Pokemon Go offers a thrilling and immersive experience by introducing Team Rocket and its formidable leaders. Among them, Cliff stands out as a challenging adversary, known for his powerful Pokemon and strategic battle tactics. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Cliff, exploring his role and Pokemon lineup, and most importantly, strategies to defeat him. From countering his Shadow Zubat to forming the best team for the encounter, we will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to triumph over Cliff’s Team Rocket forces.  

Introduction to Cliff in Pokemon Go


In Pokemon Go, Cliff is one of the Team GO Rocket leaders. Team GO Rocket is an organization of nefarious trainers who use Shadow Pokemon and attempt to take over PokéStops and spread chaos in the Pokemon Go world.

Cliff is one of the three prominent leaders of Team GO Rocket, alongside Arlo and Sierra. Each leader has a unique lineup of Pokemon that they use in battles. Cliff is known for his preference for Rock, Ground, and Dark-type Pokemon.

To encounter Cliff in Pokemon Go, players need to obtain a Rocket Radar. Trainers can obtain Rocket Radars by completing specific Special Research quests or defeating other Team GO Rocket members at PokéStops. Once you have a Rocket Radar, you can use it to locate and battle against Cliff at a specific PokéStop that has been taken over by Team GO Rocket.

When battling Cliff, players face a lineup of three Pokemon. The specific Pokemon and their movesets can vary, but they typically include strong Pokemon like Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Swampert, and others. Defeating Cliff rewards players with various items, including Premier Balls, with which you can catch the Shadow Pokemon encountered during the battle.

Cliff’s Pokemon Line-Up


Cliff’s Pokemon lineup consists of three powerful Shadow Pokemon. While the specific Pokemon he uses can vary, we will explore the possibilities based on available information. Let’s examine each of his potential Pokemon choices:

  • Shadow Zubat

Cliff’s first Pokemon is often a Shadow Zubat. This Poison/Flying-type Pokemon possesses a combination of moves that can prove challenging. Defeating it requires a strategic approach and exploiting type weaknesses.

  • Second Pokemon

Cliff’s second Pokemon can vary between Shadow Kingdra, Shadow Aerodactyl, or Shadow Gallade. Each of these Pokemon presents unique challenges and requires tailored strategies to overcome.

  • Third Pokemon

Cliff’s third Pokemon can be Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Cradily, or Shadow Crobat. These Pokemon possess high CP and formidable movesets, demanding careful planning and a well-rounded team to emerge victorious.

How to Beat Cliff’s Shadow Zubat in Pokemon GO


To defeat Cliff’s Shadow Zubat in Pokemon Go, consider the following strategies:

Exploit Type Weaknesses

Shadow Zubat is a Poison/Flying-type Pokemon. It is weak against Rock, Electric, Ice, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves. Consider using Pokemon with moves of these types to deal super-effective damage. Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Raikou, Mamoswine, Alakazam, or Togekiss can be effective counters.

Prioritize Fast-Charging Moves

Shadow Pokemon have increased attack power but reduced defense. To take advantage of this, use Pokemon with fast-charging moves to quickly deplete Zubat’s health. Pokemon with moves like Smack Down, Thunder Shock, Ice Shard, Confusion, or Charm can help you deal damage efficiently.

Shield Management

Zubat can use moves like Poison Fang and Air Cutter, which can deal significant damage. It’s important to manage your shields effectively and consider prioritizing shielding against powerful charged moves that could potentially knock out your Pokemon. Save some shields for later battles if possible.

Bring Pokemon with High Defense

Zubat’s attacks can be powerful, so having Pokemon with high defense stats can help them withstand its attacks. Pokemon like Steelix, Bastiodon, or Umbreon can provide good defensive options.

Utilize Supereffective Charge Moves

When your Pokemon charge up their own moves, make sure to use ones that are super effective against Zubat. This will maximize the damage output and help defeat it more efficiently. Moves like Stone Edge, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, or Dazzling Gleam can be effective options.

