Location tracking applications like Life360 allow parents to monitor their child’s location and provide a sense of security. Nevertheless, these apps could potentially lead to an invasion of privacy.

Many people claim that mobile phones can track movements even when switched off. However, this statement is not valid. Does life360 work when your phone is off? When you turn your phone off, the GPS function is also disabled, making it incapable of determining your location.

Nevertheless, services like Life360 can still provide the latest location data previously uploaded to your account. 

So, if you’re wondering does Life360 work when your phone is off, keep reading to get the details. We will discuss the workings of location-sharing services like Life360 and how they are affected when you turn your phone off.

What Is Life360 And How Does It Work?

Life360 is a surveillance app that allows family members to track their location and others within their circle. It will enable location sharing and track arrivals and departures from specific locations like home, work, or school. The app also provides features for monitoring drivers and their vehicles, integrating with navigation systems for peace of mind during road trips or daily commutes.

Life360’s Drivers App records real-time locations and offers notifications for driving-related incidents. In emergencies, the app connects users to a 24/7 worldwide emergency response service through two-way communication channels.

Considering that Life360 has recently merged with Google, a social media giant, there may be a concern about trusting them with our privacy.

The app operates by requesting your location from your cellular carrier and transmitting that information to the Life360 servers. Notably, Life360 is not mandatory for location tracking but becomes essential to share your location with your social networks.

Critical Components of Location-Sharing Services


Many location-sharing services, such as Life360, leverage various components to track and share your location precisely. These components typically encompass

GPS (Global Positioning System). This technology is the primary means of accurately determining your exact location.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi signals are utilized to ascertain location, particularly in urban settings with numerous Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cellular Network: Data from the cellular network is frequently employed by location-sharing apps to refine location accuracy.

Does Life360 Work When Your Phone Is Off?

As privacy concerns grow, people are increasingly conscious of potential violations, and a serious concern among them is does Life360 work when your phone is off.

Stopping Life360 from tracking is simple – just turn off your phone. But the drawback is that it also means others won’t see where you are, and you can’t check when your location was last updated.

While this measure can be beneficial for preserving privacy when needed, users may not be aware that others could still use Life360 to monitor them. Premium users retain access to the last 30 days’ location data, allowing others to see your last known location.

Can Life360 Track You When Your Phone is Off?

To put it simply, you cannot track your powered-off phone using Life360. No network or phone off, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS, contribute to this. Consequently, location-tracking apps like Life360 cannot access or monitor the real-time location of the switched-off phone.

If the intention is to stop location tracking, turning off the phone temporarily is a reliable measure. However, it’s crucial to note that specific residual location data may remain, as service providers or internet providers could retain records of the last known location before the phone was powered off.

Privacy concerns are growing in society, particularly with tracking apps like Life360. People are becoming more aware of their daily information disclosures. They seek apps that protect them from excessive tracking, especially from questionable entities.

To avoid this, users often disable GPS tracking on their phones. This action severs the connection with Life360 and halts the app from meticulously tracking and broadcasting every movement. It ensures that no one can discern their proximity or determine the time of their last location update.

Despite this effort for privacy, users may not be fully aware that being tracked is still plausible through Life360. Premium members, for instance, retain access to the location history of the past 30 days, allowing them to ascertain the individual’s last known whereabouts.

What Happens to Life360 When Your Phone Is Off?

When you power down your phone, you effectively sever its connection to both Wi-Fi and the cellular network. This action holds several implications for Life360:

No Real-Time Tracking: Communication with your cell towers or wifi networks can be severed by having no network or phone off. Life360, consequently, cannot track your location in real-time when your phone is powered off.

Last-Known Location: Even when you turn off your phone, your service provider or internet provider may retain records of your most recent known location before you shut down your phone.

Update Upon Restart: Restarting your phone will reestablish connections to the cellular network and potentially Wi-Fi if available. This reconnection enables the determination and sharing of your device’s current location with authorized users on services like Life360.

How to Know if Someone’s Phone Is Off?


The easiest and quickest way to determine if someone has powered off their phone is by making a call, which can provide a clue. If the call redirects to voicemail or encounters a busy signal, it suggests they have likely turned their phone off or the battery has depleted.

