In the Pokemon Go franchise, the most popular and strongest Pokemon is Gyarados because of its stunning moveset. If you caught any Pokemon and you want to know about its best movesets, well you are in the right place.  

Gyarados is a Flying and Water-type Pokemon with a similar resemblance to a colossal sea monster and it is the original Pokemon from 151 Pokemon with a Max CP of 3834. This means that Gyarados can take damage up to 256% with Electric-type moves however, with Rock-type moves it takes 160% damage. In a battle against your opponent, the key to victory is knowing the best moveset but you also have to mind the weak points of your Pokemon. 

How to obtain Gyarados in Pokemon GO

Gyarados evolved from iconic Magikarp, and you need 400 Candy for that. It’s amazing that something so useful evolves from useless things but you need patience and hard work. You can try hatching Magikarp from 2km Eggs. But there is a catch here, you need to hatch these Eggs more frequently because they have a short travel distance. There is a downside to it as well, these Eggs can hatch with figures of other Pokemon other than Magikarp which is a bit tedious process.

Spawn Location

If you are wondering where Pokemon GO is, you can Spawn Gyarados. Well, you can look near water areas, which include Canals, Harbour, Oceans and Rivers.

We have listed the best movesets for you to become a champion in the Pokemon GO Battle League.

Gyarados Best Movesets


As a fast move, you can use Dragon Breath and Charged Move, the best moveset is Aqua Tail. There isn’t one fast move, you can choose from four, but the best one is Dragon Breath for both Raids and PvP battles, the reason behind this selection is its good energy generation and high damage output.

As a Charged Move, pairing up with Aqua Tails you can deal with some epic levels of Water-type damage. And if you are looking for a second charge move then you should go with Hydro Pump, the idea behind this is to power up Hydro Pump using the Waterfall quickly and finish the opponent as fast as possible. For the best Fast Attack Move you should use Waterfall, because of its energy generation, damage, and speed,

Fast and Charged attack of Gyarados in Pokemon GO

Gyarados can learn six Charged moves and four Fast moves in PvP battle, here is the list of all movesets:

Fast Moves

  • Waterfall is a water-type move
  • Dragon Tail is a dragon-type move
  • Dragon Breath is a dragon-type move
  • Bite a dark-type move

Charged Moves

  • Twister a dragon-type
  • Outrage a dragon-type move
  • Hydro Pump a water-type move
  • Dragon Pulse is a dragon-type move
  • Crunch a dark-type move
  • Aqua Tail is a water-type move

Best PvE and PvP Moves for Gyarados

Gyarados is all about fast taps and the best by far move is Waterfall on offense. Not only does it have a coverage advantage but it also has the best Stab. For diversity Dragon Tail and Dragon Breath are the best and for charged-attack, you should pick Hydro Pump. With this, you can exceed what other charged moves have to offer.

The best asset that Gyarados has is Dragon Breath because any Pokemon can use it and it deals with four damages and three energy per turn. On the other hand, Aqua Tail in reference to its costs is next to nothing because it is perfect for Dark-type opponents and fighting.

Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon GO


Shiny Gyarados are obtained in the wild and also from raids. Magikarp and Gyarados are the first Shiny Pokemon that were added to the game in 2017 and for most players the first Shiny Pokemon they caught.

In Pokemon GO the easiest way to obtain red Gyarados is not to look for it and catch the one, but you have to hunt for Magikarp and gather as much as you can. There might be a chance that you can get your hands on the shiny Magikarp and your chances to evolve it into a shiny Gyarado.

Racking up 400 Magikarp is time-consuming and way too tedious, but it is guaranteed to work. You can also look for Shiny Gyarados but there are no reports yet that any player has found any in the wild because Shiny Gyarado’s spawn rate is very low. There is an easy way to look for Magikarp nests in the area by using Global Nest Atlas. So, if you are desperate to find the red Gyarados it’s best to catch Shiny Magikarp and evolve it.

Fast and Charged attack of Mega Gyarados in Pokemon GO

Gyarados can evolve into Mega Gyarados in Pokemon GO, which gives a streak of red and black to its looks. The Max CP of Mega Gyarados is 5332, which means that it can take 160% damage from Grass, Fighting, Fairy, Electric, and Bug-type moves. In defense moves like Ghost, Fire, Dark; and Mega Gyarados can take 62.5% damage, and against Psychic-type moves they can take damage up to 39.1%.

About offensive skills, the best Fast Attack of Mega Gyarados is Bite but it’s not as strong as Waterfall, but it is faster in the generation of energy for Charged Attacks. For Mega Gyarados Hydro Pump is the best Charged Attack, same reasons as Gyarados, it can charge quickly.

Best Rare Counters for Mega Gyarados

We have listed a rare-counters for Mega Gyarados in Pokemon:

  • Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade are the best rare counters against Kartana
  • Double Kick and Scared Swords can be used against Terrakion
  • Thunder Shock and Wild Charge are the best moves for Shadow Raikou
  • Counter and Dynamic Punch as fast and charged moves are best against Shadow Machamp
  • Thunder Fang and Wild Charge are counters for Mega Manectric Thunder Shock and Discharge can be used while battling Xurkitree
  • Counter and Dazzling Gleam are best against Mega Alakazam
  • Spark and Wild Charge as fast and charged moves are rare counters for Shadow Magnezone

Best Normal Counters for Mega Gyarados

  • Counter and Aura Sphere as fast and charged counters can be used for Lucario Counter and Dynamic Punch can be used against Conkeldurr
  • Karate Chop and Dynamic Punch are the moveset for Machamp and also for Breloom
  • Spark and Wild Charge are the best normal counters for Magnezone
  • Fury Cutter and Frenzy Planet are the counters for Septile

Mega Gyarados Weaknesses

Gyarados flying and water-type changes to water and dark-type as it evolves into Mega, which gives it a different set of weaknesses. There are a few things like Bug, Electric, Fighting, and Grass to which Mega Gyarados is vulnerable, so you need to stack your team with Pokemon with these types to win the battle.


Regardless of the mentioned Pokemon listed above, there are other choices as well for you to choose when you are facing your opponent, but Mega Gyarados will perform well against any attack. Gyarados has huge stats like CP and a high attack of 292, which makes it the best Water-type attacker. And Mega Gyarados has a great raid performance against strong Fire-type and Psychic-type.

Let us know what you think of Gyarados and its movesets against opponents!

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How to get a red Gyarados Pokemon?

The easiest way to get a red Gyarados is from events where you have a lot of chances to find one. But on normal days you must gather Shiny Magikarp and Candy to evolve it into a red Gyarados.

Is Shiny Gyarados Is a red Gyarados?

The term red Gyarados is used for Shiny Gyarados. And the reason behind this term red is used because it is forced evolve from Magikarp.

Where can I find Gyarados?

As Gyarados is a water and flying type Pokemon, you need to search for it in water areas. It mostly appears in East Lake Axewell in the Wild region; however, you can also find it in DLC expansion, Isle Armor.

Is Gyarados stands In Legendary Pokemon list?

No, Gyarados is not a legendary Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon are very difficult to find but as for Water-type Gyarados Pokemon, it is seen to evolve multiple times.

Which Pokemon evolve into Gyarados?

Gathering Magikarp and 400 Candy you can evolve it into Gyarados at level 20.