Cooperative Battles

If you find Cliff’s Zubat to be particularly challenging, consider teaming up with other trainers for cooperative battles. Working together can make the battle easier and increase the chances of success.

How to Counter Cliff’s Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO


Cliff’s powerful Aerodactyl can pose a significant challenge. To counter this Rock/Flying-type Pokemon effectively, follow these battle strategies:

Exploit Weaknesses

Aerodactyl is weak against Rock, Water, Electric, Ice, and Steel-type moves. Utilize Pokemon with moves of these types to maximize damage output. Pokemon like Rhyperior, Swampert, Raikou, Mamoswine, or Metagross can prove invaluable.

Fast-Charging Moves

Prioritize Pokemon with fast-charging moves to capitalize on Aerodactyl’s reduced defense. Moves like Mud Shot, Water Gun, Thunder Shock, Ice Shard, or Bullet Punch can help you deal heavy damage efficiently.

Shield Management and Dodge

Aerodactyl’s charged moves, such as Rock Slide and Hyper Beam, can be devastating. Carefully manage your shields and consider dodging to minimize damage taken. Timing your dodges effectively can optimize energy management and increase your Pokemon’s survivability.

How to Form a Team to Best Encounter Cliff in Pokemon GO


Forming a team that can effectively counter Cliff’s Pokemon is crucial for success. Consider the following factors when assembling your team:

1、Type Advantage: Cliff often uses Rock, Ground, and Dark-type Pokemon. Select Pokemon that have type advantages against these types. Water, Grass, Fighting, Fairy, Bug, and Steel-type Pokemon can prove effective. Pokemon like Swampert, Venusaur, Machamp, Togekiss, Scizor, or Metagross can be valuable additions.

2、Moveset Diversity: Ensure your team has a variety of movesets to cover different types and provide coverage against Cliff’s Pokemon. Include Pokemon with fast moves and charged moves of different types to adapt to different situations. Moves like Hydro Cannon, Leaf Blade, Dynamic Punch, Play Rough, X-Scissor, or Meteor Mash can be valuable.

3、High CP and Level: Power up your Pokemon to higher CP and levels to increase their effectiveness. Higher CP and levels provide more stamina, higher damage output, and a better chance of surviving Cliff’s attacks. Use Stardust and Candy to level up your Pokemon and make them more powerful.

4、Synergy and Coverage: Build a team that has good synergy and provides coverage against Cliff’s Pokemon. Consider moves and abilities that can be advantageous in specific matchups. For example, a Pokemon with a Water-type move can counter Tyranitar and Aerodactyl effectively, while a Pokemon with Fighting-type moves can handle Tyranitar and Machamp.

5、Consider Shields and Protecting Pokemon: Cliff’s Pokemon can deal significant damage, so be mindful of your shields. Use them strategically to protect your Pokemon from powerful charged moves. Keep an eye on the health of your Pokemon and swap them out if necessary to prevent them from fainting.

The Best Team to Defeat Cliff 


While the best team to defeat Cliff in Pokemon Go can vary depending on the specific lineup he uses, here’s a suggested team that covers a wide range of his common Pokemon:

1、Machamp: Machamp is a Fighting-type Pokemon that can excel against many of Cliff’s Pokemon. It has high attack and can deal super-effective damage to his Rock and Dark-type Pokemon like Tyranitar and Cradily. Moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch are recommended for Machamp.

2、Swampert: Swampert is a Water/Ground-type Pokemon that can provide good coverage against Cliff’s Rock and Ground-types. It can resist Rock-type moves and deal super-effective damage with its Water-type moves. Moves like Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon or Earthquake work well on Swampert.

3、Togekiss: Togekiss is a Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon that can counter Cliff’s Fighting and Dark-type Pokemon. It can use moves like Charm and Dazzling Gleam to deal heavy damage from Machamp and Tyranitar.

