[Bonus Tips] Monster Hunter Now Beginner’s Guide 2023

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For almost ten years, people have been captivated by the excitement of Niantic‘s Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game that brought the beloved Pokémon universe to life on mobile devices. Now, Niantic is back with another thrilling adventure in Monster Hunter Now. This new game follows a similar augmented reality style as Pokémon Go but swaps cute creatures for the formidable monsters from Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series.  

If you’re a seasoned Monster Hunter player, diving into Monster Hunter Now shouldn’t be too tricky. However, even veterans will encounter fresh features in this mobile game. What sets Monster Hunter Now apart is its free-to-play model, blending elements from big console titles with the dynamics needed for free-to-play games, ensuring a continuous stream of support for the developers. Let’s embark on this Monster Hunter Now beginner’s guide to unravel the game’s mechanics and make the most of your journey!

1. Enhance Your Visual Experience


Despite being a mobile game, Monster Hunter Now retains the immersive feel of the classic series. The detailed designs and lifelike character animations make it akin to a major console title, ensuring players easily get lost in the game.

Optimize Your Gameplay

Delve deeper into the action by adjusting your settings. Navigate to your hunter’s picture in the bottom left corner, tap on “Settings,” and choose “60 fps While Hunting” to boost your framerate during hunts. This simple tweak enhances the fluidity of your gameplay.

Elevate Your Graphics

Customize your visual experience by adjusting the game’s graphics settings. Choose from options like low, middle, high, or very high to match your device’s capabilities and enjoy an even more stunning graphical journey.

2. Effortless Rewards with Adventure Sync


Adventure Sync, a feature first introduced in Pokémon Go, has found its way into Monster Hunter Now, offering players a convenient method to record their distance traveled even when the app is closed. This means you can still make progress in the game, such as hatching eggs and earning Buddy Candies, without having the app actively running.

Track and Hunt with Palico

In Monster Hunter Now, Adventure Sync takes on a similar role, but with a unique twist. Activate Adventure Sync, and your Palico becomes your tracker, marking monsters during your travels using three daily Palico Paintballs. This ingenious feature enables you to spot potential prey while on the go, allowing you to plan and execute hunts later, even when you’re unable to actively engage with the game.

3. Mastering Evasion Techniques


Dodging is a crucial skill in Monster Hunter Now, just as it has been in the entire franchise. While the tutorial introduces the evade mechanic, it often mentions swiping left or right, leaving out a key maneuver.

Forward Roll with Swipe Up

Unleash the full potential of your hunter by discovering the swipe-up maneuver. When monsters push you away, a forward roll can be a game-changer. Swipe up to gracefully roll forward, swiftly closing the gap between you and your formidable foe.

Backward Evasion with Swipe Down

In the heat of battle, survival is key. Swipe down to execute a backward roll, evading a monster’s attack and giving yourself the space needed to regroup and plan your next move. Mastering these swipe techniques adds finesse to your hunting strategy.

4. Strategic Breaks for Bountiful Hunts


In Monster Hunter Now, taking breaks can be a strategic move to replenish monsters and resources, unlike the challenges faced by Pokémon Go players stuck indoors or at work.

Refresh Your Hunting Ground

After clearing your immediate area of large monsters, small monsters, and resource nodes, consider closing the game. Within just 10 minutes, the area magically repopulates, presenting fresh opportunities for hunting and gathering. While large monsters may not make a reappearance, this method allows you to efficiently complete chapter and daily objectives without the need for extensive movement. Plan your breaks wisely to optimize your Monster Hunter Now experience.

5. Tactical Marking for Future Hunts


Similar to the frustration faced by Pokémon Go players who encounter uncatchable Pokémon in the wild, Monster Hunter Now offers a solution. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a feature that lets you benefit from monsters you discover during busy times.

Unleash the Power of Paintballs

Embrace the innovation of Monster Hunter Now with Paintballs, a game-changing feature. These remarkable tools allow you to “mark” monsters for future battles. Once a monster is painted, you can later choose it from your marked monsters list and engage in battle. Timing is crucial, though, as you must initiate the battle before the paintball’s timer runs out. Master the art of strategic marking and ensure no formidable creature goes unchallenged in Monster Hunter Now!

6. Arm Yourself for Success


In Monster Hunter Now, the dynamics of armor have shifted, emphasizing the significance of forging new and more robust armor. Unlike in previous Monster Hunter titles, where armor abilities took the spotlight, now, a higher defense holds greater value.

Prioritize Defense Upgrades

As you progress through Monster Hunter Now and encounter more formidable monsters, the importance of solid armor becomes evident. Upgrading your hunter is not just about gaining new abilities; it’s about fortifying your defense. To tackle increasingly challenging beasts, prioritize forging better armor whenever a more formidable opponent looms on the horizon. Remember, in Monster Hunter Now, a well-armored hunter is a successful hunter!

7. Unleash the Power of Overgraded Armor


In Monster Hunter Now, the heart of the grind remains centered on acquiring and optimizing gear. However, the game takes it a step further by introducing a game-changing feature: Overgrading.

