Darkrai, the pitch-black embodiment of nightmares, has made its haunting presence known in Pokemon Go. With its Dark typing and unique movepool, Darkrai is a formidable force in both raid battles and PVP encounters. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into Darkrai’s typing, stats, moveset, and strategies for capturing and utilizing this enigmatic Pokemon. Additionally, we will explore the fastest methods to obtain Darkrai, its role in raids and PvP battles, the best counters to face it, and how to trade for a lucky Darkrai. Prepare to venture into the shadows as we unlock the secrets of Darkrai in Pokemon Go.   

Darkrai’s Typing and Stats


Darkrai’s Dark typing grants it a distinct advantage against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon. However, it also leaves Darkrai vulnerable to Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-type attacks.


  • Psychic Resistance: Darkrai resists Psychic-type moves, reducing the damage taken from Pokemon that rely on psychic powers.
  • Ghost Resistance: Darkrai also resists Ghost-type moves, making it less susceptible to attacks from ghostly Pokemon.
  • Dark STAB: Darkrai’s Dark typing grants it a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) for Dark-type moves, increasing their power.


  • Fairy Weakness: Darkrai is weak to Fairy-type moves, which can deal super-effective damage against it.
  • Fighting Weakness: Darkrai is vulnerable to Fighting-type moves, making it more susceptible to attacks from Pokemon with strong fighting moves.
  • Bug Weakness: Darkrai is also weak to Bug-type moves, which can exploit its vulnerability to deal increased damage.

Darkrai’s Base Stats

Base stats determine a Pokemon’s overall combat capabilities and play a crucial role in battles. Darkrai possesses impressive base stats, particularly in its offensive attributes.

  • Attack: Darkrai boasts a high base Attack stat, allowing it to deal significant damage with its moves. Its offensive prowess makes it a formidable attacker in raids and battles.
  • Defense: Darkrai’s base Defense stat is decent, providing it with some resilience against incoming attacks. While not as high as its Attack stat, it offers a reasonable level of durability.
  • Stamina (HP): Darkrai has an average Stamina, which determines its overall health pool. While not exceptionally high, it allows Darkrai to withstand attacks and remain in battles for a decent duration.
  • CP (Combat Power): Darkrai’s high base stats contribute to its high maximum CP potential, making it one of the most potent Pokemon in terms of raw power.

Moveset Analysis of Darkrai in Pokemon GO


Fast Moves

  • Snarl (Dark-type): Snarl is Darkrai’s primary fast move. It charges energy quickly and provides good damage output. Snarl benefits from Darkrai’s Dark typing, gaining a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), further enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Feint Attack (Dark-type): Feint Attack is an alternative fast move for Darkrai. While it doesn’t charge energy as quickly as Snarl, it deals damage steadily and can be an option for trainers who prefer a different playstyle.

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Ball (Ghost-type): Shadow Ball is a powerful Ghost-type charged move that benefits from Darkrai’s high Attack stat and coverage against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon. It is a popular choice due to its high damage output and its ability to hit multiple types for neutral or super-effective damage.
  • Dark Pulse (Dark-type): Dark Pulse is a Dark-type charged move that benefits from STAB and offers consistent damage output. Dark Pulse can be a good option for trainers who want a reliable Dark-type move without relying on coverage against specific types.
  • Focus Blast (Fighting-type): Focus Blast is a Fighting-type charged move that provides coverage against Darkrai’s weaknesses to Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type Pokemon. It deals significant damage, but it has a longer energy charge time, making it more situational and dependent on the opponent.

Optimal Moveset for Raid Battles and PVP Battles

  • Fast Move: Snarl
  • Charged Moves: Shadow Ball + Dark Pulse

Snarl charges Darkrai’s charged moves quickly, maximizing its damage output. Shadow Ball is preferred for its high damage and coverage against Psychic and Ghost-type raid bosses. Dark Pulse complements Shadow Ball by providing a strong Dark-type move for neutral damage and versatility.