4、Electivire: Electivire is an Electric-type Pokemon that can be effective against Cliff’s Flying and Water-type Pokemon. It can use moves like Thunder Shock and Wild Charge to deal super-effective damage to Pokemon like Aerodactyl and Swampert.

5、Metagross: Metagross is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokemon that can provide good coverage against Cliff’s Rock and Dark-types. It can resist Rock and Dark-type moves and hit back with powerful Steel-type moves like Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash.

6、Roserade: Roserade is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon that can be useful against Cliff’s Water and Ground types. It can deal super-effective damage with moves like Razor Leaf and Grass Knot. Roserade can also resist Water-type moves.

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How to Dodge and Optimize Energy Management 


Dodging and optimizing energy management are crucial skills for battles with Cliff in Pokemon Go. Here are techniques to improve your performance in these areas:

Dodging Techniques

  • Observe and React: Pay attention to the opponent’s attack animations. Each Pokemon has unique movements before launching their charged moves. By observing these animations, you can anticipate when to dodge.
  • Swift Dodging: React quickly when you see the animation signaling an incoming charged move. Swipe left or right on your screen to activate the dodge promptly. Delayed dodges can lead to your Pokemon taking full damage.

Energy Management

  • Efficient Fast Moves: Prioritize fast moves that generate energy quickly. While they may deal less damage individually, they allow you to unleash charged moves more frequently, maximizing overall damage output.
  • Strategic Charged Moves: Plan the order of your Pokemon’s charged moves strategically. Consider the energy cost and type advantages. Align your moves accordingly to optimize damage output against Cliff’s lineup.
  • Avoid Overcharging: Be mindful of overcharging energy. Accumulating more energy than necessary for a charged move can result in energy wastage if the opponent Pokemon faints. Time your charged moves efficiently to prevent overcharging.
  • Smart Switching: Switch Pokemonstrategically to reset their energy and optimize energy management. If your current Pokemonhas low health or insufficient energy, consider switching to a Pokemon with more energy or type advantage.

In battles with Cliff, effective dodging and energy management can turn the tide in your favor. Practice these techniques, adapt to Cliff’s Pokemon lineup, and refine your skills. With perseverance and strategic thinking, you’ll become a formidable opponent for Cliff in Pokemon Go.


Defeating Cliff in Pokemon Go requires careful planning, strategic team building, and effective battle tactics. By exploiting type weaknesses, utilizing diverse movesets, and optimizing energy management, you can triumph over Cliff’s formidable Pokemon lineup. Remember to adapt your team composition based on the specific Pokemon Cliff uses, and don’t hesitate to experiment and adjust your strategy to maximize your chances of victory. With dedication, knowledge, and a well-prepared team, you can conquer Cliff and emerge as a Pokemon Go champion.

Who is Cliff in Pokémon Go?

Cliff is one of the Team Rocket leaders in Pokémon Go. He is known for his tough battles, utilizing a lineup of powerful Pokémon with diverse movesets and type coverage.

How can I find and battle Cliff?

To find Cliff, you need to locate and defeat Team Rocket Grunts at PokéStops. After defeating several Grunts, you will receive a Rocket Radar, which can help you locate and battle Cliff at specific PokéStops.

What Pokémon does Cliff use in battles?

Cliff’s Pokémon lineup varies over time, but he typically uses a combination of Rock, Ground, Fighting, and Dark-type Pokémon. Examples include Pokémon like Tyranitar, Machamp, Swampert, and Snorlax.

What strategies should I use to defeat Cliff?

To defeat Cliff, it’s important to have a well-rounded team of Pokémon with type advantages against his lineup. Additionally, mastering dodging techniques, optimizing energy management, and using shields strategically can improve your chances of success.

What rewards can I expect from defeating Cliff?

Defeating Cliff will reward you with various items, including Stardust, Rare Candy, and the opportunity to catch his Shadow Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon have increased stats and can be purified to unlock their full potential.