How Do You Know When Someone Stops Sharing Their Location on iPhone

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Location sharing on iPhone is significant since it may improve our daily life regarding ease, safety, and communication. During an emergency, location sharing might be particularly beneficial. Moreover, businesses can also use location data to provide personalized services or monitor employee locations for operational needs. So, how do you know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone? Read on to find out.

There are a few typical situations where someone could cease sharing his location. First, privacy issues frequently have a significant impact. The concept of continually disclosing where they are may make some people uneasy. Therefore, a question arises here: how do you know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone?

This article aims to provide readers with a clear understanding of how you know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone. Additionally, the article offers troubleshooting tips and alternative methods for tracking or locating a person without relying on location sharing. 

How Does Location Sharing Work On An iPhone? 

Here is how location sharing works on an iPhone:

1. Find My App

The Find My app comes preinstalled on iOS devices. It is responsible for location sharing on iPhones.

2. Sharing Options

iPhone users have two options to share their location with selected contacts.

  • Temporary Sharing

With this option, users may provide chosen contacts access to their location for a limited time. For example, you may share your location for an hour. Location sharing automatically terminates after the allotted time has passed.

  • Continuous Sharing

Users can share their location indefinitely with specific contacts via the continuous sharing option.

3. Sharing Requests

Using the “Find My” app, you must send or accept a sharing request. The receiver can accept the request, permitting it to locate its iPhone.

4. Location Accuracy

Accurate location sharing on iPhones usually depends on GPS information, which allows only a few meters of precision. However, rare circumstances such as poor GPS signals or restricted internet access may affect accuracy.


5. Find My Network

Lastly, the Find My app employs the Find My network, which uses neighboring Apple devices and GPS to find missing or offline devices. Even when an iPhone is disconnected from Wi-Fi or cellular networks, this network may help locate the device.

How Do You Know When Someone Stops Sharing Their Location on iPhone?

Following are the signs on how do you know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone.

1. Lack of Location Updates

A user’s position on the map will cease updating when they stop sharing their location. It may be a sign that someone has stopped providing his location. This is indicated when the location data is stagnant or out of date.

2. Absence of Location-Based Alerts

Moreover, if you used to get arrival or departure notifications but suddenly stopped getting them. It may mean that the person has ceased sharing their current location.

3. No Recent Updates in the Shared Location History

No new movement updates for the individual are seen, or the shared location record is unaltered. This may indicate that the individual has stopped providing their location.

4. “Location Not Available” Message

Examining someone’s location in the Find My app displays a message like “Location Not Available.” It means they have deactivated or ceased sharing their location.

5. Contact’s Status Switches to “Offline”

When a contact’s status in the Find My app switches to “Offline,” it indicates they have ceased sharing their whereabouts. However, if other contacts’ statuses remain active, they still share their locations.

6. Contact’s Avatar On Map

Observing someone’s avatar on a map also reveals whether they switched off their location. Use the Find My app and look through the list of contacts. Their avatars’ heads will display on the map if they have disclosed their location to you.


How does iMessage Location Work on an iPhone?

If the individual shares their position via iMessage, you may track them using your iPhone or Apple Watch. This is how it goes:

  1. Enable Location Services: Location Services must be turned on your iPhone to use iMessage location sharing. Activate it by choosing “Settings”> “Privacy”> “Location Services.”
  2. Enable Share My Location: Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app and select your Apple ID profile from the top menu. Following that, click “Find My”> “Share My Location.” Then, turn on the setting to share your location.
  3. Share Duration: Next, you may select the time frame to share your whereabouts with others.
  4. Share My Location: Start a conversation with the person you wish to share your location in the messaging app to share your location. At the top right corner, hit the “i” button and click the “Share My Location” option.
  5. Location Updates: The other person can access your location on their iPhone in chat head. They can click on a location to check it on the map and get directions to your location. 
  6. Stop Sharing My Location: If you want to stop sharing your location, go back to the conversation, click the “i” button, and then select “Stop Sharing My Location.”

What Should I Do If Location Sharing Is Not Working? 

Suppose location sharing on your iPhone is not functioning. In that case, you can attempt a few troubleshooting techniques to fix the problem:

1. Verify the Device Settings 

Verify that location services are enabled on your iPhone. Turn on the toggle switch by going to “Settings”> “Privacy”> “Location Services.” 

2. Restart Your iPhone

Occasionally, a simple restart will resolve minor software issues. Turn off your iPhone, then press and hold the power button again to turn it back on.

3. Update Your iOS

Verify that your iPhone operates with the most recent iOS version by updating your iOS. New versions include bug fixes that may remedy problems with location sharing. Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Software Update” to search for and install any available updates.

4. Verify Your Internet Connection

Location sharing requires a stable Internet connection. Ascertain that your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is stable.

5. Place Settings Back to Default

If there is a setup problem, resetting your location settings could be helpful. Enter “Settings”> “General”> “Reset” and then “Reset Location & Privacy.” 


Can You Tell When Someone Stop Sharing His Location on an iPhone?

When someone stops sharing their location with you, the iPhone does not alert or inform you. However, it will be mentioned in iMessage and the Find My app. 

Before iOS 15.6, you would receive a notification on iMessage when someone discontinued providing their location with you. That is no longer the case, though.

You will not receive any alerts or messages on iMessage. Instead, you will find out using the iMessage or discover my app.

Alternative Methods to Locate a Person Without Relying on Location Sharing

There are several other ways to trace down or locate someone without depending on location sharing. Here are a few instances:

1. Cell Tower Triangulation

By examining the signal quality and timing of these communications with various towers, it is feasible to determine the general location of a person’s phone. 

2. Wi-Fi Network Tracking

By plotting the positions of Wi-Fi networks and keeping track of the signal amplitudes of close-by devices, it is feasible to estimate someone’s general location.

3. Bluetooth Tracking

People can be tracked Within a predetermined area by placing Bluetooth beacons or using existing Bluetooth devices. 


We hope you can now see how do you know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone. Knowing when someone stops sharing their location can be crucial for many reasons. Users can share their location continually or temporarily with the help of the Find My app.

However, several clues might point to someone who has ceased revealing their location. To summarize, when sharing a location, it is imperative to strike a balance between remaining connected and respecting individual limits.

Do they know if I use my iPhone to check their location?

Indeed, they can be aware when you access their location information on an iPhone. Nevertheless, they will not receive any notifications unless enabled by the “Share My Location” feature in the Find My app. When your phone asks them to provide their location, they will be informed whether they have turned on this option.

Why can’t I view someone’s location on my iPhone after they share it with me?

Ensure your friend’s phone is linked to Wi-Fi or cellular data by asking them to check. Also, try resetting your Wi-Fi connection, restarting the Find My app, and restarting your phone if your phone appears to be set up successfully. 

How do I fake my location on my iPhone?

iFoneTool AnyGo can help you create a false GPS position on your iPhone without moving. Follow these steps:
  • To your PC’s “Change Location” feature, use iAnyGo.
  • After linking your iPhone to your computer, click “Next.”
  • On the map, select a place and then click “Start to Modify.”
  • The GPS position on your iPhone is finally false.
By using AnyGo, you can easily modify your iOS positioning only through iPhone!

Can someone tell if you screenshot their location on the Find My app?

No one can tell whether you screenshotted someone’s location on Find My. It does not notify the other user or the app from which you captured the screenshot in any way.

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