codes successfully.

Method to get your Trainer Code

To get your hands on the Trainer Code, you need to visit the Pokemon GO application. Move the cursor to the bottom left corner, where you can see the avatar symbol. A new screen will pop up when you press the avatar icon. Clicking on the “Add Friend” option will take you to another screen in which your Trainer Code will be mentioned.

Adding friends via Trainer Codes

Repeat the steps till you reach the “Add Friend” button. After pressing that button, an empty textbox will appear. Place the Trainer Code of the friend you want to add inside the textbox. Press the send request button. When your friend accepts the request, he will be visible in your Friend List.

Adding Friends Nearby

The “Add Nearby” option can dramatically affect the names in your Friend List. As you are going to build a team from your Friend List in the future, you need players that can easily bond with you. You require players that can go out with you to hunt rare Pokemon. So, the “Add Nearby” option allows you to spot and add all the players that are in your neighborhood.

Nonetheless, adding a friend using the “Add Nearby” option is a little tricky. When you are in the “Add Nearby” screen, you need your friend to also open the same screen on his device. Afterward, both of you need to press the “Add Nearby” option. After pressing the button, wait for a few minutes for the game to detect all the players near you. When you see your friend’s avatar on the screen, press it. Pressing the avatar will send a friend request.

Part 3: Maximizing Friendship Interactions


Realizing all the benefits that come with having friends within Pokemon GO requires maximizing your interactions with them once added to your friend list. If you want to explore all the profits of adding friends to your friends, you are on the right guide. This guide will help you learn how to send or receive gifts. Similarly, we will teach you how to participate in raids with friends, trade Pokemon, and increase Friendship Levels.

How to send and receive Gifts

It is always a good experience when you open your Pokemon Go app and a gift screen pops up. You can help your friend who is struggling in-game with a gift and make his day. You can open these gifts and enhance your collection of PokeBalls. Similarly, once in a blue moon, you can get a rare Pokemon Egg from the gift.

If you want to surprise your friend with a gift, you need to look for the “Friends” option in the Menu section. After opening the “Friends” tab, pick a friend you want to send a gift. Press the gift symbol to send a gift. However, you can send only one gift per day. Besides providing valuable items, these gifts also boost friendship levels. Opening a gift can help you attain various XP bonuses.

Fighting Raid Battles

It is exciting to find your friend in the same Raid Battle that you are fighting. Nonetheless, you can intentionally add your friend to your Raid Battle. To do so, you need to have good coordination with your buddy. Press the nearby Gym symbol to check for any live Raid. When you find an active Raid, join the battle, and invite your buddies to enter your raid roster. If you have good team chemistry, you can easily dominate destructive Raid Bosses.

Trading Pokemon

Trading a Pokemon with your buddy is one of the most useful features of this game. However, you need to have a few things in mind before trading your Pokemon. You can only trade your Pokemon when you have a certain amount of Stardust in your account. You can utilize the remote trading feature in the Pokemon GO app to initiate your Pokemon trade. Trading Pokemon can be beneficial as you can get a region-exclusive Pokemon in your collection.


Increasing Friendship Levels

Maintaining meaningful relationships with friends is paramount to quality socialization. You can achieve this goal by actively engaging in gift-giving, jointly participating in raid activities, or exchanging Pokemon regularly. The levels of Good Friends, Great Friends, Ultra Friends, and Best Friends offer varying degrees of advantages depending on the level you have attained. These parameters include elevated attack bonuses when executing collaborative raids together, as well as favorable trade costs.

Part 4: Pokemon GO Friend Levels


Through regular interactions with buddies, one’s friendship level is bound to escalate. Such elevation may result in unlocking diverse bonuses in Pokemon GO. As your friendship level moves from Good Friends to Best Friends, you can enjoy different rewards.

Good Friends

Good Friends is the first Friendship Level in Pokemon GO. Even if you are a beginner, you can reach this level without any effort. You can attain this level in Pokemon GO by befriending someone and exchanging gifts. There is another way to level up. By playing together with friends, players can also acquire a slight attack boost during raids.

Great Friends

The more you play with your friends, the greater your Friendship XP will increase. When you will exceed the Good Friends limit on the XP bar, you will enter the Great Friends Level. In this level, if you win multiple raid battles, you can get a bigger attack bonus and XP bonus as well.

Ultra Friends

To reach the Ultra Friends Level, you need time and dedication. As you grind with your buddies through various Raid Battles, your Friendship XP bar will increase. Eventually, you will reach the Ultra Friends Level.  In this level, your XP bonus multiplies by two.

Best Friends

It is the highest Friendship Level that you can attain in Pokemon GO. Unwavering commitment to gameplay is a necessary component for reaching this esteemed level. Those who manage to achieve it will receive numerous benefits. You can get an incredible attack advantage during raids and access to the most substantial XP bonus available.


Why play alone when you can connect with other passionate fans? Forging friendships with fellow players adds a new level of fun and reward to the journey. With gifts, battles, trades, and more to share, there are endless possibilities for cooperative gameplay in this vibrant world. Ready to embark on an adventure-filled voyage filled with camaraderie? Join us today by following this Pokemon guide for adding friends.

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How to add Friends in Pokemon GO and where to find your Trainer Code?

You can find your Trainer Code in the “Add Friends” option. When you enter the “Add Friends” screen, you need to enter your friend’s Trainer Code to send him a friend request.

How to increase Pokemon GO Friendship Levels?

Players can easily increase their Pokemon GO Friendship Level by sending gifts, fighting Raid Battles, participating in Trainer Battles, and trading Pokemon.

How many Friends can you add in Pokemon GO?

When the Pokemon GO Friend was released, players were allowed to have 200 friends in their Friend List. However, after the recent update, players can now add up to 400 friends.