Elevate Your Armor to New Heights

Unlike traditional leveling, Overgrading allows players to ascend their armor to more potent tiers. This isn’t just a numerical boost; it unlocks unique abilities that can tip the scales in your favor during battles. To access these abilities, focus on reaching Level 2 and Level 4 upgrades for your armor pieces.

8. Precision Hunting for Crafting Rewards


Just as in traditional Monster Hunter games, strategic targeting of specific monster parts can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining valuable crafting items. Monster Hunter Now retains this essential feature, allowing players to focus on particular areas to maximize their loot.

Reading the Signs: Subtle Shakes

Approach a monster in Monster Hunter Now, and as you attack, pay attention to the subtle shakes in the targeted area. These subtle movements indicate that you’re hitting a specific part of the monster. By consistently targeting and attacking that area, you increase the likelihood of breaking it and unlocking rarer crafting ingredients upon completing the hunt.

Armor Enhancements for Precision

Take your precision hunting to the next level with overgraded armor pieces. Some advanced armor grants the ability to lock onto specific monster parts, further empowering your ability to target and break specific areas for increased crafting rewards.

9. Mastering Perfect Evades for Maximum Impact


In Monster Hunter Now, where control shifts from a joystick to other mechanics, mastering the art of dodging becomes even more crucial. Evading isn’t just about avoiding damage; it’s a key strategy that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

The Art of Perfect Timing

Achieving a perfect evade is an art in itself. Time your dodge to perfection by executing it at the very last possible second. This not only allows you to dodge an attack entirely but sets the stage for a powerful counter-attack. Seize the opportunity and strike immediately after a perfect evade to unleash a devastating counter-attack that inflicts significantly more damage.

Strategic Patience for Optimal Strikes

Patience becomes your ally in Monster Hunter Now. Waiting for the opportune moment to attack after a perfect evade ensures that your strikes pack a more potent punch. Perfect the timing, exercise patience, and watch as your perfectly executed evades transform into opportunities for decisive counter-attacks!

10. Reaching Hunter Rank 11


In Monster Hunter Now, unlocking the full potential of your hunter involves reaching higher ranks. While early ranks require specific missions for advancement, a pivotal moment awaits at Hunter Rank 11.

Post-Rank 11 Benefits

Upon reaching Hunter Rank 11, a significant shift occurs. Hunters gain the ability to accumulate experience points by engaging in the core activities of defeating monsters and gathering materials. This unlocks a broader avenue for progression, allowing you to enhance your hunter’s capabilities more organically.

Speeding Through Missions

To seize this opportunity, expedite your journey to Hunter Rank 11 by swiftly completing the missions leading up to it. The abundance of monsters appearing daily in Monster Hunter Now creates a prime environment for rapid progression. Act strategically, complete missions promptly, and elevate your hunter to new heights!

[Bonus Tips] How to Change Location in Monster Hunter Now Easily?

iFoneTool AnyGo Location changer can be a useful tool for Monster Hunter Now players in a few different ways.

Completing Certain Challenges/Quests

You can spoof your location to a different area, which can allow you to access different monsters and resources. This can be helpful if you are trying to complete certain quests or challenges that require you to visit specific areas.

Avoiding PVP Battles

It can also be used to avoid being attacked by other players in PvP battles. By spoofing your location to a different area, you can make it more difficult for other players to find you.

Testing Out Different Strategies

You can test out different strategies and tactics in Monster Hunter Now. If your location is spoofed, you can easily experiment with different ways to hunt monsters and gather resources.

Here’s how you can download it in three easy steps:

1: Start the program by downloading AnyGo onto your computer.


2: Link your iPhone or Android device to the computer.


3: Select your preferred mode for altering the GPS location.



Incorporating these tips into your Monster Hunter Now experience will undoubtedly smooth the path of your hunting journey. From optimizing your visual and gameplay settings to mastering new mechanics like Adventure Sync and Overgrading, each insight contributes to a more immersive and rewarding adventure.

Remember to strategically time your evades, target monster parts for crafting success, and prioritize the enhancement of your armor. Swiftly progressing to Hunter Rank 11 unlocks a new realm of possibilities for your hunter, making your journey more dynamic and enjoyable.

What’s the significance of Adventure Sync in Monster Hunter Now?

Adventure Sync allows your Palico to track monsters during travel, using Palico Paintballs. This feature lets you spot monsters while on the move, making it convenient to plan and execute hunts later.

Can I respawn monsters and resources without moving in Monster Hunter Now?

Yes, taking breaks strategically allows cleared areas to repopulate with monsters and resources within 10 minutes, facilitating quick completion of objectives without extensive movement.

How does overgrading armor work in Monster Hunter Now?

Overgrading is a new mechanic that allows players to upgrade armor to more powerful tiers, unlocking unique abilities. Focus on reaching Level 2 and Level 4 upgrades to maximize the potential of your armor.

What’s the benefit of perfect evades in Monster Hunter Now?

Perfect evades, achieved by dodging at the last second, not only avoid damage but provide an opportunity for a powerful counter-attack that inflicts significantly more damage.

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