How to Catch Darkrai in Pokemon GO


Catching Darkrai in Pokemon Go requires participating in raids or special events where it is available. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to increase your chances of encountering and catching Darkrai:

  • Assemble a Raid Team: Darkrai is a powerful raid boss, so it’s essential to assemble a strong team of Pokemon that exploits its weaknesses. Pokemon with Fighting, Fairy, and Bug-type moves are particularly effective against Darkrai. Coordinate with other trainers to form raid groups for a better chance at success.
  • Prepare Your Pokemon: Before the raid, make sure your Pokemon are powered up and have the optimal movesets to maximize damage output. Focus on Pokemon that can deal super-effective damage against Darkrai, such as Machamp, Togekiss, and Heracross. Utilize type advantages and strong attackers to increase your chances of defeating Darkrai.
  • Utilize Golden Razz Berries: When battling Darkrai, use Golden Razz Berries during the capture encounter to increase the chances of catching it. Golden Razz Berries provide a higher catch rate and can significantly improve your odds of a successful catch.
  • Aim for Excellent Throws: During the capture encounter, aim for Excellent throws to further increase your catch probability. Excellent throws provide the highest catch rate bonus, so practice your throwing technique to consistently hit Excellent throws.
  • Use Curveballs: When throwing Poké Balls, try using curveballs by spinning the ball before throwing. Curveballs have an increased catch rate compared to straight throws and can improve your chances of catching Darkrai.
  • Stock Up on Poké Balls: Ensure that you have an ample supply of Poké Balls before attempting the Darkrai raid. You don’t want to run out of Poké Balls during the encounter, as it could result in a missed opportunity.

What is the Fastest Way to Obtain Darkrai in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Darkrai in Raids


To conquer Darkrai in raid battles, trainers must develop effective strategies and assemble a powerful team. Here are some tips:

Optimal Team Composition

To maximize your chances of success, consider assembling a team with a combination of the recommended counters mentioned above. For example:

·Machamp (with Counter and Dynamic Punch)

·Lucario (with Counter and Aura Sphere)

·Togekiss (with Charm and Dazzling Gleam)

·Conkeldurr (with Counter and Dynamic Punch)

·Heracross (with Counter and Close Combat)

·Breloom (with Counter and Dynamic Punch)

Including Pokemon that have already been powered up and equipped with the optimal movesets will enhance your team’s performance in the battle.

Weather Boost

Take advantage of weather conditions that boost your Pokemon’s moves. For instance, if the weather is cloudy, Fighting-type moves will be boosted, strengthening your Fighting-type counters against Darkrai.

Timing Your Dodges

Darkrai can deal significant damage with its moves, so consider timing your dodges effectively to minimize damage taken. Dodging charged moves, especially powerful ones like Dark Pulse, can help keep your Pokemon in the battle longer.

Raid with a Group

Darkrai is a tough raid boss, so teaming up with other trainers will greatly increase your chances of success. Coordinate with local players or use online communities to find raid groups and ensure a successful raid battle.

Revive and Heal

If your Pokemon faint during the battle, revive them and heal them with Potions or Max Revives to get them back into the fight. Having a backup team ready can also be helpful in case your first team gets knocked out.

Best Counters of Darkrai in Pokemon Go


To emerge victorious against Darkrai, trainers must know its weaknesses and employ the best counters. Here are some Pokemon that make excellent counters against Darkrai:

1、Machamp: A Fighting-type Pokemon with access to moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch. It is one of the best counters against Darkrai due to its high Attack and Fighting-type moves.

2、Lucario: Another potent Fighting-type Pokemon, Lucario can deal significant damage with moves like Counter and Aura Sphere. Its Steel typing also grants it resistance against Darkrai’s Ghost-type moves.

3、Conkeldurr: A powerful Fighting-type Pokemon with access to moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch. Conkeldurr’s high Attack stat and Fighting-type moves make it an excellent choice against Darkrai.

