How to Use Joystick for Pokemon Go On iPhone and Android

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Pokemon GO is a popular mobile game that allows players to capture Pokemon based on their geographical location. However, playing Pokemon GO during inclement weather or for individuals with mobility limitations can be challenging. This is why using a joystick for Pokemon Go can be a clever solution for overcoming this issue.

This article will teach you how to use a joystick for Pokemon GO to fake your GPS location in the game. This way, you can enjoy the game and capture rare Pokemon even when you aren’t physically present in specific locations.

Note: If you prefer using a joystick for Pokemon Go, you will need a GPS spoofer as well as a Joystick Controller. However, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety of your Pokemon GO account and ensure the app’s availability for your specific device.

What is a GPS Joystick for Pokemon GO

A joystick is a device that allows users to control electronic devices like computers or video games. It has a handle or stick you can maneuver in various directions and electronic circuits that detect the joystick’s movements and convert them into signals.

People commonly use Joysticks in interactive games, such as flight simulators, driving games, and controlling robots and drones. The Pokemon Go Joystick on Android can falsify GPS location, allowing users to manipulate in-game locations without physically visiting them.

However, caution is crucial when using the joystick feature, as it may violate the game’s terms of service and lead to penalties. We recommend carefully using the Pokemon Go joystick, following the game developers’ guidelines.

Why Use GPS Joystick for Pokemon Go

For dedicated Pokemon Go players, it is common knowledge that the game often requires players to go outside to catch Pokemon and participate in raids physically. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability or opportunity to travel extensively. This is why utilizing a Pokemon Go joystick on iOS or Android is a viable option.


Here are some circumstances where using a joystick can be beneficial:

  • Exhausted nearby areas: Players can explore nearby areas and encounter new Pokemon using a joystick to expand their Pokemon collection and explore recent locations.
  • Health or environmental limitations: Health issues or environmental conditions prevent outdoor play; the virtual Pokemon Go game allows individuals to move using joysticks.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions: Inclement conditions can discourage Pokemon Go players; using a joystick allows for comfortable indoor play.
  • Time constraints or other reasons: Some players may have limited time available for outdoor activities or face other personal circumstances that make traveling difficult.

Pokemon Go Joystick for iOS (No Jailbreak Needed)

If you’re searching for a Pokemon Go spoofing solution for iOS, consider trying iFoneTool AnyGo. This tool ensures a seamless and uninterrupted gameplay session, eliminating concerns about game crashes commonly associated with traditional emulators.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your location on IOS with iFoneTool AnyGo in just three steps:

  • Install the Windows app: Download the iFoneTool AnyGo app on your iPhone using a Windows Laptop or Computer.


  • Open the app and set permissions: Once you install and open the app on your iPhone, it will ask for some necessary permissions. Click ‘Allow’ when prompted.


  • Select your desired location: Choose the location that you want to explore for new Pokemon and tap “Move”. This will change your virtual location to your desired one.


Your location will now be able to use a Joystick for your Pokemon app easily! Check out this page for more detailed info about using iFoneTool AnyGo on your iPhone.

Pokemon Go Joystick for Android

To play Pokemon Go using a GPS joystick on Android, you’ll need to find a geo-spoofing app that supports the joystick feature. One recommended app is the iFoneTool AnyGo on the Play Store. Follow the steps below to use the joystick feature.

  1. Download and Install the AnyGo app from Playstore
  2. Open the AnyGo app and give it the necessary permissions it requires


  3. Enter the name of your desired location or its coordinates in the search bar on the top and select your location.
  4. Tap on the Move button


Note to first-time users: If you are using the AnyGo app for the first time on your phone, it will require you to change the following settings on your phone.

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Select mock location app
  • Select Anygo


If done correctly, you should now be able to easily change your location using the AnyGo app and use Joystick for Pokemon Go!

Remember to be cautious, as cheating in Pokemon Go can result in a ban from the game. The developers have implemented measures to detect and penalize cheating behavior.

Tips for Using Joystick for Pokemon Go

To avoid being banned in Pokemon Go on Android, follow safety tips for using GPS joysticks and location spoofing apps. These recommendations minimize the risk of bans and ensure a smooth experience.

  • Exercise Caution When Spoofing Your Location: After setting up the GPS-spoofing app, exit the app and clear Pokemon Go from your recent apps menu. Moving too quickly between locations in a short time can trigger a soft ban. Customize your movement speed wisely and make gradual location changes to avoid suspicion.
  • Don’t Use Bots: Using bots to hack the game can lead to a permanent ban. Developers have implemented measures to prevent bot accounts from accessing the game, so it’s crucial to refrain from using them.
  • Avoid rapid travel: Avoid moving too quickly between different locations, which can raise suspicions and trigger a soft ban. Mimic accurate travel times between places to avoid detection.
  • Moderate teleportation distance: Jumping too far away from your current location in a short period can also lead to suspicion. Keep teleportation distances reasonable and in line with realistic travel possibilities.
  • Limit account usage to one device: Logging into your Pokemon Go account on multiple devices simultaneously can raise red flags. Stick to a single device to maintain consistency and reduce the risk of detection.
  • Utilize a VPN: Employ a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your actual location and enhance your privacy. This can help add an extra layer of protection while using location-spoofing apps.

Minimize the risk of being caught and banned using location spoofing apps in Pokemon Go by following safety tips. Enjoy playing Pokemon Go with the joystick feature safely!


Considering security concerns, we advise utilizing iFoneTool AnyGo for location-changing needs. However, it is best to avoid excessive reliance on tools like emulators unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as an ongoing epidemic or physical limitations. Engaging in the game personally and enjoying the experience is best.

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