Alternatively, the Life360 app offers a way to check someone’s status. Upon opening the app, your circle or private group is visible on the home screen. By swiping down, you can see the members of your circle, each accompanied by a status indicating their current location. This status provides information such as the person’s specific location with a street address, recognition of set locations, a notification that a person has turned off their location services, or an indication that the phone is off.

A common explanation for a phone being off is that its battery died, but Life360 addresses this, too. Phones with activated location services display their battery life percentage under the profile icon. Additionally, members in the circle receive notifications when someone’s phone is running low on power. So, think before attempting to use the excuse of a dead battery when turning off the phone with a significant charge!

Situations Where Life360 Also Fails to Track

Airplane Mode Activated

Enabling Airplane mode on your phone instantly deactivates wireless systems like GPS and Wi-Fi. Consequently, you won’t be able to connect to the Life360 app, and your location won’t be visible to other Circle members.

Location services are disabled on your device

Even if logged into the Life360 app, fellow members won’t be able to view your location if you have turned off your GPS tracking services. This provides a quick method to hide your location while remaining online. This strategy applies to other location-tracking social media apps as well. You can achieve this by disabling location services for individual apps and your phone’s settings.

Not logged into Life360

Staying logged out ensures that you are considered invisible, and you won’t receive notifications from the Life360 app, even if your Circle members are online.

The phone’s battery is depleted

A phone with a dead battery has a similar effect to turning it off. Although your phone becomes unusable, the app automatically logs you out and won’t be able to track your current location. However, it’s crucial to note that the app will still record your last known location.

No network connection

For accurate location tracking by the Life360 app, both Wi-Fi and GPS services need to be active. The app won’t provide precise location data in a weak network connection. In such cases, Circle members will only see your last known or no location, similar to when your phone’s location features are turned off.

Bonus Tip: How to Trick Life360 without Anyone Knowing

Choosing to power off your phone for a longer period to prevent Life360 from tracking you is not a practical solution. When your phone is on, the Life360 app continuously tracks your device’s location and battery status.

To address this while your phone is active and ensure that other circle members are not notified, one viable solution is using iFoneTool AnyGo, a location changer.

iFoneTool AnyGo, an iOS and Android GPS spoofer, allows you to fake your current location by setting it to a different area. This enables you to remain active on the Life360 app while concealing your actual location.

Compatible with all iPhone devices and iOS versions, iFoneTool does not need jailbreaking. It prioritizes user privacy and enhances security by employing a GPS location switcher, preventing unauthorized location tracking. Users can bypass geographical restrictions and access content, and services typically limited to specific locations by mimicking a different location.

Here’s how you can download it in three easy steps:

1: Start the program by downloading AnyGo onto your computer.


2: Link your iPhone or Android device to the computer.


3: Select your preferred mode for altering the GPS location.



Life360 has become a widespread feature on numerous smartphones, frequently utilized by parents to keep tabs on their children’s whereabouts. The unsettling aspect is that Life360 can track users easily, limiting their privacy. Fortunately, there are methods to prevent Life360 from tracking your location. The optimal all-in-one solution involves using a third-party app named AnyGo.

In this article, we discussed does Life360 work when your phone is off. While turning off the phone can temporarily disengage from tracking, users should be aware that residual location data may persist. 

Can Life360 See What You Are Doing on Your Phone?

Life360 cannot observe activities like texts or phone calls. However, it can track texts sent between Circle members and access real-time location when your phone is on.

What Happens If I Delete the Life360 App?

Deleting Life360 won’t remove your profile; it will still show the last logged location of your account with a “Location Tracking Paused” or an exclamation mark.

How Do I Turn off Location on Life360 without Anyone Knowing?

Using a location spoofer like iFoneTool effectively fakes your location on Life360 without notifying Circle members.

Can Life360 Track Text Messages?

Life360 can track text messages sent between Circle members but does not broadcast location based on texts to other contacts on your phone.

Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Looks at Your Location?

No, the Life360 app does not notify you when someone checks your location; these checks happen in the background and may go unnoticed.