4、Togekiss: A Fairy and Flying-type Pokemon with access to Charm and Dazzling Gleam. Togekiss deals super-effective damage with its Fairy-type moves and has good overall bulk.

5、Heracross: A Bug and Fighting-type Pokemon with access to Counter and Close Combat. Heracross can exploit Darkrai’s Bug and Fighting-type weaknesses while dealing considerable damage.

6、Breloom: A Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon that can utilize Counter and Dynamic Punch. Breloom’s Fighting-type moves and resistance to Darkrai’s Ghost-type moves make it a solid counter.

How to Trade for a Lucky Darkrai in Pokemon GO


Lucky Pokemon are a special type of Pokemon in Pokemon GO that have unique benefits. When a Pokemon becomes lucky, it gains several advantages, including a guaranteed minimum of 12 IVs in each stat, reduced Stardust costs for powering up, and a higher chance of becoming a higher-level Pokemon. Obtaining a lucky Darkrai can be a valuable addition to your collection. Here are some tips for trading Pokemon to increase your chances of obtaining a lucky Darkrai:

Trading with Friends

Trade Pokemon with friends who have a low Friendship level to increase the chances of the traded Pokemon becoming lucky. The likelihood of a lucky trade is higher with lower Friendship levels.

Prioritize Older Pokemon

Pokemon caught in 2016 or early 2017 have a higher likelihood of becoming lucky when traded. If you and your friend have Pokemon from that time period, prioritize trading those to maximize the chances of getting a lucky Darkrai.

Stack Your Trades

Pokemon trades have a daily limit, so plan your trades strategically. Save up multiple trades and execute them in quick succession to increase the chances of getting a lucky Darkrai.

Trade High IV Pokemon

Pokemon with high individual values (IVs) have a better chance of becoming lucky when traded. Trade Darkrai with high IVs to increase the likelihood of obtaining a lucky Darkrai.

Utilize Lucky Pokemon Trade Guarantee: If you have already obtained a lucky Pokemon, you can guarantee that the next trade with that specific friend will also result in a lucky Pokemon. Use this feature strategically by trading with friends who already have lucky Pokemon to increase your chances of getting a lucky Darkrai.


Darkrai, the embodiment of darkness and nightmares, brings its formidable presence to Pokemon Go. With its unique typing, powerful moveset, and versatility in battles, Darkrai proves to be an invaluable asset to any trainer. By understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and optimal strategies, trainers can harness the power of Darkrai to conquer raids and dominate PvP battles. Whether capturing Darkrai, assembling a strong raid team, countering its attacks, or trading for a lucky variant, trainers are now equipped with the knowledge to unlock the full potential of this legendary Pokemon. Venture into the shadows, embrace the darkness, and let Darkrai guide you to victory in Pokemon Go.

How can I encounter Darkrai in Pokémon GO?

Darkrai is typically available as a Tier 5 Raid Boss or as a reward during special events. Keep an eye on raid rotations and event announcements to know when and where you can encounter Darkrai.

What are Darkrai’s weaknesses in Pokémon GO?

Darkrai is weak against Fairy, Fighting, and Bug-type moves. Pokémon with these move types are recommended for battling and countering Darkrai effectively.

Can Darkrai be shiny in Pokémon GO?

Yes, shiny Darkrai is available in Pokémon GO. However, the shiny variant has a different coloration, so keep an eye out for the shiny encounter during raids or special events.

Is Darkrai a good Pokémon for PvP battles in Pokémon GO?

Darkrai can be a formidable contender in PvP battles, especially in the Master League. Its high Attack stat, diverse movepool, and resistance to Psychic-type moves make it a popular choice among trainers.

What are some recommended movesets for Darkrai in Pokémon GO?

For Darkrai’s fast move, Snarl is generally preferred. As for charged moves, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, and Focus Blast are popular choices, depending on your team composition and the meta. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents when selecting Darkrai’s moveset.